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List by deedragongirl posted Больше года
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Keep calm and play.
Hi everyone, since I started playing Теннис earlier this year. I would like to write down my favourite Теннис player who inspire me to play!

1. Roger Federer

He was the very first Swiss Теннис player who inspires me to start tennis. I hope that he will continue to play или best, give motivational talks to young Теннис players around the world!

2. Rafael Nadal

Yes, the Spaniard who carried the flag of Spain for this year's Olympics in Rio. He is the runner-up to Roger in this list, they are both like brothers whenever they pose for a фото together, mainly because of their long hair.

3. Andy Murray

The first British Теннис player to be in this list, he is another major highlights for the Olympics this year, so I salute him.

4. The William Sisters

I admire them for their strength and determination, they're the only American and females to be in this list. Like Federer, I hope that they give motivational talks in the near future!
News by blackcats posted Больше года
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Published: 17th секунда 2012
Which Теннис player Radek goes hands on the court ends - remember to Martina Hingis and Nicole Vaidisova. Now famous wrasse announced that the Olympic Games in Лондон goes to Petra Kvitova. It's another notch?
We do not in any way say that would not leave womanizer Stepanek had lured achievements Czech sports stars of last год and made ​​his defense over poor timid junior Pavlásek (which could well be Radek's son) way into her bed. So far only about sports cooperation. But on the line is never far from thought to action.
So. Radek Stepanek announced that the Olympic Games in Лондон will play mixed doubles with Petra Kvitova. For Czech sport that is certainly in the short term well - Radek is one of the world's best deblisty as Petra and her punches can easily wipe out the first Olympic medal.
But in the long run it may be a problem. If Peter does not end in the line bed, can still win tournament Название for ten years. We can only therefore nothing else than suffer in silence and hope that last year's crisis in relation Stepanek - Vaidisova is already over and that Radek leave time for your hormones to relax. source:...