Team Twilight An endless Night [to Jasper Hale]

shellycane posted on Apr 07, 2009 at 07:25PM
Alice Cullen [Hale]

If i was able to feel physical pain, to shed a tear.- i would have now. It was not the first time this akward feeling was inside of me, but then again things would never change. I had to take of what was number one on my list, Jasper. Of course my family mattered, they always would.- and they knew it. But when things became too difficult, i had to be the bigger person.

It was hard to describe my lover, cause not even the best words would have been enough for him. He was loving and caring, yet he was intelligent and sensitive.- but he still had this one issue. It was not too easy for either of the family to get used to Bella's scent, but he still wasnt over it. And allthough he had learnt to hide his thoughts from Edward, he would always tell me. And so it was no suprise when he came up, and i was able to see the pain in his face.

My voice would change to that low and light whisper, making sure it was between him and me. Of course i saw it, of course i would not say a word.- not until now.

Alice Cullen: ''You have that leaving face, again.''

Jasper Hale: ''I cant bare it anymore. I wish i was stronger.''

Alice Cullen: ''This has nothing to do with strenght, Jasper. You just lived a different life for so long, and it will become easier. So when are we leaving.''

He looked at me, his golden brown eyes filled with this shame. Something that was not necessary, but it made me feel even more love. I reached out my hand, rubbing one of his many scars.- wondering if he ever would get over all this pain.

Jasper Hale: ''I cant make you leave, again and again. Its one thing that I keep running, hurting them. But Bella needs you, and so does Edward. I can feel that.''

I had to giggle, but wasnt really sure where it came from. I didnt think of his words as a joke, but on the other hand it felt like that. How could i have ever been without him, how did i exist without his love.- before? So i would have to make myself clear, just like always.

Alice Cullen: ''God knows i have tried to change my priorities, but that doesnt matter. No matter where you go Jasper, i will go there with you. If you never wanna come back, i will stay with you. What other chance do i have? And one day, it will be goodbye for the last time.''

I gave him all the positive images i had, made him feel what i felt. Never would he try to manipulate my feelings, but none than less he felt them. So he knew just as good as i did, that there was only us out there. And maybe he wouldnt be suprised knowing, that i already had packed our car. Leaving a note to the family, they would understand.

On my inner eye i saw all their lovley, beautiful faces looking at us. Esme would be broken, her round human like face would be filled with shadows. And then there was Carlisle, the leader but for me the father of this coven. Emmett and Rose would probably understand, being so into each other that nothing was able to put them down. But the last two put some concern in my head, Edward and his Bella. It was not my style to leave them behind, unprepared and confused.

Jasper Hale: ''You feel akward.''

Alice Cullen: ''Dont sneak around in my emotional chaos.''

I was still friendly but he got the warning, cause i was damn serious about that. Without wasting any more time, i grapped his hand leading him into the garage. He would raise one of his eyebrows, then realizing that i already had us set up. All papers, clothes and what else we needed. I gave him the key to the brandnew Mercedes, entering the passenger's seat. This time i didnt say anything more, just looking at him.

Jasper Hale: ''Your just impossible.''

Alice Cullen: ''So i have been told... .''

Jasper eventually brought his face close to mine, his hand running through my short dark hair.- pulling me close. For moments he would lock me into that kiss, then starting the motor not sure where we would go.

TBC by Jasper Hale ONLY
 Alice Cullen [Hale] If i was able to feel physical pain, to shed a tear.- i would have now. It was
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Больше года barbie91lala said…
Jasper Hale

The sensation of leaving again was strange.
Although we had done that a lot of times.
Although she always have been with me.
Although I know in some moment we'll come back.
ALthough all felt bad.

As I was leaving the house I started many times would Alice join me? She was always kind, and my perfect lover, but...was she happy with all this?

I grabbed her hand, and kissed it.

-Alice you know you can stay home...I won't be sad if you decide that.- I said, trying my last words to feel real...I wanted the best for her, even if I had to stay away.

She looked at me with that strange eyes that she had sometimes...between sad and furious, and bizarrely amused.

Then she came closer to me, and said softly in my right ear:

-I'll never leave you, silly.

I gave her a little kiss and wonder when would be the time for me to be strong enough and finally be prefectly settled with my family on Forks.

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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

We were in the car now, on our way to the house that Esme had given us for now. He didnt speak to me while driving the car, but it was okay.- silence was good. Allthough quite some things bothered, and i wasnt sure how to start. How could you tell the one you loved, that he was doing the right thing.- leaving. I had a vision not even two nights ago, and it ended with Jasper and Edward fighting. Cause his biggest fear had become reality, he was attacking Bella. I didnt mention it towards him, but he knew something was going on.

Jasper Hale: ''What did you see?''

Alice Cullen: ''The road in front of us... .''

I was giggling, causing him to roll his eyes but smile aswell. Of course he wouldnt stop, but i wasnt ready. Instead of that i changed the subject so easily, that the subject was dead for now.

Alice Cullen: ''How can you think i would leave you? How can you think i could survive without my soul?''

Jasper took one hand from the wheel, searching for mine. In his big one, my little fingers got lost and he started to rub them. And yeah allthough we were still driving we leaned closer kissing each other, things you could do as a vampire. Underneath the kiss i had to giggle, remember a sentence that Emmett had said to me before.

Little sister, the human needs never die... .

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Больше года barbie91lala said…
Jasper Hale

I felt her desire. Her true and human desire.
I was feeling the same too, but now we could only wait till we arrive.
The feeling of the burning veins, the rush of warm blood all over my body, though we didn't have any blood.

That things made me think sometimes...Why do we keep feeling that things? So human?
I kept asking those things to Carlisle, and he always gave me the same answers.

I got closer to my beloved, and kissed her down her mandible. Her sweet perfume came quickly to me, and that made my driving a little hard.

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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

I didnt know for real what had come into my head, but suddenly there was something so strong. I wanted him, like no one else could ever want anyone. It was his scent, it was his softness that no one else ever knew. So even though i was fully aware of the fact that he was driving, i acted like a teenage girl. It finally appeared normal to me, that Bella and her hormones were working all the time. My full lips had soon found a way to his neck, kissing the area behind his ear.

His breathing had become a bit faster, and that allthough neither of us needed to breath. I looked at him, and a little excusing grin showed up on my face.

Alice Cullen: ''I should let you drive... .''

Jasper Hale: ''Yeah you should, but you wont right?''

He smiled, the first real smile in days. He was right, there was no way i would stop myself now. So he had to simply deal with is, trying his best to concentrate on the street. Things became just a bit harder when i ran my hand over his cheek, while my tongue was still painting a picture on his neck.

My brothers that called me little monster were right, cause if i wanted something.- i would get it. And at the moment i had only one thing on my mind.- Jasper.

Больше года barbie91lala said…
Jasper Hale

I was loosing my focus on driving. It was so hard now to do such a stupid thing like driving when my Alice was making me feel so good, and crazy for her.

I stopped the car at the side of the street and Alice looked at me with apoligized eyes.

-Alice...I can't continue driving with you acting like this...-I said trying to stay serious, but a little smile showed off and ruined everything.
I wanted her...but I wanted to go as far as we could, too. To forget everything that had made me leave, and try to survive with that. And perhaps later return with my beloved, and make her happy there, where she belonged...with her family..and mine, too.

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Больше года Jaques_16 said…
wow.. are these from one of the Twilight Saga books???^_^ i wish i could have the book which reveals the love story of Alice and Jasper... ^^
Больше года shellycane said…
NO its not from the books, we made that up my friend and me
Больше года barbie91lala said…
"we made that up my friend and me" ohhh so cute. Miss you.
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Больше года shellycane said…
OH lol i realized what it sounded like... lmfao. I mean we did this as a fanfiction. Well i miss you too cutie.
Больше года barbie91lala said…
So glad to hear about you again (L)
Больше года iemand said…
big smile
awww is this where it ends :(
oh booh i really liked it =D
Больше года barbie91lala said…
wow shelly, this was a huge success, we really should continue!