Звёздные войны There's an Artoo Fansite if Ты are interested.

GalindaGirl posted on Jan 20, 2010 at 11:24PM
Hey, I made a Fansite for R2-D2 yesterday. I only have 3 fans including me. I am thankfull that I have other members besides me. But if you like to join I'd love if you would. You can find it by going on my profile and my sites. Or what I am a fan of. I need a better banner and there isn't much on there but please join!

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Больше года littleobiwan said…
yes I love to join
Больше года GalindaGirl said…
Thanks, anyone else? You can add just about whatever. Anyone else?
Больше года jedigal1990 said…
Sure i love that little droid i would love to join
Больше года GalindaGirl said…
Thank'a!!! :) Anyone else is welcome please join!!!! :D