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mystery21pc posted on May 27, 2010 at 11:01PM
Hi Friends...

This is just a very easy Question may be for you all, however its really Important for Me.
I really want to ask you something very Important for my life.. here we go :

What if you had a Dream come true and you have 2 options. Like if you love someone but you know that you cannot be with him forever... Now like If you have ONE day to spend with him (WHOLE DAY) and then you know that you will never gonna see him ever.. will you Live that ONE day or would you just END every thing between you and him,considering the fact that you're nt gonna be him him in the futre..
So its like, you know that Tommorow you will be SAD cuz you know that he will leave, however you still have TODAY that you can make very Special.. 24 hours of ur life.. He can Give you ONLY 24 hours of his life and will be all yours.
What wud you do ??? either you can make TODAY Happy with being him and then being SAD once he's gone or to be SAD today as well as tommorow,thinking all the time that he will leave anyway..
I can't think practically cuz Im so in Love..
Practically, I should'nt be in any relation with him cuz I know Today, If I let him Go, I (MAY)be able to get over it but if I'd be with him today, it will be TOO MUCH hard for me to Move On or let him Go.

Please HELP Frnd.. this is No Taylor Lautner No Rob No Twilight... This is My REAL Life Situation...

Thanks & Love
Poonam Rana

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Больше года iemand said…
awww that's so sad!!!!

hmm difficult situation if you REALLY love him so much, i'd spend that whole day with him. i think that it's easier to let him go after that( oh well it's never easy to let someone go ). the two options you have are both very difficult. But you know you'll have to let him go anyway.

i'm very sorry for you <3 xxx
Больше года mystery21pc said…
I feel so sorry for myself too sometimes...
Больше года iemand said…
aww if you need someone to talk to, just come online here, and we'll talk in chat. im on here most of the time :D

take care xxx -hugs-
Больше года twistandglue said…
I say folow what your hart wants. it may be hard but it will be the true decition.You will also know how much you love him.