I was watching the episode Donna's Panties (the where Eric pulls her pants down), and something really hit me. Really hit me about the show. Her and Eric have been Друзья since they were in kindergarten, and no matter what they Любовь each other. Even when they were dating other people. Yet, have Ты ever stopped and noticed something? Sometimes, Eric can be real mean to Donna. Like in the Ice Shack episode he сказал(-а) she had big feet, или in the episode Romantic Weekend Donna was upset about her dad getting laid off and Eric прокомментировал(-а) back with,"Let's turn that frown upside down. That's right. Let's have super hot sex baby!", and in other episodes like New Hope he acted possessive over Donna because she was Друзья with an old enemy of Eric's. Sure, Eric isn't a bad guy, but do Ты notice what some of the stuff he puts Donna through. Hyde never did that. He would tease her here and there, but that's just Hyde for you. I'm not talking bad about Eric, but it's so amazing. One minute, Eric is sarcastic, says something wrong, Donna hits him или walks away, Eric tries so hard to make it up to her, fails, but then the last scene they're either making out and talking или playing баскетбол like old friends. Also, he wrote that story in the paper about her, because of jealousy of Donna Письмо about them in the paper. Eric does Любовь her, but he treats her too much as "one of the guys". The only girl that understands her is Jackie, and even then she doesn't fully get on the same page as Donna. It's just that all that Eric had to do was truly understand Donna. Sometimes he did, but I think Hyde connected with her еще than anyone, especially in the first two seasons before he and Jackie were so stuck on each other. What I'm trying to say is, Eric may not fully understand, and makes Donna feel bad about herself sometimes, but unlike most guys, Eric would fight to the death to let Donna know that he's sorry. Maybe because Eric's a guy, maybe it's hanging out with Kelso, или maybe it's just being a teen, but even though Eric can be a total jerk, he has that one special connection that no one, not even Casey Kelso himself can really connect with. All in all, I Любовь the show, and I Любовь the way Eric and Donna hang out. I Любовь the whole dating but still best Друзья thing. It's not that common anymore, and it's sweet to see it.