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Звёздные войны
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Coruscant, one of 678 Rebel barracks. It was raining, and the thousands of soldiers in the barracks were getting lunch.

Rebel Cook: *Serving Еда to the soldiers* Keep the line moving. Take a lid. Silverware is to the left of the lids.
Rebel Soldier 53: Ты expect us to eat this slop again?
Rebel Cook: I don't care what Ты do Mack. Eat it, throw it out, do whatever Ты want with it. I only get paid to do one thing, and that's cooking. You're holding up the line.
Rebel Soldier 53: *Leaves*

Outside, a few of the Rebels were enjoying the rain.

Anthony: *Yawning*
Early: Didn't Ты get any sleep last...
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Song: link

The tank was still in front of the bank. The driver thought the coast was clear, until this happened.

Kelly: *Walks out onto the улица, уличный from one of the buildings to the left*
Big Joe: *Walks in from the right*
Oddball: *Following Big Joe*
Imperial 57: *Turns the турель, башня, башенка towards the three Rebels*
Kelly: *Holding an A280C*
Big Joe: *Holding an A280C*
Oddball: *Moves back part of his coat, revealing a кобура carrying an SE14C*

The three of them started to walk slowly towards the tank. The driver still had the tank's big gun pointed at them, but was curious to see what they had planned.

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Звёздные войны
new trilogy Обновления
rian johnson
With that Комментарий Oron advanced on the mayor's daughter. Tyran pulled the trigger putting the bullet firmly into the knave's shoulder joint."You would do well to remember in whose house Ты are in. Rose please get this boy a napkin, his blood is getting on the good rug. On his way out of course and the gifts, will be sent back." Oron's face that had been beet red moments before went pale white. Tyran sighed. "Come boy no one is that stupid. When a woman says something like that Ты know its over." Rose took the opportunity to dig the cloth napkin deep into Oron's wound. Receiving a satisfactory...
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the force awakens
Звёздные войны
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Back at Mary's room.

Major Von Hapen: Goodnight Maria. *Kisses her hand* Ты are a very charming girl.
Mary: Thank Ты Major.
Major Von Hapen: We must get to know each other just a little bit more.
Mary: Yes we must. Goodnight. *Closes her door*

Song (Start at 0:58): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW-yn6vIFWc&list=PL0TfWQhot6a3q02s5-4UbHFJ4OwmVytUh&index=8

Major Von Hapen: *Gets a sudden urge that something's not right*
Mary: *Locks her door*
Major Von Hapen: *Hears the lock, and rubs his chin with his hand, and walks down the corridor*
John: *Watching Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson writing...
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