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 'Supernatural' Cast Rogue Magazine Photoshoot
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Source: Rogue Magazine / shared by JustJared.Com
Дженсен Эклс
Миша Коллинз
Джаред Падалеки
rogue magazine
issue 4
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well Ive just become so insane for sam AKA Jared Padalecki,I just went to the convention in Nashville about what 3 weeks назад and Im already itching to see Jared again,I also meet a friend at the con,samgirl07,we are yes two insane samgirls neither of us cant wait a whole год to see his sweet face,no ,Im not a stalker so dont go there I just was so taken in by Jared when I meet him the first time I want to do it again ,I had the best time at my first con Im sittin on go ,so hello yeah Im crazy about Jared he seems to be very considerate with his Фаны and the way he was with us just makes Ты crave еще !!Jared is the best in my eyes!!and this time I so want to go gold!!!Jared and Jensen both are hillarous they make Ты laugh so hard Ты almost pee your pants ,hehe !lol ,insane for sam!!!
 me & my new friend samgirl07
me & my new friend samgirl07
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Эй, Santa!

I have been a VERY good girl this год and I want the WINCHESTERS and the IMPALA for Xmas!
I want Sam to be wrapped in оранжевый wrapping paper with a BLUE bow and Dean wrapped in dark blue wrapping paper with гитара shapes and a black bow. Can Sam be to the left of the Xmas дерево and Dean to the right.
I also want the IMPALA. Make sure it is the 67' Chevy Impala that Dean drives. No scratches please!
Park it on my улица, уличный in front of my house, slightly slanted to the left so it looks cool. Make sure the Mullet Rock cassette tapes are in there as well. No iPod jacks! NO ribbons или bows...
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Blood and fire,
Love, desire-
Reaching higher,
Up to the sky.

Father, mother,
Battling brothers-
All others,
Should they have to die?

Spirits, and monsters, and demon possession-
“I can’t take this anymore.
I’d die for you, my brother, but I’ve got a question:
Can Любовь truly conquer all?
Can it kill the Supernatural
Thing inside me?”

Angel, demon,
Fighting, screaming-
“Will Ты be leaving
When the день is gone?”

Torture, glory
Tell the story-
Though very gory-
Of all they’ve done.

Spirits, and monsters, and demon possession-
“I can’t go on like this much more.
I’d die for you, my brother, but...
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thigs i leared from SPN&winchester that i wanted to share,,hope u like.. =)

1)When someone says a place is haunted, Ты shouldn't go in.
2)M&M's count as provisions.
3)Salt is a demon repellent.
4)Rocksalt hurts like hell.
5)Planes crash and a clowns kill.
6)Scarecrow's are fugly.
7)In almost every episode, one of the following are almost always present. "dude, Sammy, или SOB"
8)Hunting demon's comes with perks.
9)Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Metallica are the greatest hits of 'mullet rock'
10)There are no such things as mandroids.
11)Do not make fun of blind people или little people.
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Have Ты ever felt like your whole life is stuck in a crossroad? Your teacher is an evil witch? Your bank account seems to be visited by a freaking reaper? Ты think your neighbor’s dog is possessed by something? Sometimes Ты swear that your boss sold his/her own soul? All of that would make a good TV Показать (yea, right! As if anyone would even bother to watch)?

Okay first, let me tell you:
Your life truly sucks.

And second:
You are in the right place. Now sit down and grab some salt.
Here are some examples to follow from the people who know how to deal with crappy situations...
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season 14
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Фан video by Marce 11
Сэм Винчестер
Джаред Падалеки
john winchester
jeffrey dean морган
Фан video
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