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barbie91lala posted on Apr 01, 2009 at 10:08PM
The night was lovely. The moon was shining brightly up on the clear sky.
It was almost perfect. Almost. I wasn't with Edward.
He had gone to hunt, and as if I was a child, he let Alice in charge of me.
Right now I was sitting at the sofa, letting Alice do my manicure. I loved her so much, but I couldn't believe she had agreed to being my police all day. I was kind of angry with her.
Despite the mani, it was not being as bad as I thought it would be.
I was thinking on Edward's hunt, trying to imagine him wild and disorganized. Being very him, being a really vampire, when Alice sat beside me.

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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen

I hadnt seen anything interesting happening today, but that didnt mean the visions were out of my system. Till today i didnt understand full how they worked, but just like Carlisle said: It was my gift. And yet it was also my poison. As soon as i was into someone, i would forsee their future.- or at least parts. So it was no suprise to me that i had seen that Jasper, Emmett and Edward would have a great hunt. Mountain lions, Grizzly's and some Fox's for my lover. All in all i was happy they were gone, or at least that Edward was.

Was it rude to think that way? Not at all, and he understood it completly. I loved Bella, i loved her already before she knew i was existing. And Edward didnt often leave her out of sight, so we could have some privacy. That was probably the only reason why i had agreed to his request, taking care of her. Seriously, like a danger magnet like her would be save, with whoever. Another fact i would never mention, and not think about when he was around.

For a split second i wished to have the gift, Edward had. Bella looked upset, lightly angry.- and i could understand it too well. She was the one that had the constant feeling that she needed protection, and that must have felt hard. Being a vampire was no easy run, but she definatley would have had it better.- if her love wasnt that stubborn. But it was like it was, and I couldnt change Edwards mind or his heart.

Alice Cullen: ''Your angry with me, i know that.''

Bella Swan: ''I am fine.''

She was such an awful liar, it made me giggle.- my sopran laughter was heard probably everywhere in the house. Rosalie looked over to us, like always having her serious face put on. She would grow on Bella, at least thats what i saw. It was something completly with Esme, she adored Bella. And it was just her character, to love people. So it was no suprise that she did treat her like a daughter, giving her the warmth from the inside.- that the outside didnt show. Right now my mother was located in the dinning room, looking through some files.

Alice Cullen: ''You shouldnt lie to someone that plays in a different league. I know your unhappy, and i am sorry if its my fault aswell. Just understand he worries about you.''

Bella Swan: ''Its not that i am angry with you, i know you love him just as much. But i am no baby.''

Alice Cullen: ''Then swallow it Bella, and enjoy your free manicure. Its not like i do that for much people.''

Bella Swan: ''Its not like you know much people that need one, or that have a beating heart.''

Again i had to laugh, but this time she would laugh with me. My new sister never was angry for a long time, so that was definatley a plus. And the guilt that i had inside felt a little less, allthough i still had it. My black eyes had focused on her, she knew pretty well that i had to leave the next night. My thirst was there, always.- but i had myself in good control. Different than Jasper, oh my love, my life and my only hope. I missed him always and i didnt even have to tell him. That was our connection.

Bella Swan: ''I hope they come back soon. Edward and I need to talk... .''

Alice Cullen: ''You will not be mad at him, common.''

Bella Swan: ''Not that. But look at you, someone else should have babysit me.- you are thirsty. And then you have me around.- dangerous.''

She was a cute thing, a bit absurd sometimes.- but lovley. Again i concentrate to paint her nails, inhaling the smell of the nailpolish. It took my mind off of her smell, i could not lie she was mouthwatering. But even thought my instincts were always coming first, my heart took a bigger place. She was part of the family now, the only real family i have ever had. And it was ironic to think about it, i had to die to find them.

To be Continued by BELLA SWAN ONLY
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Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

-So..Alice, if you want to be a good hostess you really have to show me where I'm going to sleep.-I said as I yawned. I turned to look at her, with a big smile on my face. All my anger had disappeared for a while. Maybe it was because of the effect of the nailpolishe's smell. Maybe because she was always good with me, and my best friend, and because my anger should be on Edward that was the creator of all that mad circus.
Alice blew over my nails to dry them, and I could feel her cold breathe on them, as I smelled that lovely perfume coming off her mouth.
Then she tooked my hand between hers, and with all his face lighten with happiness told me:
-Oh Bella, you don't know what I did! You are not going to believe it! Let's go I'm gonna show you...!-
I could totally imagine that it was going to be something spectacular. Alice never made things good, she made them always perfect. That was the problem. I was sure it was something stunning, but awfull for me. I was imaging a bedroom made just for myself, all freshly decorated with a lot of expensive things on it, and it made me feel sick.
But then I started to pay attention to the way that we were taking. That was Edward's floor and, when we stopped in front of a door, I was completely sure it was Edward's bedroom door.
-Alice, what are we doing here?- asked with surprise.
She looked at me with his bright black eyes shining with complacent, and then she opened the door.
My first thought was that I was wrong, and that that room wasn't Edward's. But then, I began to spot all his things, only that they were all in different places. But the most important thing was that, in the middle of the room asking for attention, was a big, softener, gold bed.
I just couldn't stop letting my mouth open wider. Wow...that was scary. It just didn't fit there, not in the way of decoration, because it was obviously perfectly matching with the room, it didn't fit because of the fact that beds weren't something common in that house, and I was used to it.
-Ohh...-it's all I could say.
Alice looked at me suddenly saddened.
-Do you like it, right Bella? I thought you would want to sleep here, in his room...but if you don't like it I have prepared someth...-
-No Alice, it's perfect...-I interrupted her. My eyes were now on the pajamas perfectly put over the bed. They didn't look like one of mines, so I thought that Alice hadn't resisted to buying new ones.
Despite all, I liked it. I knew that I was not going to sleep in the bed though, because it just wouldn't feel like being in his room. But Alice didn't have to know that.
She was really excited now that I liked her little surprise.
-I'm gonna give you some privacy, ok?-she said and left the room.
I grabbed my new pajamas, and changed my clothes. They were as comfortable as sexy. I cursed Alice in my mind.
Someone knocked at the door, and Alice's voice came in as she said:
-Can I come in?-
-Yes Alice, I'm ready.-I answered as I sat over the bed. It was really nice and soft.
-So...are you ready for a pajamas party?- asked me with a half smile on his face.
I thought it would be nice to have a little chat with her, and maybe ask her what did she thought about my turning into a vampire.
I knew that she supported me, she was like my sister now. But maybe she could tell me something to help me convence Edward. That was the whole problem.

to be continued by ALICE CULLEN ONLY
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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen

I hoped she would be tired, but sometimes my luck was turning into another direction. Bella was always curious, and i couldnt really blame her. It didnt happen every day that you met a family, full of Vampires. I really felt the the thirst kicking in now again, as i danced over to the big glass front. Edward's room was nice, but he didnt have much choice. The moment Jasper and I came to the Cullens, i kinda kicked him out of his old room. Well he had the best view, and i was the person that needed perfect sight. I slowly waltzed back to the girl, taking a seat on the floor.- in my favourite position.

Alice Cullen: ''What is troubling your heart?''

Bella Swan: ''I am sure you know it Alice... .''

Alice Cullen: ''Yeah. But i thought it would be more polite to ask about it. I already told you i cant help you when it comes to that.''

It was the truth, as much as i hated to say so. Sure i could try to wrestle Edward for it, but that wouldnt have worked at all. Plus even if i knocked him out a few times, he wouldnt give in. A stubborn kid he was, and my most favourite person in the family. And that made it so hard sometimes, when you loved someone deeply and knew that something else was the right thing.

For a moment i was drifting away again, wondering how i would have acted if Jasper had been human? Would i have had the heart and will to change him myself? Or what i have been going the way that Edward tried to focus on? It was so hard, but i finally had to decide it myself. He would hate me so much after this, but it was worth the run. I would get a new sister in the end, and he would eventually forgive me.

Alice Cullen: ''You know,i am tired of this.''

Bella Swan: ''Sorry. I didnt mean to bother you.''

She said that so quietly, both her checks blushing. It was cute, and i started to soakin her scent again. A little bit of sweat mixed with her normal, lovley smell. And her heart was skipping a few beats, i must have frigthened her. I gave her the brightest smile i could.

Alice Cullen: ''You understood this the wrong way. Things have to change, cause you are already part of the family. I dont wanna care anymore what the future will bring. I will ask Carlisle to do it, or i will do it myself.''

In an instant she had jumped up, getting on my lap. If i hadnt been a Vampire for a while, we probably both would have landed on the hard floor. But so i just put my arms around her, hugging.

Bella Swan: ''What made you change your mind?''

Alice Cullen: ''There was no need to change my mind. My vision had told me a long time ago your coming, so why fighting it that hard? He will rip my head off, but in the end he will understand.''

Bella Swan: ''Okay... can we do it now?''

Was she out of her mind? I was so thirsty that my eyes were not black, they were basicly dark black if that existed. Not even all my love for her would have saved her, if i got to taste her blood now.

Alice Cullen: ''Your quite funny. You will have to wait, i need some preparation. Plus i want Jasper and Carlisle around it, if something goes wrong. But i promise if he doesnt change his mind changing you, i will be the one doing it.''

It was a tough promise, cause the chances were 50/50. I either killed Edwards's love of life, or I became a new sister. Either way, i had to prepare myself.- being as ready as possible. And all this talking about changing her, was definatley not good at the current point. I pressed my lips together, the smile was gone.- i had to focus. My throat was burning, as i had that fragile, little human on my lap.- whipping her. I had my eyes closed trying to see something, and it worked. I saw our guys coming home soon.- and then the trouble would start. Bella would have a go at Edward, Edward would have a go at me.- and Emmett would laugh about us. God, how i loved this crazy Vampires.

To be continued by BELLA SWAN ONLY
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Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

I was sitting on her lap, loving her as much as always. She had made the best promise ever, and I was really excited. I really didn't care about what Edward would say...I was going to be with him forever, and we would have time to reconcile in the future.
But then Alice closed her eyes. I knew that she had seen something.
Afraid to ask directly, I could only say:
-Alice, it's everything alright?
She slowly opened her eyes again. They were now lees thirsty, as she was trying to controle her hunger. Then, she showed me a big smile, and my heart started beating again.
-They are coming back. But, you shouldn't talk about the convertion today...let's have a pleasant night, don't you think?- she told me as she winked in that last sentence.
I understood her meaning and started to laugh. But I didn't want to give up on the past subject.

To be continued by ALICE CULLEN ONLY
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Больше года shellycane said…
It was hard to control myself now, knowing that Jasper was not far from here. In less than an hour they would be home, probably as happy as we were. I knew that Bella was without a doubt the most devoted person i had met, coming close to what a Vampire felt. This endless love, that probably never would change ways. For me there was no one else, whenever Jasper entered the room.- he was on my mind constantly. It was more than clear that he made all this insanity a bit easier for me. There were things i did hide from my family, things i wasnt even allowed to think about.

Like the Volturi. They wouldnt give up on us, i now how much Aro wanted me to join his party. And a little part of me felt tempted, but not cause of their lifestyle. It was cause of Jasper, cause things would have been easier for him. Our way of living was hard, and painful for him. And the last thing i wanted, was my heart being hurt. But again that was something i wouldnt mention, cause i had too much love and respect for my family.

For a moment i was lost in thoughts, and Bella kept looking at me with her big chocolate like eyes. She really was a lamb, and that wasnt even a bad thing. None than less i couldnt remain in that position forever, oh well i could.- but she couldnt.

Alice Cullen: ''Maybe you should sleep a bit.''

Bella Swan: ''I dont think so. Now that you told me that they come home.''

Damn Mistake Alice, sometimes shutting up wouldnt have been the worst. But that wasnt me, plus i didnt like lying to my sister at all. On the outside i heard Rosalie and Esme talking, too low for Bella's ears of course.

Alice Cullen: ''You know Bella, i love you just as much as a not beating heart can love someone.''

Bella Swan: ''I feel the same for you. But why you mention it now? You seem like Edward, like you say goodbye to me.''

A split percent of me said goodybe, cause it was the right thing. Cause just like the rest of us, i was putting her in danger. But the real reason that twisted me was like previously mentioned, my heart. He was my everything, and i didnt even try to fight that. Of course they were my family, but without him i wouldnt have made it anywhere close. Another time my eyes hurt, i felt the vision coming fast and too light. As i opened them again, Bella started at me this time i couldnt read her face.

Alice Cullen: ''They will be here in five minutes, look happy.''

I poked her lightly in the side, sitting up on the bed with her.

To be Continued by BELLA SWAN ONLY
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Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

I couldn't wait to see Edward again. I wanted to hug him, and kiss him, and also argue with him about my night as a prisoner.
But I also wanted to stay with my Alice, my sister that always listened to me. Maybe we can just stay all togheter, if Alice wouldn't want some privacy with Jasper. It would be really fun..just like having a normal party with friends. being in a house full of vampires was my definition of a normal hung out.
-Alice, despite all I have said before, and all my anger, it was really great to be with you tonight. I think that it's the best place where I could be. And the best person...despite Edward.-I said with a half smile.
She started laughing loud with her beautiful singing voice. It made me laugh too.
Our laughs stopped as we heard a knock at the room's door.
We looked at each other, and screamed loud at the same time:
-Our boys arrived!-and then started laughing again.
Edward came in first, and looked at Alice with a half smile.
-Oh Alice, you really are a bad influence for her!
I jumped off the bed and went to hug Edward. He received me in his cold arms, and gave me a long kiss.
After the welcome I looked around and find myself alone with him. Alice should have gone with Jasper. But no more than ten minutes passed when she and Jasper came in.
Alice's face was shining with happiness.
-So...are we still having the party?- said with a half smile.

to be continued by ALICE CULLEN ONLY
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Больше года shellycane said…
I didnt need to look at Edwards face to know his reaction, he just always was too protective. It was friday, so there was no school, none than less he would start with: Bella is human, she needs sleep. For a moment i felt like saying: Did you ever ask Bella what Bella needs? I had to giggle, Jasper turned his attention to me.- his loving eyes were resting on my face. One of his stone hard arm was wrapped around me, making me feel a lot more comfortable. Of course it didnt feel hard or cold to me, but i started to get the view of Bella better. How did it feel for her to kiss Edward? Apart from the fact that her heart nearly stopped beating, and she had those butterflies? But how did it really feel.

A moment nothing was said, till my eyes found Bella's face again. She nodded her head in a usual style, while Edward tried his best to find out about us. I leaned over to kiss Jasper on his cheek, soaking in his unbelievable scent.- then shoving Edward out of the way. He rolled his eyes but wouldnt fight, again that was just about not hurting Bella. My sister shivered a second as i wrapped my arm around her. I leaned against her shoulder, then gave that pixie smile to the boys.

Alice Cullen: ''I am not even sure if we wanna invite you guys. Edward is always so crumpy.''

I would stick out my tongue to him, and he did his half smile.- that he normally gave to Bella. He understood me pretty well, more than likley cause i allowed him to read my mind now. He found out that Bella felt lightly unhappy tonight, and that she needed some cheer up. And who better than me?

Alice Cullen: ''Where is Em?''

Jasper Hale: ''Down with the family, why?''

He was kinda suspicious, but that was just his nature. He always analyzed things, that came with his ability. But he never had tried before to change my emotions, cause he damn well knew it wouldnt work. I now grapped Bella's hand, as we left the room. Like Isabella wished, we would have a party tonight.- but nothing like she did expect. I heard Edward say something to Jasper, but didnt pay attention.

Alice Cullen: ''Attention, here comes the special guest: Its the night that where Bella does, what Bella wants.''

The rest of the coven looked at me, Rosalie not sure what to think.- while Emmett had that bright smile on his face. Jasper still tried to find my intensions, but he wouldnt fight for it. Esme and Carlisle always were glad to have time with us, and so the only one looking lightly angry was Edward. You will thank me, maybe not today.- but you will. I thought that while looking at him, seeing he did give in.

I sat myself down on the thick and warm carpet in the living room, waiting for the rest to join.- and of course Bella choosing what she wanted. Cause she didnt know so far, so i wasnt able to see anything. Damn Visions.
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 I didnt need to look at Edwards face to know his reaction, he just always was too protective. It was
Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

I knew that I was going to have a great time, and that Alice would do WHATEVER just to make me feel better...but...that situations in which everybody stared at me were not good for me. I didn't like the attention, and it was worse if they expect me to talk and say what I want to do.
So, at first I was frozen. I decided to sit on the sofa, in front of Alice, but my arms and feet coordination was so rigid because of the shyness that I tripped. Edward caught me fast, and as he helped me standing, I blushed. I couldn't be so stupid. I was supposed to have fun, and I was ruining it for all because of my clumsyness.
I finally sat on the sofa. Edward at my side touched my rosy cheeks with a half smile on his face, and Alice looked at me with sweetness. That encouraged I looked at all of them (trying not to look at Rosalie more than necesary) and said:
-Well Alice...that's nice of you, but I think we should all decide...
She rolled his eyes and sighed. Then she took my hands, and said patiently:
-Oh Bella, lovely Bella, don't you know that we are all going to have fun to whatever you ask us to do? Come on...don't be shy...if you don't say anything I'll asume that you want me to dress you up and I'll do it gladly-
As she finished her sentence her eyes sparkle with desire. Oh no..I didn't want her to dress me up like a barbie I just had to say something...
-Wha-What about a board game?- I quickly replied. As I finished, Emmet looked at me with surprise and started laughing like crazy. He wouldn't I realised that my answer was a little bit silly. well...a lot.
Edward was trying hard not to laugh, looking at me surprised and moved. He hugged me and kissed my hair.
-Oh Bella, you are so human...

to be continued by ALICE CULLEN ONLY
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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [HALE]

Did this girl even realize how funyn she was at points, it was that tragic comedy. Beside me i felt Jasper laughing, he did it very quietly though.- being the gentleman that he was. But different to him, Emmett and even Edward couldnt hold it. It was a fact that Bella was human, but it was also another fact.- that the Olympic Coven hadnt played a board game in.- forever. The question was, did we even own a game? I wanted to keep on with those thoughts as i saw something coming that i didnt like too much, Emmetts sense of humour.

Alice Cullen: ''Not funny Emmett.''

Emmett Cullen: ''Common. Dont ruin it.''

Edward Cullen: ''Alice is right, dont... .''

But it was already too late, cause i saw it perfectly clear now. Emmett slowly got up from his spot, leaving Rosalie behind. She rolled her eyes, then concentrating on her long blonde locks again. He walked closer to Bella now, and she reacted in the wrong way.- she remained. I wanted to give her a sign, but she simply didnt look my way. While Edward would sigh, i leaned my head on Jasper's shoulder. My fingers running through his hair.

Emmett Cullen: ''You wanna play a game Bella?''

Bella Swan: ''Well i just said we should play a game... .''

He again laughed, and i was able to hear Edward growl.- very low but still loud enough for us. He was behind Bella, and even though he wouldnt say a word he didnt appreciate all this. Emmett was ready and he wouldnt let much time pass to strike. I did sigh, my full lips finding the way to Jasper's neck.

Emmett Cullen: ''Dont be strange Bella, i talk about a game we all can play. So what you say?''

Alice Cullen: ''Emmett!''

Bella Swan: ''Okay what game, i am up for it.''

Stubborn little girl, i got up from the sofa now.- shaking my head. I stretched which was totally unnecessary, but it was a human habit.- that i had caught around my new found sister. And then i had my eyes closed, hearing Bella's heart beat a bit faster.

Emmett Cullen: ''Since you and Edward are so tight, i guess you should know all secrets. So i say we play truth or dare... .''

And then her heart skipped a few beats...

Tbc by Bella Swan ONLY
 Alice Cullen [HALE] Did this girl even realize how funyn she was at points, it was that tragic com
Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

My heart stopped for a few moments. That was exactly the kind of games that I hated. I should have shut my mouth. And besides, I said a board game, how that game fit on that category?
I looked at Alice trying to ask for help with gestures. Then I Looked at Edward, trying to do the same. He was a little bit angry now, maybe because I had made all that stuff. I became sad. I didn't want him to be angry with me.
Trying to be as polite as the situation demanded I said:
-But Emmet, that is not a board game...-and trying to take revenge I added-... I think you come up with this game because you really don't know any board game, and I think that I can beat you...-finished with a venom smile.
Edward started laughing, changing from mood to mood as quickly as always, and punched Emmet's arm. made her angry.
Emmet was now a little bit annoyed...but I didn't want to change his mind. The bug of curiosity had bitten me, and now I wanted to play.
-But Emmet...I can deal with this...when should we start?
Edward stopped laughing, and Alice looked shocked. don't have to if you don't want to...-she said with her sweet voice.
Edward added:
-I don't have secrets for you, love.-And touched my cheeks now lightened for the excitement.
-So let's play...-I added.
Alice rolled her eyes, and sat beside me.

to be continued by ALICE CULLEN ONLY

Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

Was she really aware of what she did drag herself into? Emmett was a master at this game, probably came with his character. From what i knew about his past, it didnt suprise me one bit. Esme and Carlisle would say goodbye, they werent into something like this. Allthough i saw that Esme was smilling, and was kinda fond of the idea. So as the 'parents' had left, we all took our places.- even Rosalie was. Edward gave her a glare, again something i had missed. I felt Jaspers skin rubbing against mine as we leaned against each other.

Alice Cullen: ''You cant go back now Bella, so have fun... or whatever will come to you.''

Emmett Cullen: ''Your such a monster Alice, always so negative. Like i would do any harm to little Bella... . So first things first, Truth or Dare?''

Please pick dare, i repeated that in my head again and again.- seeing the little smile on Edwards face. he definatley shared the same opinion, but it was all up to Bella now. She took a moment to think before speaking again.

Bella Swan: ''Truth.''

Emmett would lean backwards, in a not human position he remained.- before his dark eyes focused on her again.

Emmett Cullen: ''Well if you pick truth, what about... how often are you having fantasies about getting it on with Edward?''

Rude! Well not really, that was just him.- and no one was really expecting anything else. Well no one apart from Bella, she was not so used to all of this. I looked at her perfect, cute face.- her cheeks blushing in an instant. I saw the love in Edward's eyes, and how sorry he felt for her. But then he met my gaze, it was her own fault and the sooner she would get used to this sense of humour, the better it was. I tried to forsee her answer but something kept my thoughts out of the game: Jasper. He whispered in my ear, this time only i could hear it.

Jasper Hale: ''I missed you.''

It as always like that, we didnt have to be all in action like Em and Rose, or the problem couple like Edward and Bella.- we were just US. Allthough it was hard to keep my mind on Bella, i tried my best while i listened to Jasper's breathing. It was slow and relaxed, giving me the hope that he would get used to Bella's scent.

 Alice Cullen [Hale] Was she really aware of what she did drag herself into? Emmett was a master at
Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swann

Oh God...How fool I was...I've never been good at that games...they made me blush a lot. I blushed, I thought that maybe was time to let my tongue free...and say the truth as always...maybe that will calm Emmet down.
Before I speaked, I blushed again.
-Everyday...satisfied?- I looked with venom eyes at Emmet, who started to laugh again.
-so...truth or dare?-I continued at Emmet.

Jasper Hale

How cute my Alice was. Always trying to take care of fragile Bella. She was very important to her now, and this was another motivation to try my best and do things right.
I grabbed his waist and pulled her closer to me. I was not paying any attention to the game...only feeling that Bella was really embarrased.
She made herself comfortable in my arms, and kissed me with a smile.
-You are not going to escape from me now- I said as I smelled her lovely hair.

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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

Emmett was quiet for a moment, he didnt expect her to be so honest. And i know how it did cost her to open up like that. But this was something different, she finally had admitted that this was her new family. And that we, were her brothers and sisters. To my suprise she was in a fighting mood now, and i could feel that while Jasper held me tightly. Edward had smiled, and i was able to swear, i saw something else. Something human. If he would have been able to, his cheeks would be red just like hers.

Emmett Cullen: ''Dare.''

This time the joke was on Bella's side, cause she definatley had something evil up her mind. She would pay him back, and i was there not able to keep myself from laughing. My high and loud laughter was heard now, and as Jasper leaned his head closer.- i whispered to him. He smiled now aswell, and gave a sorry smile to his brother.

Jasper Hale: ''Very good idea Bella.''

Rosalie: ''Yeah leave us in the dark, or dont?''

Bella focused her chocolate brown eyes on Edward, then back at Emmett.

Bella Swan: ''Tomorrow, you will ask if you can carry Jessica's books.''

Emmett Cullen: ''And i thought i was mean.''

We all started to laugh as it was Emmetts turn again, and his eyes were on me. I tried my best to not see it coming, cause i wanted to play fair this time. And Jasper gave him a little bit of help, kissing the backside of my neck lightly so i couldnt fish out a good picture.

Alice Cullen: ''Before you ask, i pick dare.''

Bella had taken her position right on Edwards lap, wondering what hell would come for me.
Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

Now I was really feeling at a party. They were my family now, and I was strengthem my place in that house and family.
Now that I had my revenge, I could watch the game more relaxed.
Poor Alice, Emmet would be so mean to her as he did with me.
I put my head on Edward's shoulder, and kissed his cold neck. He stiffed a little bit, but in a good way. He hugged me tighter.

Emmet looked like a big snake. He was enjoying with the other one's suffering.
-So dare my little sis...well, I know you I'm not gonna say it outloud. Jasper would kill me...-finished looking suspiciously at Jasper.
I was totally aware that sure it wasn't something nice. But in that moment I didn't care. I was in my perfect place ever...over his lap, breathing his sweet smell.
He grabbed me in his arms, and took me away from that room.
Emmet: -Hey don't have to escape, you'll miss the fun! Little coward..

Edward pretended to not hear him. I did that too. I wanted to be with him alone, in his redecorated room.

Jasper Hale
-Love are you going to tell me, right?- I asked Alice. I knew that Emmet could be over the top often.
She smiled, and all the game dissapeared.
Emmet: -Hey lovebirds, are you going to play? or run away as the other coward?- he said amusingly furious.

-I think we're going to escape- I said tooking my love on my arms, and running as fast as I could to our favourite place.

Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

I could not do what i had done, or repeat myself. I just looked after Bella and Edward, knowing exactly that they were going to Edwards room. It wasnt hard to guess, looking at those two lovebirds. I was just glad the night didnt end with a fight between us, that was a good thing. Allthough my brother more than likley got suspicious, cause in my mind i repeated the song 'Girls just wanna have fun'.

We passed Esme and Carlisle, both giving us a loving smile. It was so hard to not adore them, it came close to impossible. My hand touched Esme's shoulder, before we went on the outside. The night was nearly done, i could smell the sun being ready to come up. Jasper was still holding onto me, it was like i needed protection.

Jasper Hale: ''So what did Emmett ask you to do, as a dare?''

Alice Cullen: ''He is such a baby. He wanted to test my will, and my love for Bella. He didnt understand the game... just never mind, Jasper.''

Jasper Hale: ''But... .''

Alice Cullen: ''Just let it go, please. I dont wanna hurt Emmett, but the longer i think about his thoughts.- its coming close. We are here, again.''

By now we had reached the big tree by the nearby river, where we would sit together. Jasper seemed a bit uneasy but he wouldnt nag me, not now or ever. This game soon could have been out of reality, so i was happy that we ended it. Jasper had taken his place leaning against the tree, and i sat directly on his lap. It was the first time today that i let myself go, allowing my instincts to take control.

I moved my head forward, coming close to his face.- then i started to kiss him. It was not some innocent kiss, it was more like a 'Welcome Back'. It was just too hard, to ever get enough from him.- it would never happen.

Jasper Hale: ''You know i love you, right?''

Alice Cullen: ''I saw it coming, yeah.''

Jasper Hale: ''Like you saw me coming, back then. I would be so lost without you. I everyday realize that new. But something seems to bother you.''

Alice Cullen: ''I can not tell you. Not cause i dont want, its cause of Edward. I dont wanna fight with him, and he would see it in your head.''

He knew it had something to do with Bella, just like always. In a few hours we would all be back together, but for now we did hide. He knew it had to leave him today, cause my thirst would soon take over. My life as a vampire was good, apart from some aspects. And graving for blood wasnt even the worst. My dark eyes now looked at my lover again, running my hands through his hair.

At the same time...

Edward had taken Bella to his room, wondering how tired she was by now. But like always she would try her best to stay up, spending as much time with him that she could. He had placed her on the big bed, taking his position next to her. His marmor like hands reached out, running through her hair.- while his face was close to her throat. Never would he hurt her, not like a Vampire could.

Edward Cullen: ''I hope you enjoyed your time with Alice.''

Bella Swan: ''I did. Allthough i dont need someone to babysit me, Edward.''

He would sigh just like always, not in the mood to argue. Instead of that he would kiss her, in the best way possible.- without risking her life. And like every other time Bella would go over the top, her hormones disconnecting her head.

I was sure, even without being there, that she tried to be mad at him. But it never really worked, thats what love made of you. A fool. But alsot he happiest person on this earth. I had to smile on the outside, seeing it clearly in front of me again: Bella with pale white skin and crimson red eyes. It would happen if my brother liked it or not.

Больше года barbie91lala said…
Jasper Hale

I looked at her lovely pale face. Sha was as pretty as always, but her purple circles down her black-thisty eyes made her look tired, even when we never got tired.
I kissed her slowly, trying to stay really close to her, feeling all her body sticked to mine. I knew that she would have to leave soon for a I needed to spend all the time posible with her.
I touched her cheeks gently, and look deeply in her eyes.
Sometimes it was frustating that she wouldn't tell me some things to not hurt Edward. But now that I had her on my arms, all my worries disappeared.

-Oh Alice, if you had come with me, you won't have to go now...and we would be all the time together. I really missed you.

Her time with Bella was sometimes fullday, and in those cases I just had to stay away for Bella's safety, and wait till Alice's return. My pain was always harder without her at my side.

-I wish we could be here always, and never let you go.- I kindly grabbed her face, and kissed her eyes.
The time for us was a neverending sandglass. We just keep turning it up and down, and the sand would never disappear.

Bella Swan

I was glad to be there with him. The bed was something strange when I first entered the room with Alice, but now it was perfect although I know nothing was gonna happen.
The bed was really big, but I was really close to Edward. The bed couldn't be compared to his comfortable chest.
I wanted to start talking about my convertion, but I didn't know how to do it.

Edward: -What are you thinking, love?- He said as he pulled me over him to be face to face. Then started to touch my hair really slowly, and I totally forgot what I wanted to say.

Bella: -Oh, I just...can't remember. You hypnotised me again.-
Then I started to kiss him with anxious. He was kind at first, and he kissed me with anxious too...but then, he kindly pulled me away.

Edward:-Bella, you know I can't...-He said showing a sad face, and returning me over the bed.

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Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

It was so hard to refuse her, even for her own good. Love was a tricky thing; you never knew exactly what was the right thing to do when it came to your beloved.

I sighed. "We've already discussed this, Bella. If you want it so much, you'll have to wait."

"What do you mean, wait? Wait for what?" she asked me eagerly.

I decided to do it now. "Bella, love, you know that I love you more than anyone in the world, and I know you love me, too." I paused and took a deep breath, a human reaction I used while pretending to be one of them. I took the ring out of my breast pocket. "Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"

I heard her gasp, something I was expecting of her. "Edward, this is... this is..." She could not find the exact words.

"Hush, love. You can take a moment to think about this."

"But I don't need to! I want to be yours, and you be mine! Of course I will! Just nothing too... big, okay? Nothing that Alice would love for her own wedding." Bella smiled.

"How about Las Vegas? We wouldn't even have an audience there, we can just elope and spend the time alone."

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Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

I couldn't have been happier! Although engagement was something scary, and a something that I thought about with a lot of prejudices, I couldn't keep thinking that I was going to spend all my life with him!
So...this was the perfect moment to the conversation I had waiting for so long...

-Edward, you know...I was thinking that you proposed, have been thinking of my conversion...-I said shyly.

I felt his change of mood in the air. Suddenly, all the perfect moment was ruined by my awkward question, a question that I should have made a long time ago.

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Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

"Bella, do we need to talk about this now? And you already know what I am going to say."

"Yeah, yeah. 'Bella, I cannot take away your soul' blah blah blah. This is what I want, and I'll still have my soul, just like you do. All I want is to spend eternity with you."

I sighed. "Alright, but wait until after the wedding."

"Thank you, thank you!" she exclaimed. "But..." she began a bit awkwardly. She began to unbutton my shirt.

"No, Bella. I told you, it is too dangerous."

"Oh, so you make me do stupid human things like going to prom, but now you won't give me the one human thing actually want?" She began to undo the buttons on her own shirt.

"Will you quit trying to take your clothes off? Fine, but AFTER the wedding. I want to do this traditionally. Speaking of that, we should go see Charlie tomorrow. We have something to tell him." I smiled, imagining how he would respond to this news.

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