Юные Титаны The Pokemon Battle Championship Tournament

sturmelle15 posted on Jan 29, 2014 at 11:56PM
The episode started out with The Master of Games welcoming Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, Aqualad, Gizmo, Speedy, Wildebeest and Hot Spot to The First Annual Pokemon Battle Championship Tournament.How this will work is each of you will battle each other in cages.You can use the pokemon you brought.said The Master of Games.But enough of that.You probably want to get to battling, don't you?asked The Master of Games.The first opponent was Wildebeest with his Nidoking vs Hot Spot with his Flareon.The purple rhino pokemon had the advantage against the red feline pokemon.Ooh.Bad call.said The Master of Games as Nidoking shook the arena with Earthquake, knocking out Flareon.Hot Spot luckily had Magmar to back him up.Magmar beat Nidoking with a single Fire Punch, allowing Hot Spot to advance to round 2.However Wildebeest saved the best for last and sent out Rhydon, his most powerful pokemon.It would appear that Magmar is at a disadvantage against Rhydon.said The Master of Games as the two pokemon sized each other up.In another cage, it was a battle of speed as Robin's Scyther and Speedy's Jolteon used Agility.Your Scyther can fly all it wants, but it has to land eventually.said Speedy.Ha!Not a chance!Scyther!Use Double Team! said Robin as the bright green pokemon surrounded the yellow canine with multiple copies of itself, however it would take more than that to make Jolteon dizzy.This was indeed true as it shook it off with Agility, followed up by Quick Attack, finishing off Scyther and defeating Robin.In the same cage, after Hot Spot got defeated, it was now Aqualad's turn to face Wildebeest.His Pokémon however had the advantage against Wildebeest's pokemon.He started off the battle with Seadra to battle Nidoking.Before Nidoking could attack, it was knocked out by a Hydro Pump from Seadra.Wildebeest, enraged sent out Rhydon.It too got knocked out by Seadra's Hydro Pump.
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