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posted by samoangirl96
Mother Gothel :
You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel...
Look at you, as fragile as a flower
Still a little sapling, just a sprout
You know why we stay up in this tower

I know but...

Mother Gothel :
That's right, to keep Ты безопасно, сейф and sound, dear
Guess I always knew this день was coming
Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest
Soon, but not yet

Rapunzel : But...

Mother Gothel :
Trust me, pet
Mother knows best
Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there
Mother knows best
One way или another
Something will go wrong, I swear
Ruffians, thugs
Poison ivy, quicksand
Cannibals and...
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