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 FAT Rapunzel LOL XD
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I should make better Flynn fat XD
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This Рапунцель - Запутанная история фото contains портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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 Gotta Любовь Rapunzel and Eugene или as I like to call them Rugene
Gotta love Rapunzel and Eugene or as I like to call them Rugene
Alright so when I was a kid I loved Disney. I was so Зачарованная by their stories and the Музыка that goes with each film. In the 1990s Дисней was the best in this year. The Lion King was my all time favourite film as a kid and now holds the No#2 spot on my countdown for my fav Фильмы overall, Pocahontas was great,heck even the likes of Аладдин and Beauty and the Beast were brilliant movies.

But when the 00s came around Дисней just wasn't the same for me anymore. They produced crap movies,terrible shows on Дисней Channel(excluding Good Luck Charlie) and it just Остаться в живых its potential. In 2007 though...
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I saw this movie on YouTube a few weeks back (although I really want to see it in 3D in the cinemas) but this film reminds me of Анастасия for a strange reason maybe its because its all about a Остаться в живых princess and a bad boy who fall in love. Anyway here is the parts in the movie I think are similar to Anastasia. Forgive me I couldn‘t get any screencaps to the scenes I am talking about but Ты will probably know what I mean enjoy

#1 The Characters

First lets talk about the characters in both movies. Rapunzel is a fiesty,headstrong woman who is locked up in a tower by an evil woman named Mother...
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I Любовь how curious she was about the human world and the lanterns. She stands up for herself when needed. She's very active, dreamy, self-sacrificing, kind, friendly, intelligent and sometimes funny. She can also get along with people easily. I also Любовь how she was able to prove Mother Gothel wrong. Also how much she was struggling to save Eugene by sacrificing herself.

She's just a great character. She's intelligent and kind. I like how she proved Mother Gothel wrong. It's bad that she didn't get that she was the Остаться в живых princess soon but when she knew that she stood up for herself.

I Любовь Rapunzel for her dreamy, active, curious and respectful personality. She's also an intelligent girl.
Рапунцель - Запутанная история
Рапунцель - Запутанная история
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