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This Тэйлор Лотнер Обои might contain деловой костюм, портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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E1 Entertainment announce today that exclusive tickets to THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON UK Фан PARTY are available via a ticket ballot (2 tickets each) on www.ticketweb.co.uk/newmoon

Successful entrants will have a chance to put their Вопрос to the stars of the film – ROBERT PATTINSON, KRISTEN STEWART, TAYLOR LAUTNER and Director CHRIS WEITZ – in a once in a lifetime Вопрос and Answer session live at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park.

The evening includes bands from the film, soundtrack and Фаны of the franchise. Full details to be announced this week via

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1. Эй, bella lets go marry some vampires.
3.edward i Любовь you
4.please die bella
5.please go as far away from me as Ты can renesmee.
6.i want a sex change.
7.did Ты now how great it is to have a bunch of Волки in your head.
8.leah Ты are slow.
9. rosalie i have always luved you
10.edward dont go oh please take me with you
11.so bella tell me yor hunnymoon details
12. Эй, i now come on seth lets go tell the vegie vamps to eat humans
13.i haite Ты bella
14. i Любовь Ты edward
15.i haite Ты nessie
16.i Любовь Ты rosalie
17. go jump in front of a truck with...
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Taylor Lautner

D.O.B: 11th February, 1992
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
HOMETOWN: Michigan, USA.

Robert Pattinson's been the яблоко of our eye since Twilight came out, but there's another cast member who's on our hot-dude radar. Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) is one good-looking young man who is not to be overlooked. But he's not just a very pretty face. There are a few quirky little things Ты ought to know that'll make Ты Любовь him more.

Taylor didn't set out to be an actor — his first Любовь was actually martial arts! As a child and young teen, he represented his country competing in world tournaments, and...
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