Тэйлор Лотнер What are the Вопросы would Ты ask to Taylor??

Waxx posted on Jan 02, 2010 at 01:09PM
So, let's write the questions you always wanted to ask him! Maybe there's some we can anwser? :P

(Sorry for my english if it's bad! T_T)

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Больше года audrey99 said…
can you forgive nessie if she said that she will kill herself???
Больше года Sophia21 said…
If i was in the condition of asking him something and get an honest reply(with this i mean like a close friend so that he won't answer what he tells fans)is:
1) do you really like the twilight books?
2) are you happy with the fame you have gained? or would you prefer being known for something else?
3) what is rounding your mind nowadays that has you worried?