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posted by animeadd8
Amidst all the drama that has ensued following the news that Hankyung had requested to have his contract with SM Entertainment terminated, the man himself has spoken on his Cyworld about his current state of mind.

At around 10:11pm, Hankyung Опубликовано the message on his Cyworld. Image is at below...


I am fine right now, I know that all of Ты are there for me!

I Любовь Ты all ~~~

Not much else was сказал(-а) but I am sure his Фаны will still be anxious about the ensuing developments that will probably spill over into 2010.
 SuJu Kyuhyun
SuJu Kyuhyun
A few hours ago, Super Junior member Hankyung requested to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment this evening, and it seems like the situation has spread since then - although no one is exactly sure how to interpret this message yet, fellow SuJu member Kyuhyun recently Опубликовано a mysterious update in English on his CyWorld fresh after the dispute.

When one clears the (adorable) graphics off of the blog post, Kyuhyun's message clearly reads,

Even a beast don't bite the hand that feeds one...

I can not understand...

So what does this post mean exactly? Is it alluding to Hankyung's relationship with SM Entertainment или is it something else entirely? Ты be the judge.

Many thanks to lana for the tip.
 Kyuhyun's Cyworld
Kyuhyun's Cyworld
As we keep Ты updated on the issue revolving around Hankyung’s disposition with SM Entertainment, we have recently found out that SME has come out with a statement consoling Фаны that they will talk with Hankyung regarding his request to terminate his contract.

On a phone conversation with Newsen, SME stated,

"For the sake of Super Junior, we will solve the issue at hand by talking with Hankyung personally."

Earlier today, the Chinese media was the first to Сообщить this newsbreaking story and since then, they’ve dug a bit into Hankyung’s past. They’ve revealed that Hankyung was scouted through the ‘H.O.T. China Auditions’ and was chosen out of 3,000 other auditionees. Through this, he ultimately became Korea’s first Chinese entertainer with a formal debut. And since last April of 2008, Hankyung’s existence in Super Junior M has had a great impact on SME as he helped them expand into the Chinese market.
 Suju M (Mandarin)
Suju M (Mandarin)
The boys of Super Junior-M, the third subset of Super Junior aimed at the Chinese / Taiwanese market, attended a Press Conference in Taipei, Taiwan dressed up in black & white suits. The boys are in Taiwan because they're scheduled to hold two Фан party meetings on December 5th at 7PM and December 6th at 2PM at the Taipei International Convention Center. They're scheduled to perform a set of 10 songs and also play games with the Фаны at the meeting.

If Ты can recall, back in July, two members of Super Junior-M, Choi Siwon and Donghae, starred in Ariel Lin's MV for Firefly. To Показать her support,...
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posted by HyeonJi
Most of Ты are already thorough with Kangin's Последнее assault controversies that heated up the netizens like wildfire. Yes, this event caused many of the netizens and Фаны to turn their backs on Kangin from the unbearable disappointment. However, it seems like his "ex-wife", Lee Yoon Ji still has an unconditional Любовь for him.

Lee Yoon Ji, an actress currently leading the drama, Heading to the Ground, got "married" to Kangin earlier this year. Although they were nothing еще than two Знаменитости going through a life of virtual marriage on a show, MBC's We Got Married, viewers definitely saw...
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posted by TheMarce1999
Because I Naughty, Naughty
Hey! I’m Mr. Simple
Because I Naughty, Naughty

SuJu ganda!

sesangi naemam daero andwen dago hwaman naemyeon andwae
geureol pilyo eobtji (Whoa)
geokjeong do palja da jageun ire neomu yeonyeon haji malja
mome johji anha

seong jeogi johat daga nappat daga geureon geoji mwo heung!
shil jeogi ollat daga tteoreo jyeotda geureon ttaedo itji
eojjeo myeon, gwaenchanha, shwieo ganeun geot do joha
modeun geoshi ttae- ttae- ttae- ttae- ttaega itneun geonikka

geudae ga namja ramyeon chingul manna sulhan jane teoreo beorigo
(Alright!) Alright
geudae ga yeoja ramyeon chingul manna suda tteoreo...
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posted by TheMarce1999
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba

neol algga malgga algga malgga neomu yebbeun miina
nal michyeotdago malhaedo nan niga johda miina
nuga jeonhaejwo My baby to my baby naega yeogi itdago malya
gidarinda malya (Baby, Ты turn it up now)

neon gatabuta gatabuta mal jomhaera miina
ni maeumeul gajyeotdamyeon geunyang naneun salmui Winner
i sesangui ichiran ichiran yonggi itneun jareul ddara
na gateun nom malya

yetmale Say yeol beon jjikeumyeon neomeoganda eusseuk eusseuk eusseuk
geunyeoneun gangjeok ggeuddeokeobda bbijjuk bbijjuk bbijjuk
nan eoddeokhalgga...
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Idol group Super Junior has once again proved their superior popularity in Asia.

Super Junior held their ‘The Third Asia Tour – Super Показать 3 in Singapore’ in Singapore’s largest indoor концерт hall, the Indoor Stadium. Despite the rain and rough weather, over 20,000 Фаны gathered to see Super Junior’s first solo концерт in Singapore.

For three hours, Super Junior had not only performed their hit songs ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘U’, and ‘Bonamana’, but they showed off other songs and solo stages where the different Цвета of each member could be seen. The audience went wild with the...
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Super Junior members Показать off their witty sides in Heechul’s Twitter picture.

Remember Heechul’s button hair? Well Heechul uploaded another фото for the series with the caption, “HEEHEE & MASI & RYEONG9 & GAMEGYU.” Фаны got to see Heechul’s groupmates Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Choi Si Won make a cameo in his photo.

Heechul is seen with his blond wig once more, and Choi Si Won dons a black tank вверх that shows off his muscular body. Kyuhyun, on the other hand, was seen staring the camera down with a smirk while Ryeowook posed with a cute V-sign.

Netizens who saw this фото commented, “Kim Heechul is prettier than most girls.” “Choi Si Won’s muscles are very attractive” “It looks like SuJu members are very close to each other.”
Although we’ve heard no official news from SM Entertainment regarding Super Junior’s return to the Музыка stage, a little net browsing by one of allkpop’s readers has revealed some details suggesting a comeback this год with an album.

The name GoodWill & MGI may not ring any bells for the average K-pop fan, but the American-Finnish producing/songwriting duo makes up the brains behind numerous hit tracks in the United States and Europe.

Having opened their official website earlier this month, GoodWill & MGI’s discography page brags an impressive Список of successful productions, as...
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Yesterday, Super Junior’s Heechul received a new haircut, cutting his long hair to a short cut. A few hours after receiving his haircut, he expressed his regrets through micro blogging service twitter.

First, Heechul uploaded a фото of his new shorter hairstyle saying,

“Ah when will I grow my hair ㅡㅡ“

Although many Фаны expressed their content by responding, “I like your hair oppa!!!! *O* so handsome!!!!!!!!!!” and “I really Любовь this hair, Ты look so sexy, I’m so in Любовь now<3,” Heechul further expressed his regrets by posting an older picture of his long hair adding,

“Ahsshi… It hasn’t even been a день since I cut my hair and I want to grow it out again..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My precious hair ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠNevertheless, it should grow out soon“
I think MAMA (Mnet Asian Музыка Awards) just Остаться в живых to the 1st Melon Музыка Awards, as SNSD and Super Junior are officially attending.

How exciting! I'm not sure if Ты have forgotten but SNSD and Super Junior were two of the most active groups in the first half of 2009. Just because new groups and others took over the секунда half doesn't mean they deserve all the attention.

I'm mostly excited to see their special stages but this brings up a lot of questions. It's going to be hard to tell who will take the Artist of the Year, Song of the год and Album of the год awards. We know the New Artist of the год will most likely go to 2NE1. But I see a huge battle between 2PM and SNSD for the Artist of the Year. Also, will Gee take Главная something this time around?

Hopefully, Melon will be a little еще rational in its decision making process for the winners. Whoever the winners are, you'll find out on the 16th , December it is ..
 suju and snsd
suju and snsd
Promotions for My Ear's Конфеты by Baek Ji Young and 2pm's Taecyeon may be long over now, but the song is apparently still a hit!

Last month, Clazziquai's Alex and DJ Hong Jin Kyung performed this song with great chemistry on Yu Hee Yeol's Sketchbook. However, this time, 4minute's Хёна and Super Junior's Eun Hyuk is causing much buzz with their version of the couple dance.

Recently, 4minute had been guests on Super Junior's Miracle show, and had received much Любовь from the Super Junior boys.

Super Junior had exclaimed, "We will Показать Ты our charm in 4 minutes," and performed 'Happy Virus Dance Party' for the girls. After the performance, Хёна showed the boys her charm by performing Baek Ji Young's 'My Ear's Candy.' During the performance, Eun Hyuk made a surprise appearance as he took over Taecyeon's rapping. The two supposedly caused much laughter through their sexy amusing performance.
posted by jessaangelia
"eunhyuk" doa
Tuhan, ini org kampungannya bukan main. aku khuatir dia di perkosa lelaki. Tuhan aku mau sama dia. terima kasih.

maaf everlasting friends, kami bukanlah dewa yang sempurna. kami ini manusia yang punya kekurangan. kalian lihat kami bagai malaikat namun kami selalu mengerti bahwa seandainya kami bukan super junior lagi dan sudah tuapun. maka kalian akan meninggalkan kami. kami ini senang memiliki banyak support dari kalian. apakah kalian bisa membuat super junior abadi selamanya?
posted by Ieva0311
1. Sungmin has a father, mother and a younger brother called Lee Sungjin.
2. Sungmin’s first Kiss is his closest friend Eunhyuk.
3. He loves accesories picked by the people he loves.
4. He once thought about changing his style on pink., but when he opened his closet, he saw his clothes were mostly pink. so he changed his mind.
5. Sungmin’s closest Друзья during training is Xiah Junsu and Eunhyuk.
6. Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk.
7. Sungmin’s sleeping time is 4 hours per day. It apparently is not good for his health
8. Sungmin always wears a golden ring on his pinky. He’s been wearing...
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Super Junior‘s Leeteuk sent Yesung a message of encouragement on his plan of enlistment.

On March 27, Leeteuk was appointed a PR ambassador along with Sangchu at the Seoul Military Manpower Administration’s 10th annual military ambassador ceremony. At the ceremony, Leeteuk said, “When I was out in society, I was able to eat and do anything I wanted. After I enlisted, I realized I was happy and appreciated for all the small things. I also realized how precious people were. Yesung is going to enlist soon, and I want to tell him to have strength. I know Yesung must be nervous, wondering if he’s going to do well. But I was the same, and anyone can do it. I want to tell Yesung, ‘Yesung, have strength, and do your best as a member of Super Junior in the time Ты have left.”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk is scheduled to be discharged from the army on July 29, 2014.
Okay so here I'll be Письмо all my experiences I have had with Super Junior. I hope Ты will like it ^^

This was all in fun, if this offends anyone, I apologise in advance. That was not my intention.

1. The first song I listened to by them was 'Superman'. I know, if only it was 'Sorry Sorry', but I was a late bloomer to Korean Популярное music. It's even worse, because I didn't really like that song and it gave me a bad first impression of the band.

2. They came to my country earlier this год and I really wanted to go (even though I wasn't that fond of them, I knew they were Популярное and I thought...
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n August 25th, Mnet’s midnight variety show, “Beatles Code“, hosted guest appearances from Super Junior’s Shindong and Donghae, who revealed that being cute can be too much of a good thing.

Shindong began, “If Donghae and I ate alone together, it would be weird.” Piqued by this unusual statement, especially since they’ve been groupmates for seven years, the audience craned for Donghae’s explanation.

Donghae replied, “It’s not weird at all — I just Показать a lot of aegyo towards Shindong.” He continued, “When we were shooting a drama in Taiwan, I was shocked to hear that...
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Korea's Ministry of culture, sports and tourism was serious when they stated that they were in full support of spreading K-pop and Korea to the world! We reported early this morning that f(x) and Epik High would be attending MIDEM to put on a K-pop showcase and now it seems other artists are pushing this movement as well.

SNSD + Super Junior have teamed up to create a song about Seoul, Korea. One of the coolest cities in the world, if I might add... the food, culture, shopping, and most importantly the $2 bottles of soju make me Любовь visiting Korea!

Anyway, check out the song and Музыка video below... doesn't it make Ты want to hop on a plane immediately?

Sorry but video is not available right now as SM is claiming their copyright .. I'll update with video soon !
 SNSD and Super Junior
SNSD and Super Junior
SNSD and Super Junior rocked 2009 with hits like Gee and Sorry Sorry, and it looks like they're going to end the год with a bang at the SBS Gayo Daejun (end of the year) show! SBS has confirmed a special stage featuring these two SM Entertainment artists.

"Super Junior will be attending the Gayo Daejun Показать with an exciting performance. ... Due to their individual activities and Asia секунда Tour, Super Junior haven't been able to meet with Фаны in Korea much," a SBS representative stated. "After Super Junior completed promotions for Sorry Sorry, they began activities like Актёрское искусство in dramas,...
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