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[b]Chapter 4: Noise[/i]

Zell's eyeline could only see the shadows set on the unknown man's face at his level of height; he could see Rinoa crouched down Далее to him. Squall's left shoulder of his dark blue uniform brushed Zell's right shoulder as he pushed past him to stand at Rinoa's side. Zell moved his feet silently to stand Далее to them both to see what was going on--he crouched too; but cautiously as he did so. The mans features could now be seen--his face held a few wrinkles just below his eyes and the creases set on his forehead made him look to be in his late fifties. His hair was a murky grey colour and his clothing matched that of the town's guards.

"I thought the guards had gone missing?" Selphie's voice could be heard at Zell's left hand side. He rotated his head in an anticlockwise direction to see her checking the area. Squall was the first person to respond to her Вопрос as Zell turned his head back to look at the guard.

"We all thought so, what ever is doing this, we know it isnt the guards if this is happening to them" Squall let the mans hand drop--lifeless--as he was checking for a pulse.
"Hey, whats this?" the five looked in Selphie's direction as she was pointing to something which looked to be on the Стена a few metres from the body. Following the others Zell stood up from his crouching position and followed as though Squall was the leader in front.
"It looks like a piece of cloth" Zell came closer to see what all their eyes were on. It appeared to be a piece of white cloth with a little blood stain on, it was attached to a sharp metal extruding pole intervening the wall.
"You think this belongs to whoever did this?" Zell asked the group. Quistis answered his question,
"It looks as though whoever it was had a struggle to kill this man and ended up getting injured in the process," she finished speaking as Zell looked at her.
"How do Ты know that?" Irvine joked sarcastically.
"There's еще blood on the Стена around the pole and the mans body has been penetrated by some metal object to leave those wounds." Zell thought about how much effort Quistis had put in to her findings.
"Well it wont be much but atleast we know whoever did this is wounded" Zell spoke moving past the Стена near the stairs to look down upon the bar that was below them.
"Why didn't we think of it earlier"he thought looking down at the bar, Zell caught the attention of Squall as he was looking at him.
"Let's go in the bar, we can get some Еда and maybe get some information" Zell was anxious to get down as he was hungry but also felt different from what he had done when they set off.

He was the first to open the bar door--the warmth of the bar hit him as he walked through, the barkeeper was cleaning glasses at the bar and four people were sat down at different tables. Zell's eyes scanned through the nearby menu on the bar.
"Nice one" he cheered enthusiastically as he noticed the words 'Hot Dogs' wrote down. Rinoa laughed as he did this and the rest soon got their meals and sat down at a nearby table. Zell was the last one to receive his and he could smell the chilli and sauce he had put on them as he took a сиденье, место, сиденья Далее to Irvine. He picked up the hot dog and took a mouthwatering bite as he savoured the flavours.
"Can't Ты eat with your mouth closed" Irvine nudged Zell's right arm which was holding the Еда to his mouth--it soon made Zell choke as Irvine did this. In turn Irvine noticed Zell waving his hands around and smacked his left palm to the centre of Zell's shoulder blades causing the lodged hot dog to come out of Zell's mouth--at a speed that hit a woman with a black пальто on, at the Далее таблица to them. Zell was relieved but the woman turned her head round to stare sternly at Zell. He caught her glimpse as she did so--her hair was long and in blonde ringlets as it fell from her pale skin, her red rose lipstick tainted her look; he couldn't help but stare at her изумруд green eyes. Irvine distracted his stare as soon as he shouted over to apologise to the woman. It didn't really help as she didn't say anything but got up lightly from her сиденье, место, сиденья to reveal a small white dress that stopped above her knees--it was covered by her long black coat. She turned her body and began walking--Zell noticed she had a slight limp as she did so and she left the bar quite quickly.

"Did Ты guys notice her?" Zell asked turning his head to the group again.
"No, but we bet Ты had a good look" Quistis responded and the others laughed.
"Yeah, No, I mean..did Ты see her white dress and her limp?" his voice was almost protesting now, and Squall got up soon after hearing his response. The whole groupd reacted to this and got up going to the door, leaving Zell trailing behind finishing his hot dog as he walked; he was thinking about the woman they just saw, her изумруд eyes were all he could see.

"Zell!" his head turned with one быстрый, стремительный, свифт movement to see Quistis shouting at him, he was still stood outside the bar doors as though he had never moved. Zell removed his hands from his blue denim pockets and now left them loose at his side--he jogged a little kicking his legs up to reach the вверх of the stairs where Quistis and the others stood.
"Here, theres blood on the floor" Rinoa pointed out as her feet began following the trail that lay upon the cobbled path. Time passed as they reached the centre of the town where the trail suddenly ended.

"You think she went up?" Zell asked as his head now followed the height of the building in front of them. He moved his hands against the Стена with his palm and looked up looking for any signs. Zell turned to look at the others--Squall had stepped back to see the вверх of the roof as the door was locked.
"I can't see the вверх of the roof from here" squall looked disappointed as Zell turned his head back to the building.
In that instinct he didnt know what he was doing; his right foot set on the drainpipe closest to him and both his palms of his gloves grasped the outer casing of it as he pulled his body weight from the floor to rest his left leg on a piece of brick that had being eroding from the wall.
"Zell, what are Ты doing?" Quistis had called out, but Zell didnt take any notice of her doing so, he continued to place his palms further up the pipe that he reached with his forearms and pushed his body up with the muscles in his calves and thighs. Zell hadn't noticed by the time he had reached halfway there were raindrops falling and landing in his blonde hair. His breathing had also quickened as he soon reached a nearby balcony--thinking he should take a break he reached his right arm out but in doing so his left palm slipped off the drainpipe--due to it being wet from the rain.
"Holy Shi--" Zell's hands flew out quickly to the balcony with an eager attempt to save him from falling to the ground. His right arm gripped a railing just in time and he could hear voices below him.

“That was lucky” he thought as sweat now rolled down from his brow and to his cheek, as it did this he pulled his left arm up to the railing struggling a little. The gloves he were wearing provided him with a little grip on the metal rails as he pulled his lower body up to reach the rails and lay his torso on the вверх of the balconies rail for leverage.

“I never want to do that again,” he laughed to himself as he slid over the rail and landed hard against the floor on his back—he could feel the cold drops of rain falling on his pale skin and he looked up In front blinking as every drop tried to hit his eye. Zell was in a strange place but the rain had started to ease his worrying and his breathing had slowed down.

There was a loud noise to the right of Zell which caused him to get his posture to a sitting position—it was the room from which the balcony belonged to. He hadn’t noticed what had made the noise, but there was now a yellow shaded light emitting through the шнурок, кружева curtains. Pressure was put on his hands as Zell turned himself forwards to get a better look through the window—his face was nearly pressed against the cold glass when he saw the same woman again. Her body was petite and her womanly curves could be seen as shadows from the light reflected on her ivory skin. She moved to a таблица gliding as she did so with every little step she took with her slender legs. Zell couldn’t believe what he was seeing, how could someone so beautiful cause so much grief to others.

“Surely it’s not her,” he watched closely his eye’s not missing her every move—the flick of her wrist as she stretched her arms down to a bandage on her leg.

“The wound, it can’t be,” he whispered. Zell dropped his head in disappointment—she was so serene, he wouldn’t want to believe it—he couldn’t. His light blue eye’s looked up again through the window once more—this time she wasn’t there. Placing pressure on to his knees now, he looked further in to the room pressing his face to the glass.

The walls were a maroon colour, amongst it were pictures of people—presumably family. He looked down to stare at a creamy white carpet with a rug in the centre of the floor, covering the entire room was furniture of different sizes and different means for them. Zell couldn’t see any sign of the woman anymore as he stood up fully now; his hand reached for the patio handle, carefully and slowly he let it slide open, a smell of lavender hit his senses as he took a step on to the cream carpet. Zell’s hand slid the door back in to place as he moved a little еще вперед and stopped just before the rug. The room плавить, корюшка of жасмин mixed with Lily and оранжевый цветок now; Zell took a deep breath through his nose inhaling the smell, he could feel it against the back of his throat as he did so.

Moving forwards to the door to leave—he would tell the others he hadn’t seen anything and they could leave—as soon as he moved beyond the rug he heard a noise—it wasn’t something he had heard before. The noise made him seek his eyes to the door which was closest to him—he was very alert. The first instinct was to leave, but something made him curious. Zell walked slowly and defensively to the door, laying his palm on the cold metal door knob, he twisted it and slowly pulled the door open towards him as he caught sight of what was inside.