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bouncybunny3 posted on Dec 12, 2013 at 02:24AM
1. Birthday month:

January: I danced with
February: I baked a pie for
March: I recused
April: I trapped
May: I hunted with
June: I threw holy water on
July: I fixed the Impala with
August: I was recused by
September: I drove the Impala with
October: I was killed by
November: I kissed
December: I drank with

2. Birthday date:

1. Dean
2. Metatron
3. Bobby
4. Ellen
5. Sam
6. Garth
7. Jo
8. Crowley
9. John
10. Meg
11. Mary
12. Ruby
13. Benny
14. Kevin
15. Anna
16. Castiel
17. Ash
18. Charlie
19. Death
20. Lucifer
21. Gordon
22. Balthazar
23. Naomi
24. Michael
25. Becky
26. Lilith
27. Raphael
28. Azazel
29. Pamela
30. Samandriel
31. Gabriel

3. Color of your shirt:

No shirt: because I was naked.
Red: because I like pie.
Orange: because Sam said, "So get this."
Yellow: like a boss.
Green: because I was possessed by a demon.
Blue: in a motel room.
Purple: in the Impala.
Pink: because Dean said, "Son of a bitch!"
White: at the Men of Letter's bunker.
Gray: at Bobby's house.
Black: because we were in a salt ring.
Multicoloured: in my bedroom.
Other: because I was angry.

Mine is:
I recused Castiel in my bedroom.

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Больше года kourage18 said…
i kissed sam under the blue sheets(hehe)
Больше года cuddles635 said…
I fixed the Impala with Death, in a motel room (Not sure how we got the Impala in there, but ok :P)
last edited Больше года
Больше года redpanda said…
I got killed by Ash because we were in a salt ring. Wait what? XD
last edited Больше года
Больше года MaryHoran20 said…
I danced with Dean at the Men of Letter's bunker :)