Барби as Rapunzel is kinda nice but she’s a plain jane.
As much as I Любовь Рапунцель - Запутанная история I have decided to compare it to the Mattel version so please enjoy and hope Ты like it.

The Charcthers

Mattel Version: Rapunzel in this version loves painting and she has beautiful long blonde hair. Her personality is nice and sweet and her style is pretty much ok I guess. She is living with Gothel and her German rat(well it looked like a крыса to me maybe it was an otter).Her father is a king and her mother died.

Stefan: This guy looked very girly too me I dunno he didn’t have any sex appeal at all he was so wooden. He of course is a prince who has 4 small sisters and a small brother.

Gothel: Gothel in this version is just so weird she doesn’t want Rapunzel to leave the tower and of course she was in Любовь with Rapunzel’s father the king and that’s why she wants to make Rapunzel’s life a living hell.

Disney version

Rapunzel: In the Дисней version Rapunzel has long magic golden hair (which is actually brown) and she was stolen as a child from Gothel. She is funny,cute,a bit of a dreamer and she’s as cute as a button. She meets a rogue thief who stumbles across a tower and she persuades him to take her to see the lanterns as she dreams about seeing them after 18 years been stuck in the Tower. Her sidekick is Pascal who is a muted chameleon.

Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert: Ok this guy has got to be one of the hottest Герои I have ever seen in ANY Дисней movie. His gorgeous,cute,hilarious,a bit of a ladies man, sweet, and a swashbuckling hero. Plus Ты gotta Любовь that accent (Zachary Levi is my new celebrity crush all because of this film thanks Zac).

Gothel: She is about 100 years old and raises Rapunzel as her own because Rapunzel’s hair contains the magic plant that healed Rapunzel’s real mother who was sick. She is sassy,evil,a пересекать, крест between Susan Sarandon from Зачарованная and Cher from Burlesque.

Maximus: One of the funniest characters in a Дисней movie I loved this character as he is so funny.

Chemistries between the two couples in both movies.

First up is Stefan & Rapunzel and I find these two very wooden. They have NO chemistry at all there isn’t a single scene in the movie that Ты would start sighing over compare to the Дисней version which had Eugene & Rapunzel on a лодка gazing at the lanterns which was such a beautiful scene in ANY Дисней animated movie and the chemistry between Flynn(Eugene)& Rapunzel was much better and they were sort of like пересекать, крест Влюбленные Eugene sacrificed his life for Rapunzel as she was no longer able to heal him as he chopped off her blonde locks that turned brown(which was her natural hair colour) yet she was able to bring him back to life again (thanks to her tears).

Difference between the two movies

In the Mattel version Rapunzel only has a father and she has a magical brush that turns into a paint brush that transports her to the village if she paints a picture of it on a wall. She has a purple dragon and an irritating rabbit that looks like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. In the end of the Mattel version Rapunzel marries Stefan and walks on a пляж, пляжный and her hair isn’t cut that short and it remains blonde The Дисней version however is the complete opposite and its actually a male version of Rapunzel. The main character is in fact Flynn ‘Eugene Fitzherbert’Rider who steals a crown from the palace and stumbles across an isolated tower that has a beautiful long haired woman that’s hair length is 70 feet long. She dreams off seeing the lanterns and of course the guy decides to bring her to see the lanterns just so he could get back his ранец, сумка . Of course the two fall in Любовь and Eugene sort of dies near the end of the film and before that scene starts he chops off her hair whereas in the Mattel version it was Gothel that got rid of her long hair by zapping it off using her magical powers’ the Дисней version however Rapunzel’s hair isn’t blonde at all in fact she is a brunette that has healing powers stored in her hair that transformed it blonde as her mother was sick when she was giving birth to her.

Also in the Дисней version it’s a musical and Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider(which was a name he used as he loved Flanagan Rider as a kid as he read a book about him as a kid) isn’t a prince his a rogue thief who is a bit cocky at first but once he showed his real self he was a sweet charming charismatic young man who falls in Любовь with Rapunzel. Рапунцель - Запутанная история is еще funnier and a bit serious compare to the Mattel version but one thing I have to say about it is this:

Рапунцель - Запутанная история IS A MASTERPIECE.

Gothel here was so creepy here and what is up with that выдра, оттер anyway he irritates me.
The chemistry between these two was so wooden and not passionate enough.
Stefan is too girly compare to the leading man in Tangled.
Ahw the wedding scene in this was ok.
The лодка scene in Рапунцель - Запутанная история is so mesmerizing and enchanting Ты can’t help but Любовь it.
Ahw I loved the couple in this as they don’t get along then they do and I Любовь Rapunzel as a brunette.
Probably one of the hottest Дисней leading men since Tarzan and that’s a fact.
The horse in Рапунцель - Запутанная история had me LMAO.
This part had me crying like a baby I just Любовь how Eugene sacrificed his life for her. Ahw
What a villainess she was