Рапунцель - Запутанная история Do Ты like to collect Рапунцель - Запутанная история merchandise?

Pocahontas1Fan posted on Dec 10, 2011 at 04:21PM
As for me I do and I have quite bit of collection and it keeps getting bigger and bigger! I have pretty much all the dolls both from Mattel and Disney Store! I love the ones from Disney Store better because they look more like the charcters then the ones by Mattel. The ones from Mattel still look too much like the Barbies instead of actual charcter,the ones from Disney Store look more like the charcter even right down to the face! Anyways I even have the Max hourse from Mattel but I made some changes to him to make look more the charcter. When I bought Max he had purple and gold saddle and long mane and blue eyes and I was like what the... and so I decied to give him make over.I cut his mane bit to exactly what his mane is in movie and then used sharpie markers to color his saddle and his eyes.I changed his eyes brown because that's what they suposed to be and then I colored his saddle to exactually what it is in movie.So now he looks more like himself now. Anyways I have lots more Tangled stuff then just dolls,I have posters,books,coloring books,soundtrack,movie,costumes,lattern and more...!' I list all but it take too long. I hope they make stuff from the new Tangled short Tangled Ever After so I can get stuff from that too! I really like to have Rapunzel and Flynn in thier wedding outfits!

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Больше года Pocahontas1Fan said…
Come on people post! All these people view but no post? There has to be someone out there that love to collect stuff from movie?
Больше года LisaForde2 said…
LOL I own like 6 things in relation to this movie.

DVD twice
The dolls(rapunzel and eugene]
the book
a colouring book
a poster of the movie
a bag with Rapunzel on it[got in primark]
and an easter egg[with cut outs on Rapunzel and eugene]

Saw the film 10 times and I fucking love it.

The short was hilarious.
Больше года Pocahontas1Fan said…
Yeah I have tons of Tangled stuff! I even getting alot Stuff from the short as well!
Больше года TangledEverMore said…
has the short been shown in the uk yet, is it being shown before the lion king?
Больше года Pocahontas1Fan said…
As far as in UK,I don't know as I'm living in US and the short was shown before Beauty and the Beast.The movie opens in 3D on January 13th 2012. I seen serval times but mainly because of the short. I really loved the short! Anyways the merchandise for the short is already out in Disney Stores here.

Anyhow you might check your movie site overthere to check if it's showing or gonna show.I hope it helps!
Больше года rapunzel123 said…
of course i like collecting things you know i have like million of things for tangled i will give you some examples:doll,wig,picture frame,mini doll,puzzle and more and more i will show you a picture of all my tangled things