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Gamer4Life97 posted on Jul 29, 2011 at 08:58PM
Here, you can let your imagination run! Create your own Jedi,Sith, or even both!! Add in a clone or Bounty hunter if you would like!! It's up to you! Let us hear your story of your own character from Star Wars! ( add picture if you feel like it)
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Больше года Gamer4Life97 said…
Sith: Darth Rayne

Darth Rayne is a mandalorian, but with the force. When he was a young child, clones and jedi attacked his hometown. He never knew they were there cause a droid army was going to take over. The jedi keep trying to reason with him to turn to the light, but he never believes them. He has killed many clones and five jedi. Cause of those actions, he is a huge threat to the Jedi Council and the clones. He has a double light saber and his cloak is brown and black and wears a mandalorian helmet. He is still a secret from Palpatine some how even after all the fallen jedi and clones. He learns under Count Dooku secretly. Not even his other apprentice, Grevious, knows about him. Darth Rayne is secretly building his own army of Mandalorians and droids. He steals droids and programs them to follow his orders. So far his army is a threat, and soon his name will be known through out all galaxies when he unleashes his army.
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 Sith: Darth Rayne Darth Rayne is a mandalorian, but with the force. When he was a young child, clon
cassusfett29 commented…
Why a sith all they do is kill people Больше года
Enderking commented…
Nice I Любовь the fact that he is Secretly Under learning by count dooku. I think that my Sith and yours are to be a great alliance ever known to the pathetic jedi. Больше года
Crochingspider commented…
Nice one dudydudedude Больше года
Больше года New1Superion2 said…
Very cool design!

Больше года Manhunter108 said…
Name: Max Kaner.
Specie: telosion hybrid
Status: jedi padawan
Master xanatos
Back story: Max came from a poor family and was often beaten by his father Xanatos sensed the force was strong with the youngling and bought him to the hiddent temple on telos IV.
Lighstaber Color: Blue

Wherabouts: currently in Medical center wounded.
 Name: Max Kaner. Specie: telosion hybrid Status: jedi padawan Master xanatos Back story: Max cam
darkoverlord666 commented…
jedi.... i hate jedi Больше года
vetyking14 commented…
WHY D: Больше года
Crochingspider commented…
Jeeeedi sleemo Больше года
Больше года Manhunter108 said…
Cover Name:Commander scar
Real name: Devin Fett
Weopons: blaster rifle 2 pistols wrist rockets jet pack rocket and sniper rifle. And many other weopons most hidden.
Armor types: clone armor (variants) Mandolorian armor
Known leaders/employers: Xanatos Max Kaner jaba the hutt.
Jobs: creator and leader of merc groub blood hunters ex bounty hunter Clone commander.
 Cover Name:Commander scar Real name: Devin Fett Weopons: blaster винтовка 2 pistols wrist rockets jet
vetyking14 commented…
thats jango fett xD Больше года
Enderking commented…
he seems like Jango Fett does he have his skills? Больше года
gwenthejedi commented…
why do clone troopers wear sooooo much armor and they still die in one shot, BY PRINCESS LEIA Больше года
Crochingspider commented…
They die in one shot yes, and that is jango fett. Больше года
Больше года BuddyParaiso said…
Her name is Thalia Ventoza, a young Jedi padawan under the tutelage of Jedi master Cartheous Camba. She was appointed to search for the last descendant of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. 100 years after Return of the Jedi, a small remnants of the Imperial fleet were exiled to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Only to come back in full force under the command of Johannes Tarkin, the late Moff Tarkin's descendant. Gaining full military and technical support from insurgent worlds, Tarkin created the "Mega Death Star": A planet killer 5 time more lethal than any previous Death stars. Able to acquire "Force Blocking Techniques" from a group who call themselves "Anti-Force" Tarkin with his wide secret army of Taran Spies, will stop at nothing for his quest of subjugating the entire galaxy. It is up to Cartheous Camba and his Jedi Padawan Thalia to find the Descendant of Skywalker and stop Tarkin's ruthless assault.
 Her name is Талия Ventoza, a young Jedi padawan under the tutelage of Jedi master Cartheous Camba. S
Enderking commented…
these two seem like easy opponents. Больше года
Больше года Manhunter108 said…
Clone trooper Raz is a sniper for the rebel army and almost never misses his shot but dont worry if he does he'll come in with twin knifes or a grenade or maybe a pistol either way Raz is an expert fighter. Raz was asumed dead on the land battle of Yavin4 but surprised all of his allies and enemies when he showed up in a vwing and destroyed a star destroyer at Mon Calamarie. He kis now at utapau with col serra.(below is raz in his recon assassin armor made by me)
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 Clone trooper Raz is a sniper for the rebel army and almost never misses his shot but dont worry if h
Enderking commented…
FINALLY a sniper that is good Больше года
Bennyduf commented…
How is so thing deadlier than a planet destroyer 😂😂 and how is it 5 times stronger LOL Больше года
Crochingspider commented…
Yeet, Ты rock, Manhunter 108 Больше года
Больше года mbsfan said…
Munnie Noznia

An old padawan of Anakin Skywalker. She worked with Ahsoka and Anakin for 5 whole years. She was born on Kashykk, in a family of 12. Not including her or her parents. She is the only force sensitive person in her family, therefore the only Jedi in her family. She has pitch black thin hair with pretty gray eyes and golden lips. Her lightsaber is the color brownish gold and she is also skilled with a blaster. She used to sell lightsabers and blasters illegally on Kashykk after her family was robbed of their small amount of gold.Yet after her discovery of being able to be a Jedi she no longer sold them. She returned each weapon she sold in the gun market to the Republic and studied being a Jedi. She lived many years in Socorro in fear of the Sith Darth Vader.

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 Munnie Noznia An old padawan of Anakin Skywalker. She worked with Ahsoka and Anakin for 5 whole год
Enderking commented…
fear of Darth Vader? well i guess he is very fearful Больше года
gwenthejedi commented…
cool pic, can anyone tell me though why jedi's can be married или have kids Больше года
Crochingspider commented…
Больше года mbsfan said…
Johnria Sonoma

She was born on Naboo, yet was raised on Socorro. After her best friend Munnie Noznia went into hiding, she swore she had to find her. She became a bounty hunter to find Munnie. Yet instead she met Rodane Ueznia, the love of her life. After her work as a bounty hunter, she was killed by Darth Vader, under suspicion of her knowing Munnie's whereabouts.
Больше года JohnFox999 said…
Darth Mardox-re is from kamino and the galaxy's most dangerous sith lord. He very rarely uses his lightsaber but when he does he fights a fierce style of lightsaber combat which no one can destroy. It is said that he came from the old sith wars to murder all who appose him.
Больше года guilmon2149 said…
Darth Guilix: the dark side had reached the digital world. many fell to the dark side. none more than guilmon. he is renowned as the sith lord of the digital world. he has a very unique lightsaber design, the four bladed lightsaber. he has the abilites of the sith and a digimon.
oblivian_jedi commented…
Wooooooooooow Больше года
Больше года CommanderCody said…
Name:Ko Tai



Status:Jedi Master

Padawan:Moon Far (Geonosian)

Apperance:wears a brown robe, his lightsaber looks like a mix of Obi-Wan's and Plo Koon's with a blue blade. (Can someone make a picture of my Jedi?)

Backstory: While Ko Tai was growing up him and his cousin, Nute Gunray, fought a lot, mostly Ko Tai would win. Once during one of their fights Ko Tai force pushed Nute. While they were fighting Jedi Knight Ki-Aid Mundi was watching, told Ko Tai's mother, and took him to the Jedi Temple. There he went through his youngling training and was trained by Jedi Master Yoda. After the Battle of Geonosis (which he was in), he trained a young Geonosian boy named Moon Far, Sun Far's son. When Order 66 was executed he and his padawan were on Cato Neimonia his clone commander was Commander Fives, who tried to shoot him with a turrent, but Ko Tai jumpped over the blasts and attacked his former troops and escaped by stabbing a clone piolet and stealing his ship, but his padawan got blasted by clones. When the serviving jedi attacked Darth Vader after most of the jedi died, when he fought Vader he got kicked in the face and stabbed in the chest. Also, he was a member of the Jedi Council, from before Master Poof died to the fall of the jedi order.

Cybornetics:Has a robot left arm and a robot right leg from battling Count Dooku on Neimodia during the Clone Wars.

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Больше года General-Obi said…
cool!!! love it
Больше года thetaco said…
darth mars
race: first breed mandalorian massassi hybred
mars was found originaly as a small child massassi race, a warrior race that was enslaved by the sith he was the last of his kind when the sith darth zeek found him he had discovered his link with the force and already trained with a blade due to his warrior race he was then later created a hybred by his master, lord zeek with a mandalorian leader that had stolen a lightsaber and had been using it for years once fused with mars, the mandalorians original thinking process was removed so that mars had full control over the body after his 20 years of cruel and hard training with zeek until he was permitted a full armored darth assassin his methods haave never been beaten and never will be in all fights jedi or rebel he has never suffered an injury that cannot be said about who he has faced, they are all dead
 darth mars race: first breed mandalorian massassi hybred mars was found originaly as a small child ma
darkoverlord666 commented…
Hmm... nice куртка Больше года
vetyking14 commented…
but it kinda looks like ezio from assassin's creed Больше года
Enderking commented…
Is he the sith of war? Больше года
Больше года james5437 said…
Jedi:Marnu Dartel.Homeworld:Corusuant.Species:Human. Rank:Jedi Master.Lightsaber Color:Purple.Padawan:Arnomus Gargoff.Homeworld:Alderan.Species:Human.Li­ght­sab­er color:Blue(later red).Rank:Jedi Knight.Later Rank:Sith Lord. Padawan:Sarmona Karren.Species:Flucian.Homeworld:Flucia. Lightsaber color:Green.Rank:Jedi Knight. Other Padawan:Welen Karren(brother of Sarmona).Species:Flucian.Homeworld:Flucia.­Lig­hts­abe­r Color:Green.Rank:Jedi Knight. He was one of the wisest of the jedi along Yoda,but sadly he was killed after landing on Flucia.But before that point in his life,he was a great jedi master.He faught Darth Sidious,Darth Talon(check the Star Wars Wiki),and General Grivious.He was injured after batteling Sisious.He also helped free Anakin Skywalker,Obi-Wan-Kenobi,and Padme Amidala.He did survive along with his jedi friends Luminara Unduli,Shaak Ti,Plo Koon,Kit Fisto,Mace Windu,Aayla Secura,and Eeth Koth.After that he was sent to Alderan to meet his new padawan Arnomus Gargoff.After 25 years,his apprentice became a Jedi Knight,but he turned to the dark side and then proclamed the name Lord Gargoff.He became the most feared sith when he killed one of Darth Sidious's clones,showing his power.When Marnu Dartel landed on Felucia,Lord Gargoff ambushed him and killed him for the sport of it.Then defeated by his old jedi apprentice Sarmona Karren from Flucia.She was enradged when Lord Gargoff killed her brother and former apprentice Jedi Knight Welen Karren.She resulted defeating one of the most feared sith lords,becoming the single most hero of her kind.She still misses her brother.Sad story,isin't it.
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Больше года kyky5000 said…
Kyle daskan is fighting for the next generation of jedi 100 years after darth vader was defeated and the sith and jedi have returned.He does not believe completely in the jedi ways,he believes he should use his emotions to fuel his actions but he thinks his emotions shouldnt rule him.After becoming a padwon he already made a custom lightsaber,the lightsaber was yellow,he later anounced yellow as the colour of the new force,the force he believed he had even though every other jedi denied it because they where afraid he could become the most dangerouse sith lord in history.he was always outcasted as a child because he lived on a jedi planet and he has always had his current belief even before he trained to become a jedi.Later in his life when he became a grand master he was accepted and considered an angelic being to the gray jedis and to the sith,the jedis simply saw him as a leader
Больше года LORDCHAOS said…
Name: Darth Arcane
Power: Can drain the life of millions of people
lightsaber color: red
story: I'am tthe son of the great sith lord/sith sorcery Karness Muur
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 Name: Darth Arcane Power: Can drain the life of millions of people lightsaber color: red story: I'
Masiki12 commented…
That is Darth Nihalus >.< Больше года
Больше года NickR16 said…
Species: Dathomirian and Zabrak
Gender: male
Name: Scott Bane
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Orange
Skin Color: Red
Saber: Single Bladed Lightsaber
Saber Color: Orange


Scott Bane started off as a simple Jedi Padawan. Soon his master was killed by an unknown Sith. Scott then was taught by the unknown Sith until Scott killed his master as revenge. He later then started to hate Jedi and vowed to kill all (Jedi and Sith) and create a new empire without a past. He killed everyone in his path and he was his own army. He now gave his dream and is now a Nerf Herder.
Больше года Lolrly123 said…
big smile
Name: Darth Calamunus
Height: 7'2 (he's tall)
Gender: HE'S a guy
Weight: 145 lbs
Species: Human
Hair Color: Jet Black
Skin Color: Tan
Side: Sith
Status: Alive/Dead (revived)
Master: Master Jossa
Born: 200 BBY
Greatest Power: Can revive after 5 days no matter what.
Greatest Weakness: Leg injury slows him down.
Apprentice: Henor (Light side; later murdered by his master when Calamus turned evil)
Age: 35 (stays this age)
Weapons: Double Bladed Light Saber that can be pulled apart to two and put back
Notable Features: Wild Black Hair, Cloak, Orange-Red eyes, Black boots, stolen Medallion.
Eye Color: Red-Orange

Dameon Calamus was a good kid with a disorder that would cause his betrayal. He found out he had the force in his grasp. Wanting to do good in the worlds, he went to the Jedi council to test himself and passed with flying colors.He was assigned to Master Jossa. They were a good team and won wars. One day, however, Padawan Dameon Calamus clenched his chair in his room, eyes turning smaller, screamed. When Namosa, a well respected Jedi, came into his room, he murdered him. He snapped out and made sure nobody found out. Years later, Calamus became a Jedi and had a Padawan, Henor.
They were great friends and never fought. One day, the same thing that happened to Calamus as a padawan, happened again, permanently. He killed Henor and went to Jossa's room and tried to kill him. Jossa saw the evil in his eyes first and decapitated him. Jossa went missing 3 days later and was never found. 2 days later, Calamus rose from the dead and he made his own army and they fought the Jedi but lost. He went to war 7 more times before winning and just had battles with jedi either personally or with is army. He is now waiting for more Jedi to fight.
Больше года Deathcrash said…
Light saber..orange double blad
spices..Dathomirian Zabrak
Is the most powerful man with the force. Is able to moove entire planets. Cand shater a rock and even stop a blasters round mid air and dissipate it. Has spent many years developing my force powers. Is just as skilled with a light saber. Was found on my home world dathomir by darth maul and was mor powerful then him within a few years. Then a few months ago went to a planet that is uninhabited and has lived there for about six months i continue to get stronger with the force. Now fights neither side.
 Name..Sithous age..21 Light saber..orange double blad spices..Dathomirian Zabrak Is the most powe
Больше года paperplace said…
Place of birth : Kamino
Species :Diamond encrusted terminator with human skin on top .
Height : 6ft
Gender : Male
Hair style and color : Curvy Brown
Skin color : Slightly tanned
Side : none
Status : Alive
Master : Yoda
DOB : unknown
Best Strength : Has two hearts (If he dies one day he will come back the next 6 months)
Weapons : Two upgraded gold light sabers with diamond encrusted handle stuck into the top of his hand ( Comes on by voice control )
Accessories : Grey assassin cloak , brown boots and curvy red scar on the side of right eye.
Eye color : Changes in sense of mood
* Happy (Blue)
* Sad (Brown)
* Angry (Red)
* Excited ( Hazel )
* Bored (Grey)
*Normal (Multicolored)

Jupiter was programmed on Kamino just after the Jango Fetts death by one of the locals. He took 2 years to fully program and design by a secret operation by the locals and named him Jupiter because of how great he will be. They designed his light sabers gave him his strengths. After he was created a spy saw him and reported it to the prime minster fast and was then ordered execution , luckily Yoda saved saved him just in time and taught him to fight and so then he is one of the best jedi
alive. He has defeated many Siths and is still on two hearts.
 Jupiter Place of birth : Kamino Species :Diamond encrusted Терминатор with human skin on вверх . H
vetyking14 commented…
now that looks like altair Больше года
Masiki12 commented…
еще like ezio Больше года
Больше года PFEIFFER11 said…
Dimes Shi waas born on the poor planet of Garqi. She had always had the abilty of the force but instead of being sent to the jedi council she stayed at home and eventually becam a bounty hunter. In one of her missions she managed to steal a red lightsaber from a sith and used from then on as her weapon. She then was doing job and was captured by the republic but managed to escape.

hair: she has long thick black hair
eyes: her eyes are a weird purple color
personality: sarcastic, witty, smart,clever,mischievous,sly

I know she really isn't a jedi or a sith but I submitted her anyway
Больше года DARKK_KNlGHT said…
big smile
Sith Lord Artos Ailein

Born midway through the Clone Wars, he was kidnapped, and taken as an apprentice by a rogue, delusional Jedi. Raised on the outskirts of the Naboo system. He is overwhelmed by a sense of anger, when his Master tells him of the kidnapping, and instantly kills him. He roams the galaxy, taking all training possible, learning from master thieves and revered priests alike. At age 35, he joins the ranks of the house of Kal Skirata. Learning of the atrocities commited by Darth Sidious, he swears to end the cowardly, decieving reign of the Emperor and bring the galaxy under the rule of a true Sith.

He is human. Thin in build but incredibly strong. His eyes burn with an inner hatred, changing their color to a demonic yellow. Crisscrossing tatoos of demons and dragons course over his skin, and meet facing eachother on his chest. He wears the same bottom as the armor Starkiller wears, although his is a dingey, old brownish color from his many travels. His lightsaber is double bladed, and curved on both ends, bent in opposite directions. He also carries a plasma sniper rifle at his back. He is bald across his tatooed head, and grows a long, black beard from his sideburns down to his chin, arching under his nose, and down the sides of his mouth. Currently amassing a team throughout the galaxy to aid him in his mission.
Больше года cyberius said…
Name: Darth Pluto
Real name: Arkor Neirerian
Race: Zabrak
Appearance: Red tattoos, black skin.Sharp horns.
Weapons:Red Lightsaber, Force
Side: Sith
Status: Alive
Master: Darth Hevrys
Birth: Old Republic
Strength: Three hearts. Was born with three hearts instead of the normal zabrak two. Very powerful.
History: Was born on Iridonia. He was very powerful in the force and weapons. He joined the Jedi, and as a Jedi Knight, he turned to a sith. He is now a Sith Lord.
He can now turn invisible.

 Name: Darth Pluto Real name: Arkor Neirerian Race: Zabrak Appearance: Red tattoos, black skin.Shar
Больше года xboxrocksx45 said…
Name/nickname:Shin Zusuki
Class:dark jedi
Powers:Being able to kill many at one time with force chock,force storm,force wave,heal,master speed/knight speed/burst of speed
Lightsabers: Red and blue lightsabers
Status:powerful and alive
Appearance:Long blonde hair,dark grey jedi robe,always looks tired
Master:Darth Pluto
Birth place:Telos
Life story:I was once a jedi,powerful in the force....that all changed when i was exiled.They took my lightsaber from me.But i made a new one.The darkness and strength,vengeance,power....they had all touched my heart.......I was exiled for killing a jedi......After that i became stronger more powerful without so much rules holding me back i joined darth pluto and he took me on as his apprentice and soon i will be the ruler of the galaxy the republic..dead the jedi..destroyed All life will exist to feed my power and i will destroy everything!

Больше года VladGal365 said…
Name: Calaxis Mulden

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Place of birth: Tatooine

Class: Jedi Knight

Status: Alive

Appearance: Long brunette hair, honey gold eyes, black Jedi robes

Powers: Master with the Force

Weapons: yellow lightsabers

Story: Calaxis was picked up from Tatooine by Mace Windu. Trained with him and became a Jedi Knight. Really good friends with the Jedi Council
CreativeCrap commented…
How did she do after order 66? Больше года
CreativeCrap commented…
(I also wanna fuck her hard) Больше года
Больше года somekid315 said…
Name: Yuki Choke

Species: Unknown

Gender: Male

Place of birth: Chungaria (created by me)

class: Jedi sentenial/sith apperentace

status: Alive (Age: 1144)

Apperanc: short, spiked hair, Hazil eyes, light green/orange battle suit.

Powers: rare Green force fire, and the force

Weapon: Dual Green Lightsaber

Story: An unknown Youngling with the powers of the force, was taken under control of Darth Muachial, and fought against jedi, and finnally, stopped, and joined the old republic. Finnaly with Bastilla, and the old republic, he became a sith once again to join Dark lord, Darth Jacondee, and betraid and killed him, and joined the old republic once again.
Больше года kadegib said…
Name: Sion Res
Species: Sith
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Status: Alive
Powers: Lightning, Rage, Stealth
Weapons: Two light sabers
Story: Born and abandoned on Coruscant he let his hatred of everyone control him. Later being found highly force sensitive by Darth Fornia, a highly respected Sith Lord. His training was brought swiftly. He under went years of pain and torture with painful training that eventually left him scarred. Darth Fornia isolated him from the outside world and fed him lies until Sion Res could handle it no longer. Sion Res pushed all of his power out and destroyed his holding room. Sion Res fought a whole battalion of Storm Troopers with just the force. He found his way to his masters holding and pinned him to the wall with the force. Sion Res relentlessly used force lightning on his master until every drop of life was squeezed out of his former master. He took the light sabers off his former masters robes and set off to kill off he hated. Eventually he joined the Dark Order and teaching an apprentice of his own but shortly killing him for feeling pity towards the Jedi.
 Name: Sion Res Species: Sith Gender: Male Place of Birth: Coruscant Class: Sith Inquisitor Stat
Enderking commented…
amazing body armour but no sith would feel pity for jedi? Больше года
Больше года Daniel4blue said…
Name: Redge Yanto

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Hair colour: Dark brown

Skin colour: Light tan

Eye colour: Dark brown

Homeworld: Naboo

Birthdate: 32 BBY

Height: 1.76m (5ft 4in)

Affiliation: The Jedi Order

Jedi class: Jedi Guardian

Weapons: Two blue-bladed lightsabers, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, DC-15 Blaster Pistol

Lightsaber Forms: Form III, Form IV, Form V

Short biography: Redge Yanto was born on Naboo and was taken to the Jedi Temple at the age of three by Kit Fisto. Kit trained Redge in the ways of the Jedi. Redge was well known for his powerful connection to the Force.
last edited Больше года
 Name: Redge Yanto Species: Human Gender: Male Hair colour: Dark brown Skin colour: Light
vetyking14 commented…
dude jedi classes are Younglings, Padawan, Knight, Master, And Grand Master! Больше года
vetyking14 commented…
and the DC-15 isnt a pistol, its a blaster винтовка Больше года
Masiki12 commented…
A sub-class of a Jedi Knight Больше года
Больше года ivor696 said…
name- Mesias La Havas
species- human
lightsaber-one purple, one blue
story- raised on kashyyyk after his parents were killed by the sith empire.discovered by yoda on kashyyyk and taken to corusant. Now serves alongside k'kruhk against any enemy of peace and prosperity.
personality- hates dooku , hates grievous and incredibly good at leadership .
Masters- Yoda
Apprentice- 400 +
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Больше года bh56 said…
W/H : 6FT 180 POUNDS AGE : 22
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
NAME: zack




WEPONS: lightsaber that can be 2 to 1 at the same time, 2 hand guns and power of the force

MOM OR DAD: mom jedi dad sith

PAST: dont ask

LOVE: ashoka tano

POWER 1 TO 10: 1,000

FOOD:jedi and sith blood

LOVE OR HATE WAR: i hate war thats why im going to kill sith and jadi!


story: ween i was 2 i was apprentice to my dad. He gave me the power of the dark side but then his first apprentice known as darth sidious killed him in his sleep. i ran and ran before he saw me. then i saw a jedi named yoda he made me lose my memory.ween i was gust 6 i was a jedi in training and i saw this girl ahsoka tano we started dating but we had to hide it from the jedi.ween i was 13 ahsoka went with yoda to someware i dont know then 3 days latter she was going to kashyyyk to go do her top training, i never even sead good bye .one day we where training how to deal with a sith lord. she pulled out a lightsaber my memory came back, i walked away from the room and the girl jedi tride to stop me the i forced her out the window and i ran up to yoda. forced yoda: you!!! why didnt you tell me my dad was a sith, pulls lightsaber: yoda:under stand you wood not, me: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! i jump out of the window and got out of planet. then i started getting apprentices and bounty hunters to make an army. ween time comes i will kill the one named anakin the one who will save all becouse jedi are the same as sith. light or dark will not win the middle will all ways be first to win.
last edited Больше года
 NAME: zack SPECIES:HUMAN GENDER:MALE AGE: AGE 18 WEPONS: lightsaber that can be 2 to 1 at
darthmalicious1 commented…
A Killer Of Both Sith And Jedi, Ты Have Made A Worthy Enemy, Watch Your Back Cause' I'm Gonna Get You! Больше года
Enderking commented…
I agree Darth Malicious i will aid Ты in killing him Больше года
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
NAME: liz

age: 15

food: meat

dark or light: dark

power 1 to 10: 50

story: i was a kid ween i was a slave never knew who i was or who i am i only knew i was made for selling my body. then one day a guy named zack sead: you dont have to be a slave you can go free if you want. i saed yes and he killed every one in the room. i asked him who is he jedi or sith. ween he sead none i was like wow. he asked me if i wood like to join him or be free. i have been working by his side then and naw.
 NAME: liz age: 15 food: meat dark или light: dark power 1 to 10: 50 story: i was a kid
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
name: meg

age: 17


food: breed

dark or light: light

story: i was a princess for all most all my time on Malicrux. then the jedi found me saying i was a jedi. before i new i hade the force. they tool me i hade to go with them. i tride to run but then this guy zack came out of no ware and killed the jedi. i dont know how he was or what he wants so i sead can i do anything to halp you he sead: we are working to halp the world to be save so if you dont mind joining us we wood love to have you on are side. i sead and if i dont and he sead then o well. i tool him i wood join him if he stoped the jedi. and i have been halping him like i sead.
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 name: meg age: 17 gender:female food: breed dark или light: light story: i was a prince
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
name: stone

age: 27


food:the blood who ever asked

story: we where the gratest fighters of all the world until the jedi. they killed us off until 1,000,000 of use where alive this guy zack tool us if we join him we wood be more powerful we sead yes. but he saw me and asked if i was a hunter i sawed yes and he sead you seem like a good friend a bad spilling blood friend. i dont know why but i liked him so i sead if you need anyone to kill im your guy. naw im the king of my race and zack is halping me so ya i like him and i wood die for him as well.
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 name: stone age: 27 gender:male food:the blood who ever asked story: we where the gratest
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…




story: i was out trying to get a bounty on this guy you see and this guy was named zack. i was going to shoot but then he cut my legs off. i will kill him
 name:joseph gender:male age:28 food:meat story: i was out trying to get a bounty on this
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Thats a picture of Cade Skywalker.... Больше года
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…




story: this guy zack he told me there is a bounty on some jedi. he sead if i get them ill get alot of $$$. so ya ill do it. 1 is obi one the 2nd is yoicn and 3nd is deen mark. pess of cake!
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 name:kevin age:30 gender:male food:beans story: this guy zack he told me there is a bount
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
gang name: the B H

story: this guy named zack got us together. to hunt jedi and steal things that is good $$$.
so dont mess with the best
 gang name: the B H story: this guy named zack got us together. to hunt jedi and steal things that
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
story: we us to work with darth maul but then this guy zack i think. He sead if you want a fight join me so what the heck we are in. so ya thats it
 story: we us to work with darth maul but then this guy zack i think. He sead if Ты want a fight Присоединиться
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
name: kill bot

age: 22 days

made for: to kill jedi and sith

made by: zack

killed by: who knows
 name: kill bot age: 22 days made for: to kill jedi and sith made by: zack killed by: who
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
name: tank

age: 32


gun name: boodly

story: unknown he was killed before the pic
 name: tank age: 32 gender:male gun name: boodly story: unknown he was killed before the p
Больше года darkoverlord666 said…
name: senator yoki

age 50


race trandoshan

story: my planet has been attacked by the jedi. and the sith is not halping so this guy zack asked me to join him and he will make this stop. we did and the fighting here stoped. so naw we work with him
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 name: senator yoki age 50 gender:female race trandoshan story: my planet has been attacke
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why is a senator being helped by a sith? Больше года
xgilme commented…
thats exactly what I was thinking Больше года
EpicLizard commented…
WHO TF IS ZACK Больше года
Больше года vetyking14 said…
Name: Captain Nix

Gender: Male

Favorite Weapon: DC-17 Blaster

Place of Birth: Kamino

Place of Death: Star Destroyer Over Christophsis

Date of Birth: 32 BBY

Date of Death: 40 BBY

Station/Outpost: Rishi Moon Outpost (former), Medical Station Near Tatooine (former), Anakin Skywalker's Resolute Star Destroyer

Era(s): Rise of The Empire Era

Division: 501St Blue Company Division

Armor: Phase 2

Rank: Cpt

Story: He has no story, but lets just say, he had a lot of fight!
 Name: Captain Nix Gender: Male Избранное Weapon: DC-17 Blaster Place of Birth: Kamino Plac
ivor696 commented…
no offense but Ты have messed up with the dated becuase 40 bby is a год after anakin was born and 32 bby was the battle of naboo i[episode 1] Больше года
Больше года venozard said…
Name:Tyler Jacob\Darth-Lith Burag (burag means "side")



Place of Birth:Planet Torfeu

Class:Jedi Knight\Sith Lord

Status:Alive(In Pure Force)

Appearence:short black hair,blue eyes,brown robe with grey armour

Powers:Force Lighting,Force Wielder,Force Jump,Consume the Light\Dark Side of Force

Weapons:Double light-saber, upper blade blue,down blade is red and a white laser knife

Story:I.Jacob Tyler was a Torfeian from the planet Torfeu he had a sister named Freya Taylor and her mother named Angie Taylor with his father named Kurt Taylor.At the age of 10 years his planet was atacked by a couple of pirates, his race was taken and enslave it.But he and her sister escaped saved by a Jedi Knight named only as "Master" Arthur one of the padawans of Luke Skywalker.
He and his master were very close-friends,and it is obviously that he had somekind of compassion for him.
After he came in Republica, trained by Arthur,he became an appreciated Jedi Knight,and a good wielder of Light Side of The Force.
Soon he and his master got a mission to find a notorious intergalactic pirate called as Keron Hasan who is known as a brutal human.
When Tyler met his father's killer,the anger took his mind and with an eye-blink he used Force-Lighting on Keron Hasan and killed him,scared by what he done,Tyler did not mentioned that incident,because his master would have been dissappointed.

II.Anyway he had a rival in Jedi Temple, his name is Skeon Phanya,a child of an aristocratic and royal family full with a bloody past.
His rival always called him pathetic and a weak Jedi Knight,then a contest took place. Tyler was chosed to fight with Skeon Phanya,during the due,l Skeon Phanya spoke to his ears, that he is an incompetent and a nobody,Tyler had enough of what he told him so with a swift-maneuve,r he severed both arms,and his laser-saber sword fell in the air and got to Tyler,with his anger Tyler did not realize and decapitated Skeon Phanya,and his master seen that and became very dissapointed.
After 3 days,his master gave him an hologram-message which he explains that he should not come in
any mission,because he is very distracted,so he respect his command and stays there.
Later 5 hours,he tries to find out what happened with his master why did he not arrived back,so he find a shocking news, his master was killed during the battle,by Darth Improbus..
Tyler gets nervous and full with anger,later he becomes deceptive and more idealist.
He said that in his mind,and met with his new master named Krylax an worm-like species,and he had a very different training with his padawan, like in army,pushed him to hard,this only maked heart's Tyler to grow more darker.
In his trainings got bored with his master and and how he threated him.
Later he went to Jedi Council and he said to them:
"My fellow friends,I can't simple hang it in here anymore,I dismiss from Jedi Temple and I want to search and grow up my fully potential as a Jedi Knight in my travelling around the Galaxy...,so excuse me my friends I must go!"
They get amazed of what he said and with a handshake he leaved...

III.Later ,he met a Sith-Lord in to a spatial bar,and fought with him and killed him with no mercy.
After that he went on Coruscant and met the Sith-Lord Darth Deceptio ,who first told him that he saw a great potential in him,and he will become a powerfull Sith-Lord,Tyler accepted to become his apprentice in exchange for his revenge against Darth Improbus.Darth Deceptio learned him "The Rule Of The Two",where he must kill his master in order to replace him as the "master".
First Darth Deceptio said him:
-"Young apprentice,you first mission in order to become a true Lord-Sith is to kill the Jedi-Knights,who are standing in front of us and they don't let us to conquering the "Universe".So the young Tyler obeyed,and killed the Jedi and then returned to his master,and said him:
-"Master I done, what you commanded me..."
-"Very well,now your name as a Lord-Sith will be "Darth-Lith Burag"
-"Yes master."
Now he showed the red light saber of the defeated Sith-Lord Darth Improbus,that he destroyed him, now he with Darth Deceptio started to kill many Jedi-Knights...,now Deceptio told him that they will go in Republica to overthrow the Jedi-Council and to reborn as Sith-Empire,Tyler agrees and they go.
On the way he tried to broke all the friend relations that had with Republica,now they arrived and Deceptio said him:
-"Darth-Lith Burag are you prepared to kill the Jedi-Knights?"
-"Yes master."
-"Then let's go."
They took by suprise,and struck them,after that his friends saw him, get shocked and they asked him:
-"Tyler what is the meaning of this,why did you joined The Dark Sith?"
-"I chosed this way,to search and discover to real truth about the "Force",there is nothing personal."
And he took off his red-light saber and started to fight with them,with his anger he threw them all in the air,using the "Dark-Side" of "The Force",and they almost succeed, but Jedi reinforcements had arrived and forced them to fall back in the woods,but his master said him:
-"Don't worry my apprentice soon they will fall, because they will fall by themselves in what they do."
But during his times with Darth Deceptio,he asked him:
-"Master Deceptio,why should I kill you,why can't you learn me,the secrets of "Dark-Side" without kill you?"
-"Because my apprentice,this is the way of "The Rule Of The Two"..."
-"But master,why should we follow blind this teachings rather than learn them?"
-"This is the order and the philosphy of the "Dark-Sith"."
-"Master I give up being a Lord-Sith,and I want to search the "Truth" about the "Force"!
-"If this is what you consider the best for you,then you may leave."
-"Thank you for understanding master."
-"Don't thank me,this is the way of Dark-Sith."
With a handshake he left him,and went to seek the real "Truth" about the "Force".
So he left Coruscant,and tried to understand both perspectives of the "Force".
He joined to an inter-galactic organization,and helped them to catch thieves,robbers,burglars and much more.Also he slaughtered many civilians during his life,but also maked and good things to others,he did this because wanted to seek the "Real-Truth" about the "Force".
Then he started wars,riots he even freed prisons from other planets,and he maked a new ideology of "The Force" he said that:"The Force is a powerfull ally, but of course a greater enemy of you,if you don't know how to control it"
[When he leaved Darth Deceptio,he welded both of his light-sabers to simbolize "Good" and "Evil".]
IV.Later he grown much older and made books,he created a new philosophy of "The Force", he said that:
"What is Good or what is Evil?...Simple it's the same thing, it gives you the same power, the same weakness,both are ignorant, have no free views,anyway you can perish...are useless for you."
He got many followers in his movement,he named his movement "True Way Of Force and the only Way"

Anyway he met an Jedi Philosopher named Merkel Bishop who blamed his teachings as being evil and non-sense and lead only to self-destruction,and asked him: -"If you think that you know so much tell me then what is the Force?"

"What is the Force,I don't know...But I know that in order to understand it, you must pass through both 'Light\Dark Side of The Force' and then you will be able to know what is the real purpose of The Force itself,Why?
Only just like that, you will get the fully and trully "Aknowledge"of the Force and control it to achieve your purpose,or for a greater good."
The Jedi said nothing,he get shocked of what he spoked...
But Tyler said him that"
"I know this, because I saw the perspectives of Both Sides of "The Force",I know how thinks a Jedi or how feels a Sith."

The Jedi asked him:"How do you know so much of this?"

"How? Simple, the experience is the only way of gaining the true Strength and Power of Light\Dark Side of the Force,Jedi and Sith will never perish they are meant to fight one with the other,but If you will understand, what I mentioned before, you will broke this "Force-Circle" and free yourself from this "Eternal Force-Cage" and you will think and do whatever you desire!"

-"And tell me what is the difference between "Aknowledge" and "Wisdom"?"
-"The difference is that those who possess the "Aknowledge" learn from other mistakes and those who possess the "Wisdom" learn from their own mistakes."
And then he laughs very silent,and the Jedi ask him:
-"Lord Lith-Burag why do you laugh?"
-"The irony makes that even that I understand them(Good and Evil) I don't know how to destroy them."

V.He reclused himself in woods,and continued to find much more about the "True Side Of The Force",he spoked to crowds of Jedi's and Sith's, of course those who were interested about his visions about the "Force".

When he died ,unlike Sith-Lords which their spirits become materialized or Jedi-Knights when their soul leaves the body,his own body transformed in to a grey spectrum aura,but before leaving he said them:
"My adepts keep searching,and you will get free from this endless circle!"

In his memory, they made him a special burial chamber...,he remained in both Jedi and Sith Philosophy as a strange and enigmatic "Force-User" they called him.

His teachings are followed,even today by many adepts.
Now with this new Philosophy that appeared, those who use Jacob Tyler\Darth-Lith Burag's way,call themselves "The Seekers".

He has many statues in his memory as a "Force-Seeker",one of his statues is written:
"The knight-warrior with a "Jedi-mind" and a "Sith-heart"!"

"The Seekers" unlike Jedi-Knights and Sith-Lords, don't have apprentices to teach them,they are solitary beings, who seek the ability to become free from this cycle between "Jedi vs Sith" and to have the fully control over the "Force".(Light-Side&Dark-Sid­e)
And their Code is called "The Seeker Code".
"The Seeker Code" is:
"There is peace,there is emotion,
"Through both of them I gain "Wisdom",
"Through "Wisdom" I gain "Aknowledge",
"Through both of them I gain the power over the "Force Itself",

Even a Jedi said:
"I got amazed of how much "Aknowledge" and "Wisdom" possessed."

And a Sith mentioned:
"I have never thought of this way,and this could be the True Way Of Force?"

Jacob Tyler\Darth-Lith Burag quotes:
1."Do not underestimate,overestimate or criticize what you don't understand,search it and find his true potentially and learn how to use it."
2."There is no Victory without Defeat."
3."You don't need to know many things,what you need is to understand them."
4."There is a time to think,and a time to act."
5."Do not underestimate,overestimate or criticize your opponent,instead try to understand it,and then only you can try to destroy it."
6."When you get lost,this means that you maked yourself a path for someone else"
7."What is Evil or what is Good?Nothing, but ignorant truths!"
8."First you understand,then you know,then do!
9."Do not be in "Light" or "Dark" just,try to understand both of them."
10."Jedi can think,Sith can feel but only a true Seeker can understand it both of them."
11."The "Wisdom" besides "Aknowledge" has a price."
12."I don't made my books to be known,I made them to be understood."
13."Somebody asked me,when "Evil" and "Good" were created,but I said him just why they have been created...,"Evil and Good" where created so the fool-minds could be illuminated."
14."Don't want to lose,then don't fight."
15."If you wish peace,then you must understand war."
16."The "Lie" is absolute,but the "Truth" is relative."
17." "Good" against "Evil" is not "Balance", "Good" among the "Evil" is "Balance".
18."You want "Balance" ?...Simple love who loves you,hate who hates you."
19."Somebody asked me,why I don't doctrinate my adepts,I said that,then this wouldn't be a true just an absolute lie."
20."Those who follow me,they don't have to know my way,they must understand it."
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 Name:Tyler Jacob\Darth-Lith Burag (burag means "side") Species:Torfeian Gender:Male Place of
steven1234 commented…
a very good story,one of the best stories i ever heard. i liked tyler jacob's philosophies anyway Больше года
venozard commented…
So Ты think,it could be published at TV? Больше года
venozard commented…
Really, Herosog64!? I wrote in like 5 minutes. Больше года
Больше года KrokPet said…
Name: Pet-Ha Fsen
Specie: Miraluka - Mirialan
Status: jedi Knight
Back story: During one of the war's, his father (Miraluka) travelled to the planet Mirial. Where he met a Mirialan lady, that he liked quite alot. when The Miraluka had to travell back to coruscant he left the woman with a baby.
The baby was Pet-Ha Fsen, a Jedi Miraluka and Mirilan. (basicly Mirakula powers (No eyes) and Mirilan looks)
Outfit: Normal Jedi Robes, grey-/brown-ish
Lighstaber Color: Green (Both)
Lightsaber Style: He has two sabers, but uses mostly one. He wields them the same way as starkiller.
Wherabouts: Currently in his house on the planet Hoth
 Name: Pet-Ha Fsen Specie: Miraluka - Mirialan Status: jedi Knight Back story: During one of the
venozard commented…
Good,wow Ты should be at Lucas,to create a new "Star-Wars" series :) Больше года
Больше года idoogle said…
Name: Darth Shadowstep
Real name: Forrak Kosad (Foe-rack Koe-sod)
Race: Zabrak
Appearance: 6'7" with long, sharp horns, black skin, and red tattoos.
Clothing: Black cloak with exposed body. Arm gauntlets and hood.
Weapons: two red lightsabers held backwards, which can be joined together to create a dual bladed red lightsaber.
Side: Sith
Master: was Darth Maul's secret apprentice until Maul died. General Master: Darth Caedus and Starkiller.
Force: Dark, light, ALL variations in-between or beyond, plus his own approach, the Black Angel.
Birth: unkown (estimated Before the first prequel or the Old Republic).
Force: Prolonged his life for who knows how long.
Strength: Speed, wit and combat. His two hearts are cold, black, and have no remorse nor retaliation. No hesitance.
status: alive.
History: As a force user, the Jedi and Sith both sought the secret, dangerous Forrak. However, Maul knew that the legacy of the Sith must continue after his and Sidious' death. So, seeing Forrak as a particularly powerful and tough child, Maul took him in as his apprentice for eight years. One day, Maul was killed by the Jedi, Qui-gon Jin. To prevent Sidious finding him, Forrak hid in the midst of jedi warriors, spying, learning the light side of the force to use it against the Jedi. Until the Jedi were wiped out. When this happened, Forrak ran to Sidious, told him his story; and Sidious tried to kill Forrak. But Forrak was to powerful. Forrak hid, learning and taking in new combat styles and force styles, until he was damn near the most powerful force user in the galaxy. After the death of Sidious and fall of the empire, Forrak stepped away from hiding and became a dark assassin for Darth Caedus. Darth Caedus named him, Darth Shadowstep. Darth Shadowstep lived until dissapearing from the galaxy one day. And one unknown Sith found the history of the mysterious Forrak Kosad.
The Sith Lord originated from the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia, twenty-seven years before the Great Hyperspace War. He was trained in the ways of the Dark side of the force, to a point where he was so powerful, he could prolong his life to the limits beyond any known Living being: immortality. He served as the darkest, cruelest, coldest, most vile assassin in the Great Hyperspace War. After the war ended, and the era in which the prequels take place (i quite forgot what it is called, if it has a name) he was driven into hiding by Maul's death, where he further Mastered the light side of the force. After the fall of the Jedi, he escaped the Jedi temple, and went to Sidious, to tell him of his accomplishments, hopefully to be accepted as a new Sith lord. After presenting his victory to Sidious, Sidious tried to kill him, resulting in one of the greatest Sith/sith conflicts of all time. After escaping, Forrak was driven into hiding--once again--and there he learned many variations of the force which are not Light nor Dark; and combined all into one--The Black Angel. The Black Angel focused on using the power of the Dark Side to aid the relent, swiftness, and reliability of the Light Side, plus the clever, naturalistic, channeled an focused energies of those in-between to find your opponents weakness and crush him/her before they touch you.
However effective the Black Angel was, no one learned it, and Forrak remained the most powerful of all Sith. After the death of Sidious and fall of the Sith, Forrak lived in peace, in an age of learning new things, and becoming more powerful; until Darth Caedus came along. Forrak presented himself to Caedus, and won a battle in four swift movements, nearly destroying Caedus. Keeping Forrak secret, Forrak became Caedus' secret Sith Assassin, until, not long after they met, Caedus mad Forrak a Sith Lord, titled Darth Shadowstep. Silently, Shadowstep taught Caedus some of his knowledge (no where near all) as Caedus taught Shadowstep and new form of lightsaber combat.
Learning that there were seven, Darth Shadowstep set off to learn them all, and he did. He gained more and more power... and he did what he did with the force, created his own way with the blade, the Searing Sea, and quick, defensive approach which strikes minimal times and only when they matter and can be useful. Of course he also created the None, which was a mixture of all eight forms of lightsaber combat; and it quickly failed, for the eight have to much in common, yet too much in contrast. Using the None, Darth Shadowstep not only fought his opponent, but also himself.
After the death of Darth Caedus, Darth Shadowstep lived in shadow and misconception. Not much is known from this point on, except that He upgraded himself from Sith Lord to Sith Master and killed all of the residence on a planet, so he could steal one space cruiser. Also, it is known that a Sith lord tried to locate him, and as far as anyone knew, succeeded... except she was never heard from again. no one knew who he was, and the ones who did, did not know where. He shrouded himself in death and destruction, and should anyone get in his way, should anyone cross his path... well, get a funeral service ready for the few bones that'll be left.
 Name: Darth Shadowstep Real name: Forrak Kosad (Foe-rack Koe-sod) Race: Zabrak Appearance: 6'7" wi
venozard commented…
Wow cool Lord-Stih man Ты have my vote,but what do Ты think about my character, is good Idoogle? Больше года
Enderking commented…
A very interesting history I'm sure he is very feared by jedi seems like good ally to the sith order Больше года
darthmalicious1 commented…
Enderking, I Was Raised By The Emperor Himself Больше года
Enderking commented…
Very nice DarthMallicious1 maybe we should work together Больше года
Больше года sbts95 said…

This is Darth Vengeance, he is supreme lord of a Sith clan hidden deep under the surface of tatooine. He was forced there as a kid when the Jedi murdered his father for being a Sith. His father never even killed a Jedi or a clone. his father believed in the old ways of the Sith before the great civil war that led to a great lifetime conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. As such, Darth Vengeance hates the Jedi scum and kills every one he comes across. it is said that he once found a Jedi training ground and he used a force move forbidden even by the Sith to wipe out the whole training facility. He was once trained by The Wraith. he is so strong with the force that he can hold his own against Yoda. He is the only being known to have had a connection with the force three times. But he is still human so the only way to sustain his life is with intense force rejuvenation. He can connect his light sabers to make the violet flame, a saber staff made of Mace Windu's purple saber and Darth Sidiouse's red saber. it is said he can channel his rage through it and use vengeance strike. Vengeance strike is an attack that channels life drain lightning force push and force explosion all into one extremely power full strike that decimates any thing and every thing in a 50 foot radius.
his real name is unknown. he is currently plotting to over throw the supreme lord of the Sith.
 This is Darth Vengeance, he is supreme lord of a Sith clan hidden deep under the surface of tatooin
darthmalicious1 commented…
This is the секунда best i've seen, mines better Больше года
Enderking commented…
over throw the supreme that was my sites plan perhaps a alliance to make sure he falls. Больше года
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Vengeance, Ты Must Form An Alliance With Me, Darth Malicious Больше года
Больше года chase974 said…
Enderking commented…
LOL Больше года
Больше года RU4Real said…
Name: Darth Mandus

Real Name: Felix Kripo

Race: Human/Clone

Age: 46

Weight:: 182

Height 6ft 10in

Fight style: One Lightsaber, slow, steady, and is powerful in the
Dark Side

Story: One Month after the rise of the clones a jedi named Gret Kripo cloned two sons to raise as his own they lived in secret on an asteroid near Yavin known as Gyros 7 over the years the sons Jon and Felix saw what was beyond the asteroid and left but Felix felt that his father was keeping a secret that they were imprisoned so he struck his father down and was going to destroy any jedi that lies in his trail of hate.
last edited Больше года
 Name: Darth Mandus Real Name: Felix Kripo Race: Human/Clone Age: 46 Weight:: 182 Heigh
Больше года darthmalicious1 said…
Name- Darth Malicious

Species- Mutated Humanoid

Gender- Male

Place Of Birth- Dagobah

Class- Sith Lord

Status- On Dagobah

Appearance- Dark Hood, Short Black Hair, Red Eyes, Breathing Apparatus

Weapons- Dual Red Lightsabers

Story- Malicious came from a dark background, his mother and father were slaughtered by jedi knights because they were a part of the dark side, young malicious used his electricity and wiped out the jedi knights. he took his father's sabers and fled in his imperial shuttle, Malicious was found by Darth Sidious and was raised DARTH MALICIOUS.

 Name- Darth Malicious Species- Mutated Humanoid Gender- Male Place Of Birth- Dagobah Clas
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interesting I'm sorry but i intended to destroy that fool of yours it would be wise to step aside Больше года
darthmalicious1 commented…
Enderking, I Believe I've had A change of Hilt, I now carry Two Black And Золото Curved Hilts With A Side Of Force Electricity Больше года
Enderking commented…
Very interesting maybe Ты can change my mind of killing Ты and working together Больше года
Больше года steven1234 said…
name: matthew cobalto

species:human with a fall style black hair,and blue robes with blue hood which cover it's face

job: jedi knight and later jedi master

lightsaber color: silver
lightsaber form: shien,ataru,djem so and tlaboc nogard=his personal form of fighting. a form which is
aggressive and powerful which contain unexpected attacks , air maneuvers , skydives
and evasion. matthew called this form as "the way of the flying dragon"

force powers: force control(push,pull,throw,and making objects fly),force avalanche,force dash,force flame and computer hacking(his favourite)

personality: ambitious,proud,eccentric,wise,a natural leader

era:long before the old republic

story: he was raised by marco shard when he found matthew in planet synoru, matthew was known to be skilled in lightsaber techniques and seem to be attuned to the force and he had this ambition of one day being a jedi council member. when matthew was 12 he had passed the jedi knight test and became the jedi knight. matthew created his own silver bluish lightsaber . several years later a jedi sentinel called jared turned to the dark side of the force due to his desire to be feared.he killed many jedis and several jedi master faced jared only to fail. matthew battled jared but his lightsaber technique cannot defeat jared's unexpected move.this made matthew fled and he luckily escaped.
only several jedi masters can escape jared. jared now named himself darth nezorf and he has build an enormous army to the galaxy. he then destroyed the jedi order killing the jedi council members.
matthew arrived on planet synoru the planet he was born on. there matthew walked to the woods of synoru and met with a fellow jedi master which he thought to have escaped darth nezorf . the jedi master told matthew that he don't know about jared and he hid in this planet to escape darth alternite and his army. matthew then asked about darh alternite and who he was and the jedi master explained about darth alternite,a sith lord seeking to destroy the jedi order and bring peace by bringing order to the galaxy. the jedi master said that he has fleets around the galaxy and he has armies around the planets. matthew told the jedi that now darth nezorf is the greatest treat to the galaxy and matthew asked the old jedi master for help.the jedi master was impressed by matthew's will and bravery making the old jedi master trusted him. the both then move to take one of darth nezorf's flagship to make him lose many troops.after taking one of darth nezorf's flagship,matthew trained himself in the lightsaber technique knowing that his current form cannot defeat darth nezorf.
result of his training is that he mastered a new style that he called tlaboc nogard. matthew and the old jedi master attacked another flagship and found two sith on board.they were both sith apprentice.
the old jedi master and matthew faced both of them. matthew defeated the apprentice easily with his new lightsaber technique however the old jedi master is at a disadvantage. he old jedi master got knocked down and was just going to die. matthew then used force dash to attack the sith before the sith killed the jedi master.in one quick saber attack, the sith is defeated.
ship after ship was destroyed and the ship that was left is darth nazorf's ship.
in the final battle against the sith lord the old jedi master and matthew meditate before entering darth nezorf's ship. after their meditation they enter darth nezorf's ship and battle against him.the battle went fierce as matthew and the old jedi master must coordinate their attacks to defeat dart nezorf which wasn't easy. darth nezorf then cut down the old jedimaster's arm that wield the lightsaber. but instead of finishing him darth nezorf assaults matthew.
matthew fight darth nezorf in a llightsaber duel. since both of their technique are complex and unexpected.the battle went fierce and long. matthew then used force flame only to be blown out by darth nezorf's force push. the battle rages and through one final skydive attack from matthew darth nezorf was defeated. matthew restored the jedi order and became the jedi grandmaster.