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Hi, it's been a while.
I'm Arynn, A, whatever Ты wanna call me.
I'm 19, going on 20, and I still check up on here when I wanna feel nostalgic. I feel like Fanpop and the communities I participated in honestly shaped my early adolescence, and it created Друзья that I still talk to today.
I start my секунда год of college soon.
I'm a little nervous, for some reason. I'm excited to meet my new roommate soon.

If Ты wanna contact me, send me smth to my Входящие and I can give Ты the best places to reach me.

If Ты read this, thanks.

Okay, for now, I'm signing out.

Bye. <3
To answer the Вопрос I rhetorically asked in the Название of this: nah. Do I care? Nah.

So lemme give Ты the lowdown on Whomst the hell I am.

I’m Arynn/Arynn Paige, a nonbinary bi nerd. (They/Them pronouns are preferred, but She/Her are coolio if Ты prefer that.) I’m 18 and starting college in August, where I’m majoring in English education.

I like drawing and music, and it’s a shock I’m not majoring in Музыка like all of my band Друзья are. Oh well. Anyway, I sang in my high school chorus and played flute from 6th grade until the день I graduated.

I use this site sparingly, preferring my tumblr account или my discord. I am in quite a few servers that have improved my life so hard.

But yeah

That’s me.

Zai Jian
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I'm no stranger to OCs, personas, and alter egos. I'm no stranger to Фан works. I'm also no stranger to self-insertion. A lot of people on other websites I use hate self-insert characters, and especially hate self-shipping. Well, I think they're just wrong. Why is that? Because fandoms are for fun, interacting with canon characters is fun, and making Друзья and falling in Любовь with your favourite characters is so much fun.
But first, why do people shame and hate self-shippers? Because they are pedantic and on their high horse about how Фан characters should appear and behave. These are the...
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Name: Annie Jae Franco
Also Known As: AJ
Titles: Heir to Franco Fortune
Age: 17
Birthday: 12-18
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Welsh
Species: Half-Blood
Blood Type: A+
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Biromantic Pansexual
Personality: Spunky, outgoing, sharp-witted
Occupation: Student
- Candy
- Friends
- Luna Lovegood
-Cedric Diggory
- Snakes
- Darkness
- Silence
- Braggarts
- Delores Umbridge
Hobbies: Writing
Fears: Snakes, the dark
Strength: Kindly
Weakness: Can be a doormat
Talents: Can dance exceptionally well
Height: 5'7"
Cup Size: B (binds sometimes)
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