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 Handwritten letter by Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
Handwritten letter by Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
To. My lovely Fans! My everything is in the ELF’s two eyes…

I’m Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk!! Ah… I’m the 85th recruit, Park Jung Soo right now!! How are all of you? I’ve gone past Euijungboo and I’m now at the White Horse RTC (Recruit Training center) and having a good time with fellow soldiers that are 10, 11 years younger than me!

I’ve gone from being Super Junior’s leader to now being the leader in my squadron as a recruit. Even here, I’m feeling a lot of popularity. ^^

Before I came here, I was really nervous and scared, but now that I’m actually here I’ve realized that it’s really nothing compared to what I did before. ^^

Thank Ты so much for the hand written letters and the internet letters! I read every letter clearly here and sometimes I even tear up. Thank you.

I’m just always thankful. I had the most people come when I enlisted? You’re really the best!! I was supposed to take care of our 7th anniversary and the college entrance exams, so I’m sorry. As I work here, do Ты know that I miss Ты even more? I miss being on the World Tour with the other members and seeing the blue glowsticks and hearing all the cheers.

Ah! The DVD that we released in Япония was 1st! And ‘Boys in City‘ and there are a lot of other things that Ты can see me in, so please look вперед to it!! I hope everyone can smile brightly through the end of the год awards and conclude everything nicely! I miss, miss, miss Ты and I really really really really really want to see Ты guys…. Ты all have to be happy and healthy! There is a saying that goes, ‘You don’t laugh because you’re happy, but you’re happy because Ты laugh. So everyone, take care of yourself!!

ELF!! I Любовь you…

From leader Teuk!! ^^

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