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starburst-rock posted on May 21, 2011 at 02:25PM
To those who were reading let me tell u some thing bout my best friend..... I decieded I'm gunna end it. :( I'm totally brain dead about what to put next. I'm really sorry!
But I am gunna start a new series! It should b out by today so I hope you like it!! And again I'm really sorry.

Sorry! Starburst-Rock

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Больше года xRainbowNinjax said…
I have an Idea for Let me tell you something bout my best friend.
In the Story you should have a mistery person, beat up gwen and she ends up in the hospital. Duncan freaks out and finds the mystery person somehow not knowing the gender, duncans beats the mystery person up, and goes to juvie cause he beat up a girl, gwens feels guilty and duncan is streesed cause it cant see gwen fir being in juvie..Well thats my idea :D