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shellycane posted on Apr 01, 2009 at 11:03PM
I have been in the dark, i have been lost. That was the image i had of my life, cause actually there had been nothing like that. My human memory was gone, but different to the others.- i never had one. So it wasnt really a suprise that i wondered sometimes if i even had a life before, or if i got born a Vampire. Of course that was nonsense, Carlisle told me that time and time again. He came to the decision that my life probably was very painful, and that with my change, my mind blocked it constantly.

I had tried to find things out, but at the end of the day it didnt matter. I had found everything i always wanted, a family and that someone i could releigh on. It was an open secret that Jasper and myself shared a connection that the others couldnt fully understand. I found him before he searched for me, or knew that he would. It was his wildness and my kind mind that fitted together perfectly. Without words we would have a conversation. Just like Edward and myself.

Yeah. Edward Cullen. Probably the most stubborn person i knew, right after his human love Bella Swan. I loved him, and he was without a doubt my favourite brother. Not that i didnt love Emmett but that was different. Latley we had arguments, and they were always going into the same direction: Bella. I knew his fears and i knew his mind perfectly well, but the fact was.- the vision hadnt changed. I still saw her like one of us, and things would have been so much easier. He wouldnt have to take care all the time, and a bit of myself wanted it to happen so badly.- cause of Jasper. He was in pain, whenever she was around. That had to change.

It was still early in the morning, and he probably had just returned from Bella. His clothes were the same, so i did the maths. He looked at me, again lost in thoughts.

Edward Cullen: ''Dont start it, Alice.''

Alice Cullen: ''I saw it again. Its not like something i can put off, you know that.''

Edward Cullen: ''I havent decided.''

Alice Cullen: ''Maybe your mind hasnt, but deep inside you have. Otherwise i wouldnt see it happening.''

Edward Cullen: ''You have been wrong before... .''

The only reason why we had that conversation loud, was the fact that no one else was around. I didnt plan it like that, but i didnt fight the others going for their hunt. Being alone with Edward probably would make things easier.

Alice Cullen: ''But i love her. And its unfair that i cant have more time with her. All would be easier... .''

Edward Cullen: ''Really? Just like the fact that she would have to leave her family... .''

Okay he was definatley angry now, his voice had changed and for a moment i heard him growl. But i wasnt scared, we had been there before. Of course it was true, Charlie and Renee would be upset.- but if he wanted a future with the girl, it had to happen. I didnt say today, but it had to. For him, for her and for the family.

To be Continued by EDWARD CULLEN ONLY
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Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

For the first time in this vampire life, I had the feeling of vomiting. Alice was showing me sickening images of Bella getting hurt, trying to show me the danger she was in. Wasn't that just about all I thought about? It was a good thing these weren't her visions, or else I would've tackled her.

"Will you stop?!" I screamed at her.

"Sorry, but you know something will eventually happen to her if you don't change her soon," she said.

"I know that, but your just making feel guilty about all of this. I don't want anything to happen to her, but do you think I want to take her away from the normal life she was born into? Do you think I want to take away her soul?"


"Alice, don't go there," I warned her. She was thinking about how Bella would be with me forever. I wanted that, too, but that was too selfish of me. I could not do that to her. Sometimes I wished that she would just leave me and have a long, happy life with Jacob.

"Will you leave me alone?" I asked, more like demanded, her.

To be continued by ALICE CULLEN ONLY
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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

Would i follow his wish, well not even thinking about it. It was not right to always run away from hard decisions, and that was something he had to realize. I loved Bella just as much, maybe in a different way but i wanted her best. He didnt like my pictures, well that was too bad. He was my favourite brother, he was probably my favourite person after Jasper but he knew me too well. I wouldnt go down without a fight.

Alice Cullen: ''Do you even know how stupid that sounds? You wouldnt make it one day if she left you for Jacob. Thats not even a point here, Edward when did i ever try to harm you or make you unhappy?''

He didnt say anything, but looking into his Topaz like eyes.- i knew the answer. He was trying to do the right thing, but he wasnt all that sure anymore. I played my cards right, but not cause i was a monster.- well not in that way. I wanted him to be happy, not for a lifetime.- forever was the word i was looking for. His face was not angry anymore, it was hurt.

Edward Cullen: ''I just cant damn her, you know it yourself.''

Alice Cullen: ''Thats the point Edward, i dont know anything. I never had a life, so there is nothing to miss. Before i met this coven, i had no one.- nowhere. Of course Bella will be upset, but you know it yourself. She will be more upset thinking about it every day, that she might loses you.''

Edward Cullen: ''But what if she will hate me for it?''

Alice Cullen: ''Hate you for what? For loving her too much, for wanting her around till time ends? How could she ever hate you for that, you probably dont see the whole picture.''

Edward Cullen: ''What if she realizes finally that i am a selfish monster?''

He still stood a few inches away from me, and it was not really necessary but i walked with human speed. I knew that i hurted him tonight, and that was not the purpose. But he had to realize the danger was always around Bella, and if he wanted her safe.- he had to make his decisions. I did move my hand forward his arm, rubbing it slowly. He indeed had a good heart if it was beating or not, and all this talking about a soul. He had never lost his, and whenever i saw him.- i knew that there was a place for us. Maybe not heaven, but for sure nothing coming close to hell.

Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

Just then, Bella walked in. I was glad she was here so I would not have to discuss this with Alice anymore. She was so annoying for someone so small.

"Bella, love, aren't you supposed to be trying on those new clothes Alice bought for you?" I asked her, remembering why she was gone. I knew she really did not want to have anything to do with those outfits.

"Well, I thought you might want to do something today. How about going to the meadow?"

"Is that the only thing you like to do? Stare at my pale white skin?" I teased her.

"That is not the only reason why. I like to think of it as... our own little special place. You know I love it there, but not as much as I love you. Besides, it can be my birthday present."

Bella requested to have nothing special for her birthday, but as soon as she mentioned it, Alice was thinking up a plan. I would take her out to the meadow, and maybe even for dinner. I mean dinner for her, although I should go hunting tomorrow. I decided to go along with it.

"Good luck getting it ready," I told Alice, too quietly for Bella to hear.

Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

My perfect gift was being alone with him on our place.
I couldn't imagine something better than that, although I knew Alice wouldn't be so quiet with all my birthday's stuff.
"I'll enjoy there with edward..." I said to myself "...and I'll try not to imagine what would be waiting me here."

Edward grabbed my hand, and we went to the garage.

The journey wasn't so long as others, maybe because he was driving, and when I had to climb to his back, I prepared myself and strongly closed my eyes to be perfect when we would reach the meadow.

The day helped a lot. It was almost clear , something really strange on Forks, apart from little clouds that were around the sun, trying to hide it.

We laid on the grass on our favourite place, where the rays of sunlight came clean and reached Edward's face. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

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Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

My skin sparkled as it always did in the sunlight. I remembered when I first became a vampire; I could not stop looking at my skin, amazed at the way it sparkled. Bella had the same face I had. I could not help but chuckle.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Nothing, just thinking about my time as a newborn."

"What's funny about that?"

"I used to stare at my own skin with amazement, just like you are right now." I explained.

I kissed her head lightly, and she moved her mouth up to meet with mine. This was mostly how it went, small talk and kissing.

We went back to the house a couple of hours later, after I fed the human some fries, a Big Mac, and a Coke at McDonald's on the way home. As expected, the house was complete with all the decorations we owned that weren't plastic eggs, spiders, or red and green tinsel.

"Happy Birthday!" Alice cheered.

TBC by Bella Swan or any Cullen
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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

Of course Bella looked at me somehow annoyed and maybe she was mad aswell, but i didnt care. It was her Birthday and i had already cutted it down. I never understood that side about her, and probably never would. In my whole human life i never had a birthday, not one that i could remember. I would have been happy if someone put that much effort. But then again this was me, and this was about Bella.

Bella Swan: ''Alice... .''

This sounded like a frown, but she soon enough would be thankful that i did this for her. So without wasting anymore time i made my way over, in human speed. I hugged both my steel like arms around her, giving her a little kiss on the cheek. Again i had to admit she smelled like nothing i had seen before, so tasty. And just as expected, Edward read my mind stepping closer.

Alice Cullen: ''Dont be a fool Edward.''

I slapped his shoulder lightly, and he answered that with a smile. He knew it better than anyone else, i would have never hurt Bella in a million years. Something different about Jasper, and that was something i had to tell them, later though. Today was Bella's Birthday and not the time for leaving. So my golden like eyes looked into Bella's brown eyes, smiling.

Alice Cullen: ''So what you wanna do?''

Bella Swan: ''Forget that it is my birthday.''

Alice Cullen: ''Sorry that option is not possible. So you can have it two ways, in harmony with everyone being happy. Or with me nagging you for the next weeks, and making your life hell?''

Again i put so much sweetness in my voice, that she knew i was kidna joking. But she also saw that i would be upset if she turned my party down. So with a sigh she looked at Edward and i could see that she gave up. My inner child started to jump up and down.

Bella Swan: ''Happy Birthday me!''

Tbc by Bella or any Cullen
Больше года barbie91lala said…
Bella Swan

"Oh my God!"- I thought to myself.
I hated birthdays, but now I hated them most, because I was becoming one year older than Edward.
I think that my face went pale, because Edward grabbed me kindly but strong to help me being on my feet.'

-I'm okay..-I said not too convinced.

-So...this is everything right Alice?...Just candles, cake and baloons?- I asked relieved imaging that the answer would be "YES".

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Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

"Fine. If I play along, will you forget that I am now officially older than Edward?" She sighed with sadness.

"Here's your present," Alice said.

"Thanks, but I told you not to get me anything. At least there isn't a lot."

"Oh, there's more than this. As we speak, Emmett and Jasper are putting a brand new stereo into your truck. Edward didn't like your old one," Alice said with a smile.

Again, Bella sighed. She began to open a present when she got a paper cut. That was when it all happened.

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Больше года bella585 said…
then i felt the scent of Bella's blood.i thought for a moment to kill her just to taste her has been a long time since i have tasted one person's blood and i have forgotten how difficult it is to not drink blood when it is in front of you,so easy to take that you want in just a second.the blood scent was spreading in my mind.but all these happened in just 2 seconds because something a bit unexpected happened.Jasper-the new member of our family-didn't have the strength to not drink her blood when he was so close.his eyes were mad of thirst and then he did the worst that could happen today.he to attack attack Bella in his madness.Me and Edward were the first that acted.
Emmet Cullen:"No Jasper,don't."
we acted automatically.Edward pulled Bella to the glass table in order to protect her.i grabbed Jasper on time.he was fighting in my hands and he was trying to hit me in order to free him and kill Bella.they were all shocked for a moment and after that they were all in action as Rosalie and Alice came to help me.