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 FAT Rapunzel LOL XD
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I should make better Flynn fat XD
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This Рапунцель - Запутанная история фото contains портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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The whole день passed boring without seeing Rapunzeñ at least once. It was 6:45 and the whole family was there already. One of Eugene’s uncle was there too, and he liked to tease and scare him a lot. The reason why everyone gathered up was because it was his aunt’s birthday. Eugene didn’t want to Присоединиться but he had to.
* * * *
It was 1:32 already and Eugene сказал(-а) he began to feel sleepy. They let him to go to постель, кровати and when he entered his bedroom he phoned Rapunzel.
He told Rapunzel that he’d made an excuse to go to the forest once again and Rapunzelaccepted. He went out the same way he did...
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