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Nahla1309 posted on Apr 11, 2009 at 07:13PM
I was redecorating my study for the hundredth time. Carlisle was at work so I needed something to occupy me. I didn’t want to think about what I’ve seen today. Expression of Jasper’s face today, tormented face which decided something, decided to leave. He had a hard time when Bella was around, we all saw that. Although Alice hasn’t foreseen him hurting Bella he wanted to make sure that that really wouldn’t happen.

I knew that Alice would follow him, as she always did. She would follow him until the end of the world if necessary. He was everything to her and even she loved us all, he was the most important person in her life.

I love all of my children, but there is something special in Edward and Alice. It’s not that I love them more, but Edward was, and still in a way is, my lost child, and I’ve always felt that Alice needs me to be a mother to her because she couldn’t remember her human life. Naturally, I didn’t want her to leave, Jasper needed her, but I knew I had to try.

I called her name, softly, knowing she was somewhere in the house just few minutes ago.
A minute later she was knocking on my door.

Esmee: Come on in Alice.

She walked in slowly; she knew what I was about to ask her.

Alice: What’s going on Esme. Need some advice on fabrics?

My brows wrinkled giving her a clear sign that I knew what’s going on.

Esme: Actually, I wanted to talk to you. I know that you and Jasper are leaving. I just wanted to know have you talked to Carlisle about that. Is it really necessary?

Her face suddenly became sad, eyes full of tremendous sorrow. Her vision just became truth and so did my suspicions. I felt sudden urge to find something to sit on; something unusual for a vampire. I grabbed my chair in disbelief. She created right in front of me, kneeling.

Alice: Oh, Esme, I’m so sorry, but I believe it is inevitable. He is in very bad shape. I know he wouldn’t hurt Bella on purpose nor do I see it coming, but he just wants to make sure. He needs to get away for a while and you know I can’t function without him.

Her expression was so apologizing, like she did something wrong, not decided to be a support for her loved one, just like I would be for Carlisle.

Esme: I just wished there was a way… I don’t want either of you going away but I can’t stop Edward from bringing Bella here. You know that I hate being apart from you and not knowing what is happening to you. I still think you need to talk to Carlisle; maybe he has idea that won’t be so drastical. I understand you, honey, more than you could think and I don’t want you to feel guilty.

I could see her scanning through her head in hope that Carlisle arrival would change something. My words didn’t comfort her but her expression suddenly became more relaxed.

Alice: Alright. I’ll talk to Jaz, we’ll wait until Carlisle is home but I’m afraid he won’t change his mind, you know how this works.

She said still looking somewhere in the distance. I looked myself that way but found nothing interesting.

Esme: Oh, I know baby, I know, but my fear for you is immense.

I hugged her like it was the last time I would see her when she whispered.

Alice: Now, Esme. What about that beautiful glass house in Oregon that you were looking?

I was shocked. Clearly, she saw my confused face and laughed.

Alice: I know that was your preoccupation for the last few weeks and I must say you’ve undone yourself. I think that would be a perfect place for Jaz. It’s hidden in the woods just like this one, far from human eyes and still not to far away from you, and you will know where we are for a change.

I was still grasping for air (also something unusual for our kind) but she really surprised me with this one. I just hugged her with all my strength and kissed her in the forehead.

Esme: Thank you Alice. I just hope Jasper won’t mind. But you really made my day! Hurry, go packing and if you need anything just call. I will notice Carlisle and everybody. I love you both so much, don’t you ever forget! And keep in touch daily!

While I was finishing my last sentence I heard the front door close and a car on. Alice’s Porsche, and Jasper waiting in it saying ‘Thank you Esme’ with deeper respect than I deserved it.
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Больше года bella585 said…
i heard them and i heard all their discussion.i didn't want Alice and Jasper to leave.they are my family and i want us to be altogether.however it is their life and i can't control their lives.i wanted to say goodbye to Alice.she was my favorite sister because we always have great time.but i can't stop her from doing something.of course i manage to arrive at the garage before they leave.
Emmet Cullen:"so my little sister,are you gonna leave me alone??can you leave your small bear?
i laughed as she did too.esme laughed too and jasper.
Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

I looked up to my big brother, and it really was painful. I didnt wanted the family to know we were leaving, my plan was different. Leaving a note or anything like that, but again they screwed my plan. I was more than sure that Edward sneaked into my mind, or whatever he liked doig for fun. Allthough i was using all the mean words in my head that i knew, they were right. For the first time i had to realize that i missed all of them, and that for different reasons.

I would miss Emmett cause he always was able to bring a smile on my face, he never failed. I would miss Rose cause she was never lying, it wasnt part of her nature. Then i had my favourite brother Edward, i couldnt even find the right words to describe him. There was Bella, my new found sister and something like my best friend. And my parents, i wasnt sure how to thank them for all they taught me. Neither was i sure if i would see them ever again. Jacob Black. Yeah even him i would miss a bit, but that was a secret. Him and Bella didnt have contact, and that was a good thing.- cause it would have upset Edward. But i have seen him once or twice latley, and he wasnt all to mean towards me.

Emmetts bearhug brought me back to reality, plus Jasper did appear next to me. He looked at Em, not sure how to respond to anything. It was again too hard to see all that, to feel their sadness cause of us leaving. And of course he felt mine too.

Alice Cullen: ''Well i wont be too far, we go to the house that Esme finished. So you will know where to find me.''

I finally got out of the hug, looking into my mothers deep golden eyes. She opened her arms, but not only for me.- for my soulmate aswell. She hugged us both, and i felt that Jasper was hardly able to bare it anymore. So i had to make the decison, making us leave. With a light effort i freed us, looking back one more time with a little smile.

Alice Cullen: ''Tell the rest that we love them, its just not possible currently.''

Jasper Hale: ''You can... .''

Alice Cullen: ''No i cant, forget that idea.''

I was able to know his thoughts, just if i had solen Edwards ability. There was so much that i wanted to say to my family now, but that didnt matter now. My focus had to be Jasper and it was, as we finally got into the car.

Больше года bella585 said…
it was the first time in my life that i wanted so much to cry-if i could-.Alice is my favorite sister and now she leaves us.i didn't show her my sadness.when she left i saw the same sadness in Esme's eyes.i hugged my mother.
Emmet Cullen:"you know,she always does the right thing."and i crashed in my last words.pain was spreading in my,i smashed the north window and started to run.i didn't want to speak to anybody now.i was running in order to forget my pain.
Больше года bella585 said…
i didn't manage lots of things but at least i was a bit better.i got back home in normal speed.i was a bit ashamed with my manners.Esme and Edward were sitting at the sofa and i sat with them.
Больше года Nahla1309 said…
I felt empty knowing they were gone. Everyone of course heard my conversation with Alice and even though we knew it was coming, we were all shocked…

I haven’t talked to Carlisle yet, he was the only one who didn’t know. Carlisle and Bella, who we didn’t want to hurt by telling her she was the reason why Alice and Jasper were away.

Besides me, Emmett was the one who was upset the most. I was watching the two of them over the past year becoming closer and closer, developing a true brother-sister relationship. He could always make her laugh no matter what. I enjoyed that sight and it made me happy, my children growing on each other.

Sadness in his eyes was so big when she left that I can’t find words to describe it. He ran through a window into the woods, giving me one more worry on my mind: his own sake.

I needed to make myself busy so that my mind wouldn’t return to what has happened today. But nothing could totally preoccupy my mind. I grabbed my cell phone and called Carlisle giving him thorough explanation of what happened today. He wasn’t worried; he was proud of Jasper for having the courage to confess his problem, but I could still hear a whit of sorrow in his voice. I was sitting in my study, scratching my table and staring in the distance when I decided there was no point to this. It is not forever, just few weeks, or months and I know where they are. It’s better this way than something actually happened. I shook on that thought and decided I need to replace that broken window. I was starting to worry about Emmett; him being sad was not seen very often.

I was going downstairs when I noticed Edward sitting on the sofa with a blue face on. I went behind him and hugged him.

Esme: everything is going to be alright. You know this is not permanent and you shouldn’t blame yourself. We all love Bella and that is why Jaz is doing this. You should know how much he is devoted to Alice and how much hurts him when it hurts her and still they are doing this for you and Bella. Be happy son, and grateful. You know, you can call her whenever you want to. They’re in that house in Oregon. She’ll be happy.

I kissed him gently on his cheek, letting him go out of my arms. I looked towards the forest, screening for Emmett. Still nothing, no sign of him. I sat on an armchair and gave Edward a questionfull look.

Edward: He is coming. He’ll be here in a minute; I can hear him calming himself down.

My gaze again escaped towards the woods and 30 seconds after I saw my big always-look-tough son, only now he didn’t look that way. Our eyes met; his apologizing and mine worried.
He sat next to Edward; I couldn’t find words to consolidate him but I knew I had to somehow. I reached in my pocket for my cell phone and dialed a number. I knew that they must’ve arrived already.

Cheerful voice answered my call screaming: Mom, the house is totally great! I have to have it!

Esme: Hello Alice! I’m sorry to bother you but you have two very sad brothers who want to hear from you so badly… And of course you can have it!
I gave the phone to Emmett since he looked like he was about to snap. Their suddenly playful eyes were all it took for me to know everything was fine.

TBC by Alice, Edward, Emmett, Jasper or Carlisle
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Больше года shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

It was a release to just hear the constant breathing of Emmett, allthough not even me had forseen what my leaving would do to him. He was the one that always joked around, but nearly no one realized how sensitive his soul was. Till last year i hadnt tried too much to find out, but we had grown close. Every member of my family was important, but not in a million years had i expected that it was him i had to worry about. In the backround i heard Esme greeting someone, it was Bella. It made me lightly nervous, and did upset me just even more. So i did what i could to concentrate on Emmett while Jasper was unpacking our things.

Alice Cullen: ''Why would you destroy Esme's window?''

I was able to imagine his face blushing, of course it wasnt possible. But he had something from a kid, even when he was double as big as i was.

Alice Cullen: ''Common, i am not out of the universe. We will come back, and you can come to visit. How did Carlisle take it?''

Emmett Cullen: ''Not sure. He hasnt returned from the hospital so far. I should tell you hi from Edward.''

Oh it hurt my heart, i could hear the sadness in his dark voice. Again i heard other voice on the backround, and then there was something heard. It wasnt Emmett anymore, he must have given the phone to someone, Edward. He coughed, another human habit he never got rid off.

Edward Cullen: ''Alice this was not nece... .''

I had to cut him off, before he said it. But then again i couldnt explain what my vision had shown me, without Jasper knowing.

Alice Cullen: ''I cant explain it now. But if you could read my mind you would know, i did the right thing. Anyhow, i love you all but i need Esme another time, could you... .''

Edward Cullen: ''I love you Alice, dont forget that.''

He hardly said that out loud, but he felt like it was necessary. I giggled and then he had handed the phone over again, and i heard the soft and loving voice of my angelic mother.

Esme Cullen: ''Yeah honey?''

Alice Cullen: ''I am sorry i left you with all the damage, i never thought the guys would react that way. How is Bella?''

Esme Cullen: ''Doesnt know so far, she just came and we didnt tell her.''

I wanted to answer again but this time Jasper appeared behind me, wrapping his arms around me. I saw the fire in his eyes, i had to give him attention like no one else could. He kissed the back of my neck softly, making it hard to concentrate on anything else. For a moment my sadness wasnt relevant anymore... .

TBC by ESME, EMMETT, JASPER or any other Cullen
 Alice Cullen [Hale] It was a release to just hear the constant breathing of Emmett, allthough not
Больше года bella585 said…
i was relief and happy when i heard Alice's soft,sweet voice again.but when i close the phone i was depressed and sad again.i run to my room before i did something really...bad.i sat in my sofa and i put my head to my hands.the pain is spreading to my veils again however now i have questions.why had Alice to leave?why am i feeling so much mentally pain??couldn't we find an another way to solve this??i started to loose my temper and i felt so like...a real vampire.then i heard Edward and Esme chatting.
Esme:"is he ok??"
Edward:"no,he isn't.he is worse than anyone in this home.he is in pain and he is angry too.not with us.i didn't expect to react in this way.he was never so...weak emotionally.she loves Alice so much.but let's go to him.he needs support.more than you imagine.
and they came to my room.this piece of my heart which belongs to Alice wanted so much all these to be a joke.unfortunately,it wasn't.Edward sat next to me and Esme hugged me.
Больше года Nahla1309 said…
I decided I was going to be strong, for my other children’s sake. We could only wait for things to get better and there was nothing that we needed to feel sorry about. I thought boys would be happier if they heard Alice, but Emmett was only worse. Edward found some consolation in their conversation, but Emmet was a wreck.

Just when I was about to leave the room, to give boys some privacy, I heard a loud noise from the outside, approaching to our house, and a heartbeat… Bella was here. Although I loved her as my own daughter, this was not a good moment. Just not now. My eyes were fixated on the door, my ears waiting to hear knock on the door.

My arm extended to the door lock as my senses warned me that Bella was in front of the door. If I had a heart, it would melt. Her kind, soft, insecure chocolate eyes couldn’t be the ones to blame for everything that was happening. She threw herself in my arms like it was a perfectly normal thing to do… I patted her gently while I freed her from my hug. She was so innocent, no one could blame her. I didn’t need to turn around and look Edward to know that now he had sparks in his eyes, nor he needed to look at me to know what I’m thinking at the moment: ‘Just don’t tell her the truth. She would blame herself and there is no one to blame, besides destiny.’

I spoke briefly to Alice; just to make her sure that Bella won’t know about anything.

I needed Carlisle beside me; I needed him to support me. So many happenings in one day and I couldn’t deal alone with them. It hasn’t passed a lot of time when I heard Bella’s truck driving away.

I was just about to jump from my study and take a hike to that little cottage in the woods when Edward appeared on my door, sick with worry. Not a second later I heard my toughest son going to his room with big steps, not even trying to hide his presence and disappointment with the situation.

Edward: Mom, he’s not ok… He’s not even close to that state. Rose is away and I didn’t want to upset her over the phone, so God knows when she’ll be home. I didn’t mean he would miss her that much, but obviously things changed quite a bit around here.

This time was the hardest time. We truly became a family though not ordinary, but still a family.
I didn’t say I thing, I just led our way to Emmett’s room. He never needed so much consolation or attention. He was always the brave one who rarely showed his feelings. I hugged my overly sized son. There were no words that could make this go away and I knew that. The three were just sitting there, waiting for Carlisle to come, and listening to the piece and quiet, something rare when our family is together.

TBC by Edward, Emmett or Carlisle
Больше года bella585 said…
every minute passed it was a minute of pain.Alice's piece of my heart was bleeding.i have never felt this way in my life.i was always the strong guy that never needs any type of,i was the weak.i believed that the time would make me feel better.however it happens exactly the opposite.i was getting worse and the pain,my pain,was unbearable.i couldn't cope anymore with this situation,this pain,this bleeding of my heart.for the first time in my my life i was feeling so much pain that i wished to die.i wanted Edward kill me this dammit moment before the pain get worse.then i looked at my brother's and mother's face.Esme's eyes were apologizing,worried and brother's was serious but i could see the worry and pain in his eyes.then i was sure that Edward heard my wish,my wish to die.when i saw Edward's gold eyes i remembered much beautiful her eyes small and weak she was in my big hug.but these thought brought me much more pain.then i heard Carlisle's car in the garage.Edward stood up and Esme freed me from her hug.
Esme:"do you mind if we leave you for a moment??
i couldn't i just moved my head.Carlisle was already in his office and Esme with Edward went there too and started to talk.
Больше года bella585 said…
Больше года shellycane said…