Телевидение HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO: Ты hit your head and wake up with allusions of grandeur. Which TV character do Ты act like?

Pick one:
One of the sisters from Зачарованные ~ Ты are a powerful witch with romantic troubles
The Doctor from Doctor Who ~ you're a Time Lord with commitment issues
Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~ Ты kick vampire butt
Captain Jack from Torchwood ~ you're the man who can't die
One of the Герои from Герои ~ Ты are destined to save the world
One of the Others from Остаться в живых ~ Ты are technologically advanced and super creepy
Allison from Medium ~ Ты can see into the future and Converse with the dead
JD from Scrubs- Ты heal people in the hospital and...
JD from Scrubs-you heal people in the hospital and worship Dr. Cox
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 chel1395 posted Больше года
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