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posted by Cagirl304
 Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano
I have heard a lot of people bad mouthing Ahsoka a lot on Youtube, Facebook, everywhere. Sure we all have our opinions, all that's your choice. I don't mean to be harsh или anything I'm just tired of hearing "I hate Ahsoka Tano." So I am going to write down some things to give Ahsoka a run for her credits.
Anyone can speak there mind here, Ahsoka lover или not.

1.People say that she has no purpose, and that she was just added to the Показать for the little kids. She does have a purpose, to keep her Master out of trouble, sometimes getting him in to...
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This happens not to long before the end of the episode, after the battle. And the Republic Fleets don't arive. This isn't my best, but it was fun to make. I decided to do it in first person. And I know this is kinda corny in some parts, I only started it yesterday. I don't own any part of звезда Wars.

It was over, the crazy madness with Anakin being injured, and being stuck on the planet. I, Ahsoka Tano, and Commander Bli were starting up the engines of the ship they украл, палантин from the Separatists, the republic didn’t find them, but they were still getting off. But when I turned on one of the engines,...
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Being who I am, a part observant Girly-Girl звезда Wars Nerd, I've found an idea why Ahsoka wasn't in the newst CW episode "Cat and Mouse". Well for one, the planet Anakin is dilvering suppilies to is Christophosis (or however it's spelled). The planet that Anakin and Obi-Wan is on in the beggning of the Clone Wars movie. And also, it seems at the end Anakin says to Admiral Yurellen "We make a pretty good team" and the Admiral says "Yes, although your tactics are . . . well I can't ague with the results. That Chancellor has spoken highly of you." And Anakin finishes of by saying "As Ты will...
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A/N: I'm so sorry I haven't been Письмо lately. For a long time. I'm going to change the point of view. Not like a script. 1st person point of view.

(Ahsoka's POV)

Rex and I walk into a deep forest of plants. "Rex, are Ты sure Ты know where we're going?" "I remember coming here when I got shot near my heart." My eyes widen. "What?!?!? Why didn't Ты tell me before?" Rex shrugs. "We weren't together back then." he explains. In the distance we see a small house with steam coming out of a chimney. We run towards the shelter. "Mom! Look! It's people!" says a little Twi'lek human mixed boy. "And...
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posted by mhs1025
Nakoma sat nervously in the Jedi head quarters. She knew she was in DEEP trouble. Anakin was angry at her for doing such a thing. Obi-Wan couldn't believe she didn't listen. Padme tried her best get over the shock. What exactly DID Nakoma do, Ты might ask? Secretly go out with a Sith Lord!

Dontel seemed to be nice. He was on an undercover mission for the Sith when he met Nakoma. The еще the two got to know each other, the еще Dontel used her as bait for his evil plans! Dontel was just bad news all around. That's just sad because Nakoma liked him. Here's what else is sad, because he only used...
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posted by mhs1025
звезда Wars Short-Stories

Starring Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Nakoma Incognito.

With Special Guests Yoda, Mace Windu, Satine Kryze, Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, and Ivory Kenobi.

Your Избранное characters come together in my short tid-bits! There will be humorous stories, fun stories, funny stories, and all the other stories Ты can think of! There WILL be pairings! Anakin/Padme, Obi-Wan/Satine, Obi-Wan/Anakin, Ты name it! And if you'd like a specific pairing, all Ты have to do is request it and I'll write away!

I'll be posting these tid-bits every 5 days. If you'd like for me to post sooner, later, или even stop, just let me know.

(KEEP IN MIND-If I don't write for afew weeks, it doesn't mean I've stopped. It only means that I'm busy.)
posted by AaronThomas
Nix-Squad Leader
Boomer-Demolitions Expert and Tech Expert
Snipes-Sniper and Scout
Jinx-Communications Expert, Medic and Protagonist

Kashyyk was a strange, yet interesting planet. I had never been on a planet with an ocean with a forest on the beach. The planets native species were the Wookies, the most fiercest, most loyal allies, he had ever seen.

"Ok Snipes," Nix said,'3 droids on the right of the depot, seem to be on guard."

"I see them sir, ready when Ты are."

Nix raised his binoculars again, "Three... Two... One... Fire!"

Three quick shots later, I raised my binoculars, the bodies of 3 droids...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Honestly, I've been really busy.
Homework is disgusting.
As I've previously stated.
But here's chapter six.
I mean seven...

"Lorrettai, where's Chamino?" Anakin asked softly. It was not until then that he realized that Lorrettai was close to tears. Her face was contorted in anguish. "She told me that it was better for her just to die here than to drag Piffell and I down. I tried to convince her otherwise... But..." she put her arm around Anakin' shoulders, placing her face on one of his shoulders nd weeping. "It's okay Lorrettai, let's talk on the way to Coruscant." he said, patting her back as...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Fourth Chapter.
Read and comment.
Comments are like sugar.
They make me happy. :)

It's ужин time!

"Obi-Wan?" Anakin whispered as he walked into the small, dimly lit room. He sat by his masters side, closely followed by Ahsoka and Cody; Rex just stayed in the doorway. "Is he gonna be alright, Master?" Ahsoka asked, worriedly looking over Master Kenobi's lambasted (A/N don't Ты Любовь that word?) features. "I'm not the one to ask, Snips. Ты can ask... Master Hunalo... at dinner. Speaking of which, would Ты like to go eat? I would hate to wake the master." Anakin smiled, and stood up, inviting...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Okay, read the first chapter first.
This is where things get interesting, k?

“Well, greetings to you, Jedi scum. Are Ты ready to die?” Cad Bane said, smirking from under his wide rimmed hat.
“Not quite, Bounty Hunter. Where’s Obi-Wan?” Anakin demanded. Bane just smirked and waved his hand, signaling the others to continue shooting.

“I don’t like these odds Master!” Ahsoka called over the blasts, deflecting a laser with her lightsaber and sending back to one of the people shooting.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a cloaked figure emerged from the alley Стена beside them. She swiftly...
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Charlie Brown was sitting in his beanbag one день looking for something to watch on TV. He flipped through the channels continuously. Just when he was about to give up, he saw a cool looking spaceship. "WOW!" he gasped in amazement. A Название of the Показать came across the screen. It was called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Charlie Brown kept it on this channel as his eyes grew big.

Watching season 1-Charlie Brown quickly became fascinated with the Force, lightsabers, and the Jedi. He loved how the characters did different stuff with the Force, how the lightsabers were different colors, and how they...
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posted by DSDG
In Mygeeto Космос on board the Spirit Of Kuat a Venator-Class звезда Destroyer. On the bridge of the Spirit Of Kuat General Eeth Koth was talking via hologram when all of the sudden flak burst around the ship. 3 Separatist Banking-Clan Frigates had followed Eeth Koth's ship now it was a fight for his life. “All men to your turbolaser stations!” “Red Alert”. As Clone Trooper Gunners rushed to the Turbolasers a Prow Laser пушка from one of the 3 Frigates hit one of the 8 engines and blew up one of the 8 turbolaser gun emplacements! “Sir” сказал(-а) Commander Val Eeth Koth's секунда incommand...
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posted by captainrexbest
How did this happen
Chapter one

hi guys got this out of a dream.
Quay: spottedpelt does not own starwars the clonewars only bud, buddy and Tracer,Jayfeather,and christian

rex pov
Why the Jedi counsel decided to deploy us out here i don't know. We're supposed to be checking out a planet that they found the coordinates to while on a mission to infiltrate a separatist base. From the info we learned it was in another galaxy. I looked around at my men who were sitting on the floor of the gunship having gotten tired of standing. I checked the chrono on my HUD before i took off my шлем and plopped down...
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When the James Caird finally lands on Saleucami, everyone is getting off the ship.

Ahsoka: Okay. Clones, I need all of Ты to form around the boulders and wait for my signal.

While all the clones are running to where they were told, Captain Rex goes to speak with Ahsoka.

Rex: Are Ты sure this plan will actually work.

Ahsoka: Of course. I've gone over it with my master. If everyone does everything right we'll come out in no t-

She is interuppted by Rex's lips.

She quickly lets go angrily.

Ahsoka: Rex, be careful. We would've gotten caught!

Rex: Sorry, love. But I ju-

A clone comes up in front of them...
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It's the morning up in the Endurance.
Ahsoka is getting ready to see her master.

Ahsoka's comlink rings.

Ahsoka: Hello?

Barriss: So Ты ready to see what's in store for today?

Ahsoka: I guess.

She walks out the door.
She turns her comlink off.

Her comlink rings again.

Ahsoka: Hello?

Anakin: Ahsoka, I need Ты to meet me on the bridge. I have a mission for you.

Ahsoka: Okay.

She hangs up.


Rex is in his quarters.

He walks to the bridge and on the way he sees Ahsoka.

They bump into each other. (Not literally)

Rex: Hello, sir.

Ahsoka: Captain.

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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Hi peeps thought i would make a Статья about a bunch of mistakes some jedi's или orphanes(Lux Bonteri)could make.

Chapter One

"What in ther force did Ты do!!"Anakin yelled at Ahsoka."What?You сказал(-а) do something to your room,so I damolished it."She simply said.Anakin stood motionless."I....you.....but!"She looked up at him and said."It's your fault,you did'nt properly instructe me."With that she walked out of his room,well a junkyard now.His left eye twitched a little until he sat on what look like his bed.
Later that Day

Ahsoka was talking to Rex about what she did to Skywalker's room.His response...
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posted by AaronThomas
Lyon Resnov blocked another vicious attack from the unknown Sith assassin. The Sith was using Juyo, the most fierce and aggressive in the galaxy. It was hard to defend, but not impossible. Lyon switched to the Soresu defensive stance, a very effective stance. The key was to wait for the perfect moment, then he would strike. Strength was also key. He needed to conserve his.

The Sith let out lightning from his finder tips, but Lyon was absorbing it with his saber. He mustered his strength and performed a massive Force push, sending the Sith flying. Sensing victory, Lyon moved in for the kill,...
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posted by lovingflame
Meanwhile Ahsoka sat studying intently at the table, among the numerous piles of books. Wipping her forehead she found blood on the back of her hand. "Damn it, not again!" A chill rode down her spine as she got up to comm the doctor. The sudden pain,contorting her body into a curled ball.Unable to scream, she breathed slowly crawling forwards in hopes of reaching the door. As she continued her struggle Ahsoka shut her eyes, as pain made her its life's work. Her eyes flew open as the Кости in her hand cracked,bled and reset themselves. She cried as she had never before,as tears of pure blood...
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posted by mhs1025
Nakoma was sitting on a ship one день thinking after a mission. She wanted more. Yes, she LOVED what she did for a living, but she wanted to find someone, fall in Любовь with that person, and start a family. She wanted an actual life. She didn't want to be a single Jedi forever. Yet she knew attachments weren't allowed in the order. She sighed knowing she'd have to wait as she went in the cockpit to be with Anakin.

"What's gotten Ты in such a mood?" he asked as he saw the bummed look on her face. She turned away as if she were saying "I don't want to talk about it.". "Okay, I know Ты have moments...
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Rys, JJeck, Thire -> Season one Disc One "Ambush"
Matchstick, Tag -> Part of Anakin's Золото Squad died "Shadow of Malevolence"

Broadside -> lives until movie 4, part of Золото Squad in show

Droidbait, Cutup, Heavy, Echo, and Fives -> Season One Disc One "Rookies" (except Droidbait) and Season Three Disc One "Clone Cadets" ; with additional appearance for only Echo in Season 3 Disc 4... see following: Cutup killed by giant eel, Heavy sacrificed himself, Echo killed defending getaway ship "Citadel Rescue"

Niner and Bel ->season one disc two "Lair of Grievous"

Mack-> died in crash:...
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