Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert what a hottie he was. Yes I maybe 21 but I have a crush on this guy.
Ok so I haven't been on Fanpop for ages so I decided to do an Статья based on my opinion on Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert. So im gonna start off with the main charcther in the film and that is Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert.

Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider

Flynn/Eugene starts off as an arrogant,sly,devil may care,quick witted criminal who is also a bit vain over his nose not being right on his wanted posters. He украл, палантин a tiara from the palace and he befriends two guys named "the stabbington brothers". But one день of course he meets his match with a beautiful young woman with long golden hair that measures up to 70 ft in length named Rapunzel,who whacks him with her frying pan 3 times[yep I know right].

Eventually we get to see the real Flynn Rider[aka Eugene Fitzherbert] who is just a shy timid ,romantic, caring young bloke who has no family whatsoever,grew up in an orphanage and he idolized Flynnagan Rider[hence that's how he got the name from]and also sacrificed his life for the woman that he loves and made her dreams come true.

What I really like about this guy is that he acts like his full of himself[like most men these days]and it turned out to be just an act that he had for [I would say judging by his appearance]20 yrs. He didn't care about anyone only himself at first,as well as trying to get rid of Rapunzel[whom he used to call her Blondie and Goldie because of her hair colour]and then towards the middle of the film, we see a whole new side to him which I rather anyday than his fake personality that he had sporting around. Also as well as this I like how he litreally gave up being a bad boy and became a prince in the end.

SO I think this story was еще less on him than on Rapunzel.

Real Name:Eugene Fitzherbert

Height: 6 ft 1 ins

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Brown

Age: 20

Motto: Oh come on they still can't get my nose right/oh mama I have got to get me one of these.

Girlfriend/Wife: Rapunzel

Personality: Cocky,selfish, manipulative,sly,quick witted[when his Flynn Rider]His real personality is nothing like what I have сказал(-а) instead his really just a shy,timid,romantic,kind-hearted,thoughtful,loving man who would sacrifice his life for the people he cares about.

Alter ego: Flynn Rider

Voice Actor: Zachary Levi[Chuck]


This girl starts off as a weird,childish,naive,adorable,romantic,day-dreaming woman who seeks adventure and wants a life of her own. She didn't want to find true Любовь like all the other Дисней princesses as she wanted to see the floating lanterns that appear every год on her bday,and since she is approaching her 18th bday she wants to see them. So she makes a deal with a charming thief named Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert to take her to see them. He of course doesn't want to help her but he agrees and she starts to fall for him along the way.

What I like about Rapunzel is that she's the only Дисней princess that is very realistic like[due to the film being in CGI form]and she also has freckles around her nose and has not one but 2 different hairstyles and hair colors[her natural hair colour is brown due to the magic of the golden flower,transforming her dark hair to a fair hair colour blonde,and once its cut it goes back to brown again]. She also lived a lie for 18 years by an evil old woman named Gothel,who was obsessed with being young again.

I also like how she has no Друзья her age at all[like myself we are both childish young women who like to have a bit of fun in our lives]. My only complaint is the fact that she looks completely different in the end of the film[due to her dark short hair] I kept thinking that she was Penny from Bolt as she has the same features as her. But I grew up to like her as a brunette than as a blonde.

Name: Rapunzel

Height: 5ft 3 ins

Age: 18

Motto: I wanna see the floating lights

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brown[Blonde when she had the gift of the magic цветок inside her system due to her mother being sick during childbirth]

Boyfriend/Husband: Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert.

Personality: Quirky,odd,romantic,daydreamer,loves doing things,emotional,childish,loves to sing,fiesty,stubborn,naive,outgoing,witty.

Voice Actor: Mandy Moore[A Walk To Remember as Jamie Sullivan]

As a brunette with Eugene @ the Cornation.