I saw this movie on YouTube a few weeks back (although I really want to see it in 3D in the cinemas) but this film reminds me of Анастасия for a strange reason maybe its because its all about a Остаться в живых princess and a bad boy who fall in love. Anyway here is the parts in the movie I think are similar to Anastasia. Forgive me I couldn‘t get any screencaps to the scenes I am talking about but Ты will probably know what I mean enjoy

#1 The Characters

First lets talk about the characters in both movies. Rapunzel is a fiesty,headstrong woman who is locked up in a tower by an evil woman named Mother Gothel,Anastasia is also feisty as well as headstrong. They are both Остаться в живых princesses.

Dimitri and Flynn aka Eugene Fitz Herbert are also similar as they both start off very cocky and then they become еще nicer and caring. Dimitri is of course a con man who is only interested in the money whereas Flynn is a bandit who stoled a crown from the palace. Both men fall for Остаться в живых princesses.

#2Scenes from both Фильмы that are similar

The part where the chameleon is covering his eyes during the лодка scene is similar to Pooka’s one where Anya and Dimitri kiss.

The part where Rapunzel says “Eugene” and kisses him was like the part in Анастасия except Anya doesn’t Kiss Dimitri right away.

In both Фильмы Rapunzel & Анастасия hit their Любовь interests Rapunzel hits Flynn over the head with a frying pan(yes folks a frying pan as what the character Flynn сказал(-а) Man I gotta get me one of theses LOL) and Anya hits Dimitri with her hand on the nose.