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Any Good Love-Hate Dramas to Watch?

I am currently obsessed with Asian dramas, for whatever reason, and am looking for some new ones to watch. I particularly like dramas with a love-hate relationship, like those in You're Beautiful and Secret Garden. I'd prefer it if the guy was arrogant или cold, like the main guy from YB and SG, and I really, really don't want a female heroine that cries all the time, или can't stand up for herself. I like the Heroine in Secret Garden, and the Heroine in My Princess. :D

Oh, and no tragedies, please? I don't want to be watching a really good show, only to end up crying. :) Also, I don't really like melodramas, and I don't mind whether the drama is Korean, Japanese или Taiwanese. :)

Please help me out!
 Miss24601 posted Больше года
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Karebear1001 said:
I'm also a lover of Любовь - hate relationship dramas here are a few of my faves
- My Любовь from another star
- Heirs
-Fated to Любовь Ты
-Boys Over Flowers
-innocent man (its a melodrama but still amazing)
-Switch Girl
-Mischievous Kiss
(I know еще good japanese Фильмы then shows)
-Go single lady
-Devil beside you
-It started with a Kiss *favorite*
-Just Ты
-Sweet Relationship
Well here is a few hope Ты enjoy them that is if Ты haven't seen them (:
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posted Больше года 
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