Gotta Любовь Rapunzel and Eugene или as I like to call them Rugene
Alright so when I was a kid I loved Disney. I was so Зачарованная by their stories and the Музыка that goes with each film. In the 1990s Дисней was the best in this year. The Lion King was my all time favourite film as a kid and now holds the No#2 spot on my countdown for my fav Фильмы overall, Pocahontas was great,heck even the likes of Аладдин and Beauty and the Beast were brilliant movies.

But when the 00s came around Дисней just wasn't the same for me anymore. They produced crap movies,terrible shows on Дисней Channel(excluding Good Luck Charlie) and it just Остаться в живых its potential. In 2007 though Зачарованная came out and I loved that movie but the еще times I watched it,I just Остаться в живых interest in it,but still its one of my favourite Фильмы of all time. FINALLY in 2008 Дисней gave us Bolt and that was a great movie too.

But in 2009 DIsney finally gave us a 2D animated film called Princes & The Frog. Now this was a good film by all means but it didn't have that DIsney magic like the rest of the DIsney movies.

But in 2011 (where im from even though the film im gonna talk about is 3 years old this месяц in November) there was one film that I had to put in as my all time favourite Дисней movie and film overall....and that was Rapunzel.. или as the House Of мышь crew called it Tangled.

SO people might be asking me why is this your favourite movie of all time,what is so good about this film,blah blah blah. Well lets dive in as im gonna break it down in order.


Alright so the Анимация in this film is brilliant. I Любовь how its vibrant and colorful one минута and dark and depressing in another part of the film also I Любовь how the charcthers are so realistic looking,almost like humans. One example in the film that really made me Любовь the Анимация was the lantern scene and BY GOD it was so exquisite.

2) The story: Now I know that the story has been done to death but let me just say that the story that goes with this film is brilliant. Sure it starts off a bit slow and then it gets super fast but who cares there is just something about this story that a person can relate to. Ты feel the charcther's pain and emotions,you get carried away by the actual story of a girl being trapped and never seeing the real world before,this cute guy who acts like a total asshole enters her life,they take their time to fall in love,I kept saying to myself in my head,brilliant,brilliant,brilliant, YES I know The Little Mermaid was good too but this is a TON of a lot better than TLM.

3) The voice actors: Mandy Moore really nailed on this movie. Sure she stars in alot of mediocre films and she's no Oscar winning actress,but this ex pop starlet was terrific as Rapunzel. She brought so much energy into her and Ты gotta Любовь her Пение and speaking voice.She really sounds like an 18 год old than a 29 год old.But one actor that REALLY made me blow my socks off was Zachary Levi.

Now firstly I am not a Фан of his,until I seen this movie,I didn't see Chuck before seeing this movie,I saw him in Big Momma's House 2 years назад and had NO idea who the stud was. But in this film he was fucking hilarious I mean GOD every line he says it cracks me up,especially when he says " Here comes the smoulder" NOW that was comedy at its best.

Also I Любовь how he played a BIG part in this movie and part of me thinks that the story is about him and Rapunzel,but about him overall.

As for the rest of the voice Актёрское искусство there all great too.

4) The songs: I Любовь the song I See The Light,because its so romantic and so cute and Ты gotta Любовь Levi and Moore's chemistry in this scene cause they really make their charcthers fall in Любовь with each other. As for the rest of the songs their great too especially the pub song I've Got A Dream.COME ON its got Alan Menken doing the score for Christ sakes.

5) The plot:(sorta positive and negative feedback but this doesn't mean I hate the film see about on my title) Alright so the plot of this film is actually great. Its easy to understand it but for the kids I find it to be the most darkest,depressing and serious films of all time since The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. The reason why parts of it is depressing is because Rapunzel is cooped up in a tower her WHOLE DAMN LIFE and she longs to see the floating lanterns, Later in the film Eugene dies and that just broke my сердце in half literally as a 22 год old woman who grew up watching Дисней movies.

But still the plot is as good as the story.

6) The Sidekicks: Gotta Любовь the horse and the chameleon. Why?? Because they say nothing and their expressions crack me up.

7) The chemistry between Rapunzel & Eugene is brilliant. I swear I Любовь how there is none of this bull**** about true Любовь and oh I Любовь Ты and Любовь Ты too nonsense. Its gotta do with body language and Ты can feel their emotions and their wants and needs and seeing Eugene & Rapunzel together puts a smile on my face(even though I never had a boyfriend) but still I Любовь watching them fall in Любовь and taking each step slowly and steady. Now if this didn't win people over then screw those who hate Tangled.

в общем и целом, общая Рапунцель - Запутанная история is definetly the best Дисней movie I have seen in a long time. Does it look like a Дисней movie; NO it doesn't it looks like Pixar with the Анимация and style,does it beat The Lion King NO it doesn't but is it the best movie ever and ranks No #1 ON my Список F*** YEAH. I LOVED this movie,its like watching my old school Дисней Фильмы again.

It was charming,sweet,silly (a bit),depressing(well its Rapunzel DUH her life is depressing i'd hate to stay locked in a tower forever and ever amen), romantic,a bit of a tearjearker(yeah I cried at a kids movie SO WHAT). But for what it is Рапунцель - Запутанная история is an entertaining film and for that I have to give it a 10/10 and outta 5 ah heck its a 5 out of 5 for me.

I loved every single aspect in this movie even though the highlight WAS the lantern scene.I have seen this movie 39 times before and i'll be watching this one forever and ever again.

Sure im the only one in my household who loves this film as my mom hates it and my grandmother but do Ты know what if Ты Любовь it Ты Любовь it if not than CLEARLY Ты are missing out BIG TIME.

Verdict: Рапунцель - Запутанная история is a movie that focuses on being who Ты are and being free. It will have your whole family entertained and its definetly the best Дисней movie of all time after The Lion King.

Its a 10 out of 10

5 stars


AHW GOD that part broke my сердце in half
Gotta Любовь the lantern scene
Gotta Любовь the actors that voices Rapunzel and Eugene; Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi