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bella585 posted on Apr 24, 2009 at 07:26AM
i returned home after hunting full of energy because Bella will come tonight.when i entered the home i tried to be to be silent because Carlile and Esme were in their private room,so i didn't want to disturb them.the only thing that i wanted was to be alone with Rosalie,as almost everyone were out.
then i heard her coming.i couldn't wait and i run to the garage where i saw her.she was like always unbearable beautiful.her blond hair,her long thin legs,her gold eyes and her perfect lips.she didn't manage to to do a step when i hugged her and kissed her in an enthusiastic way.she was kissing me too with enthusiasm.we were kissing passionate for a minute and then i took her and we went to our bedroom.we laid in the bed without stop our kiss.
Emmet Cullen:"i was waiting for you three hours.i can't wait anymore.
i grabbed her face in my hands and i kissed her again.

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Больше года Yama said…
I cant wait either
Больше года bella585 said…
so,what are we going to do now.we are alone so we can do anything we want.