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posted by SarahtotheCore
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for the long absence.
My family has been going through personal problems...

ANYWAY! Marvelous Chapter Three is out:

My vision focused to see Dean and Mallory talking in the corner. I think arguing. Mallory was making loud gestures with her hands. Her all black outfit seemed to match her mood. Dean had his back to me, but I could tell his shoulder's were hunched from being angry.

My mouth felt so dry. Wrists bare from the ropes. My head pounded. I wiggled my fingers. I wiggled my fingers. Over excited about it, I watched them lift one by one and thump against the wood of the chair. "Enjoying your new body?"

I looked up. Sam. "What are Ты talking about?" Past him, I saw Mallory look at me. Dean turned in her direction. They both disappeared into another room.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Ruby," he hissed.

"My name is Sage Page Lovell, not Ruby."

"Yeah, right," Sam said, looking to the floor, his eyes filled with disbelief.
"I swear," I said, finding myself in a pit of desperation.

"Last time I believed that, I got a lamp slapped upside my head," he barked.

"I'm Sage. I was born in Burlington, North Carolina. My mom died when I was a baby. My dad raised me until I was nine, and I went into foster care. I'm a human. I swear," tears filled my eyes thinking of it.

"Still playing human?" said, Dean who appear once again. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at me. I flinched. "Well we can solve that."

Mallory glanced up at Dean, "Dean... don't... Ты could kill Sage..."

"She's a demon now."

"Shooting her will get Ты nowhere," an older man said, walking into the room.

"Why's that, Bobby?" Dean asked, looking at him.

"See that burn on her arm?" he asked, pointing to my arm. I looked down. My skin was red in a круг that had a tail. It looked sort of like an embedded Q. "It's a bonding burn."

Sam had a blank, but confused look on his face,

"Your mom died when Ты were a baby?"

"Hey now, this isn't the time to look for your freaky, weird cult followers. Okay?"

Suddenly, I couldn't feel my body anymore. Great, this сука again. My eyes clouded black.

Dean raised the gun again.

Mallory brought his hand down forcefully, "Will Ты knock it off already?"

He gave a frustrated jerk and walked towards the window, turning back with a blank, angry look. "So what do we do?"

"Well now, can't I have a say in the matter?" Ruby snickered. She had us glance up at the ceiling, that had weird symbols painted on it. "Devil's trap. A little juvenile don't Ты think, Sammy?"

"You сказал(-а) you've changed," he sounded hurt...

"Well now, I have. Mhhm. Being back in the pit teaches Ты a few new tricks." She started making us mumble something in Latin.


The ceiling cracked in a hair line crack.
She stood us up, still tied to the chair, she swung it against the wall. It shattered.
Dean came up with a нож with symbols engraved into the blade. She kicked it out of his hand. Grabbed the back of his head and slammed it in the wall. He crumbled down against the pile of Книги in the floor; eyes unfocused.

She swirled us around and there was an on coming Mallory. I wasn't sure where Sam and Bobby had went. Mallory made a swing, but we ducked. Sweeping my leg, Ruby tripped Mallory. She went to sit on вверх of Mallory when we were suddenly picked up. Bobby and Sam had me on both sides. Sam took control and pinned me to the wall. Ruby struggled, flailing my arms violently.

Bobby came up with a огонь poker, the black cast iron burning оранжевый at the tip.

That same black fog shot out of my mouth. It dissolving into the ceiling. I could feel myself again. But this time, it felt all my Кости were glass, and someone just threw rocks at me. I collapsed. Sam caught me and laid me gently on the wooden floor. "Easy now... easy. You'll be okay." Bobby said, patting my head with a damp cloth.

My breathing came out in raspy wheeze. I glanced around. I saw Sam leaving the room through the front door. He looked back with a pained look.

And then, I did what is always "fun". I blacked out.

. . .

I woke up to find myself on a couch.I sat up. I felt my ribs bound by gauzes. Wincing, I stood and walked into the кухня part. Sam sat, staring at half empty bottle of beer. "Concentrating hard enough?" I asked, sarcastically.

His eyes darted up, and got up just as quickly. "You should be lying down..." He walked over and placed a hand around my arm.

I opened the fridge and pulled out a beer, "Trust me, if I can survive a body dive onto concrete, I can handle getting a beer." I opened the lid, and jerked my arm away. I sat across from his spot at the table.

He sighed in defeat and sat back in his plot.

Long, painful silence.

"So uh... how much do Ты remember... about being possessed?"

"Don't worry, I don't remember the sex. Only waking up from it," I said, taking an exaggerated gulp of my beer.

He bit down on his lip, "Oh. Well uh, goo--"

"Don't I file for rape или something?" I said, standing, wincing in the process. "'Cause I didn't have a say in it and it happened." I walked to the counter and sat there. Not feeling 100% comfortable being so close. But I let my eyes wonder back to him.

His face was bright red, "Well... I... hope Ты don't see it... that way..."

"And how do Ты want me to see it?"

He opened his mouth, but clamped it shut. "I don't know what to do but say sorr--"

"I don't care for long drawn out apology speeches. What are Ты Чтение about?" I asked, nodding towards his book.

He huffed out a breath, "Well... I was interested in when Ты сказал(-а) your mother died when Ты were an infant."

"... What about it?"

"Has anything... I dunno... feel out of the ordinary the past six months?"

And that's how the world froze ladies and gentlemen. How my life was flipped upside down in one sentence. All I did was clamp my jaw shut tight.
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