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Noah's POV

Cody didn't Показать up that evening,or the Далее morning.He showed up in the late afternoon.When I opened the door,he looked kind of nervous.
"Hey,did Ты bring my camera?"I asked.
"Well,here's the thing.My little sister got a hold of it..and she broke it." Cody said,stepping back 2 steps.
I felt like I was gonna explode.But I couldn't,that would scare him.
"I would buy Ты a new one.But i really don't have to money." Cody said.
I let out a sigh.But then,I thought. its your time,Noah. I thought. Let it show.Let him know.
"Well,I guess there is one [i] way for Ты to repay me." I began.
"How?" He asked,eagerly.
[i] Here it goes.
I thought.
"Kiss me."
Cody stood there in discuss. I didn't care.
My face got close to his."it's the only way to repay me." I whispered.

What will happen next? Read episode 5 to find out!
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Part 8!! OMG, we're so close to the.......well, I can't exactly tell you. That'd spoil the suprise! ;D Anyway, this may be a dull part, but....I tried. :P Also, I decided to just start with Noah's P.O.V. instead of Cody's. Anyway....hope ya'll enjoy!


*Noahs P.O.V.*

After Trent and Owen finally finished their almost endless talking fest, all the Gopher boys went to bed. Everyone, it seemed, went to sleep fairly quickly. I - of course - was still awake, but this time, out of pure glee.

'I can't believe I actually did...
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Noah looked at his watch. Cody сказал(-а) he'd be here at opening time, which happened to be 10 минуты ago. Noah flipped open his phone and dialed Cody's number. Cody's answering machine picked up. Noah slammed the phone shut and jammed it into his board shorts. 'That's it,' Noah thought, standing up. He began to walk to his scooter when...

"Noah! Hey!" a voice shouted out. Noah sighed. That voice always calmed him down. Cody jogged up to him, almost in slow motion. Noah smiled. "Hey, Cody. I was afraid Ты had stood me up," Cody clicked his tongue. "Babe, I'd never do that." he said, grabbing his...
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Just something I saw on YouTube. :3
did did did!
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