Тэйлор Лотнер Picture Contest!!!! :-)

Diane1 posted on Jun 14, 2011 at 11:21PM
Hey Taylor Addicts!
So I got this idea off the SPN spot and it seems rather popular on there and other spots so I thought why not have one for taylor:)

This is a competition to find the best pictures of taylor :D

The rules
1: you can only submit one picture ,and after a few days, when there are enough pictures I will pick the winner and will recieve props :D,

2: Winner gets to choose the next round!

1st place: 8 props
2nd Place: 5 props
3rd palce: 3 prop

Round 1 Jacob in Twilight
1st: Haley-Lautner 2nd: LILYPADALECKI
Round 2: Jacob Shirtless
1st: Haley-Lautner 2nd: Luvchlavis 3rd: Mrs_twiLautner
Round 3: Taylor Photoshoot
1st: Haley-Lautner 2nd: Mrs_twiLautner 3rd: LILYPADALECKI
Round 4: Taylor on red carpet
1st: Haley-Lautner & LILYPADALECKI 2nd: Bubbletl
3rd: lizthompson7
Round 5: Taylor and Robert
1st:LILYPADALECKI 2nd:mxwinchester 3rd:DEANW1
Round 6: Taylor in Eclispe
1st:LILYPADALECKI & Haley-Lautner 2nd:bubbletl 3rd:lizthompson7 & Luvchlavis
Round 7: Taylor Rob and Kristin!!
1st:sophiaxlautner 2nd:Haley-Lautner 3rd:LILYPADALECKI
Round 8: Taylor smiling
1st: Haley-Lautner 2nd: sophiaxlautner 3rd: LILYPADALECKI & mxwinchester
Round 9: Taylor wearing white
1st:Haley-Lautner 2nd:bussykussi 3rd:DEANW1 & lovehinagurl44
Round 10: Taylor wearing anything blue
1st:Chlollie1 2nd:Haley-Lautner 3rd:Sophiaxlautner
Round 11: Taylor and Kristen stewart
1st:sophiaxlautner 2nd:Haley-Lautner 3rd:LILYPADALECKI
Round 12 Taylor in your favorite outfit
1st:LILYPADALECKI 2nd:Haley-Lautner chlollie1 bubbletl and sophiaxlautner 3rd lizthompson7
round 13 Taylor and any celebrity
1st:luvchlavis 2nd:LILYPADALECKI 3rd:bubbletl
Round 14 Taylors angry face :)
1st:lizthompson7 & bubbletl & xmiahartleyx 2nd:chlollie1 & stefy & luvchlavis
Round 15: Taylor in any plaid shirt
1st:bubbletl 2nd:xmiahartleyx 3rd:LILYPADALECKI
Round 16: Jacob and Bella
1st:Chlollie1 2nd:lissettebyc 3rd:bubbletl
Round 17: Jacob and Edward (not robert)
1st:bubbletl 2nd:lizthompson7 3rd:lissettebyc
Round 18: Jacob in New Moon
1st:Chlollie1 2nd:lizthompson7 3rd:bubbletl & sophiaxlautner
Round 19: Taylor when he was young :)
1st:LILYPADALECKI 2nd:lissettebyc 3rd:chlollie1
Round 20: Taylor in cheaper by the dozen 2 :)
1st:LILYPADALECKI 2nd:Chlollie1 3rd:Lizthompson7
Round 21: Taylor doing a funny face
1st:Chlollie1 2nd:xmiahartleyx 3rd:lumina_louella
Round 22: Taylor signing autographs
1st:lizthompson7 2nd:mxwinchester 3rd:lottielovejacob
Round 23: Taylor in the woods
1st:sophiaxlautner 2nd:lumina_louella 3rd:lissettebyc & chlollie1
Round 24: Taylor in abduction
1st:lissettebyc 2nd:lizthompson7 3rd:sophiaxlautner
Round 25: Taylor wearing skinny ties
1st:chlollie1 2nd:lottielovejacob & LILYPADALECKI & sophiaxlautner
Round 26: Taylor close up (his face)
1st:Lissettebyc 2nd:LILYPADALECKI 3rd:Bubbletl
Round 27: Taylor wearing sunglasses
1st:lottielovejacob 2nd:chlollie1 3rd:nessie-eska
Round 28: Taylor wet or in water
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:luvchlavis 3rd:chlollie1
Round 29: Taylor on a tv show or magazine cover
1st:lumina_louella 2nd:nessie-eska & lissettebyc 3rd:lovehinagurl44 & fatoshleo
Round 30: Taylor with any animal :)
1st:lissettebyc 2nd:haley-lautner 3rd:lumina_louella & nessie-eska
Round 31: Taylor in the rolling stones photoshoot :)
1st:haley-lautner 2nd:nessie-eska 3rd:lissettebyc
Round 32: Taylor wearing anything black
1st:Nessie-Eska 2nd:Haley-Lautner 3rd:Lumina_Louella
Round 33: Taylor wearing a sports Jersey :)
1st:Lumina_Louella 2nd:Bubbletl 3rd:Nessie-Eska
Round 34: Taylor as Jacob in Braeking dawn Pt1
1st:lovehinagurl44 2nd:haley-lautner 3rd:buubbletl & LILYPADALECKI
Round 35: Taylor with an ex-girlfriend
1st:bubbletl 2nd:nessie-eska 3rd:sophiaxlauther
Round 36: Taylor in the gq photoshoot
1st:sophiaxlautner 2nd:Haley-lautner 3rd:bubbletl & nessie-eska
Round 37: Taylor doing jumps or flips :)
1st:lizthompson7 2nd:lovehinagurl44 3rd:lumina_louella
Round 38: Taylor with Kellan Lutz
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:lizthompson7 3rd:beriwan
Round 39:Taylor hugging someone :)
1st:chlollie1 2nd:nessie-eska 3rd:lovehinagurl44 & lumina_louella
Round 40 : Taylor with Julia Jones (Leah)
1st:sophiaxlautner 2nd:nessie-eska 3rd:lovehinagurl44
Round 41: Taylor with his eyes closed :)
1st:lissettebyc 2nd:sophiaxlautner lumina_louella
Round 42:Taylor in your favorite picture of him
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:lumina_louella 3rd:lizthompson7
Round 43: Taylor at the KCA'S 2012
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:lizthompson7 & lumina_louella
Round 44: Tay at the mtv movie awards :)
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:lizthompson7 3rd:lumina_louella & ded99
Round 45: Taylor with fans
1st:sun_shine 2nd:ded99 3rd:nessie-eska
Round 46: Taylor at the teen choice awards any year :)
1st:lumina_louella 2nd:nessie-eska 3rd:lizthompson
Round 47: Taylor behind the scenes of any movie
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:DEANW1 3rd:ded99
Round 48: Taylor at the mtv movie awards 2012
1st:ded99 2nd:nessie-eska 3rd:lumina_louella
Round 49: Taylor kissing someone
1st:nessie-eska 2nd:lumina_louella 3rd:ded99
Round 50: Taylor at the breaking dawn pt1 premiere
Round 51:Taylor at comic con 2012 :)
Round 52: Taylor at BD part 2 premiere

nessie-eska: 97 pts

Haley-Lautner 64 Points


lumina_louella: 45 pts
chlollie1 45 Points
lizthompson7: 43 pts
sophiaxlautner 41 pts
bubbletl: 36 pts
Lissettebyc: 32 pts
ded99: 22 pts
DEANW1: 15 pts
Luvchlavis: 15 pts
lovehinagurl44: 12 pts
xmiahartleyx: 11 pts
Mxwinchester: 7 ptS
lottielovejacob: 9 pts
sun_shine: 8 pts
mrs_twilautner: 4 pts
bussykussi: 3 pts
fatoshleo: 1 pt
Beriwan: 1 pt
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