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I walk a lonely road chapter 1

My laughing stoped and I derected my attention to a coming car. It was at least 12:00 at night when I saw it. I walked in the middle of the road and stood there. The headlights slowly came closer intill they came to a hault. I heard a man yell and cuss for me to get out of the way. I pulled out my sleep darts and shot one. He yelled and fell on the road. 

"sorry I need to use this." I mumbled as I through him into the back seat. I drove the car for a mere час and I stoped at a gas station outside of my town. I grabbed the man and placed him in the front seat....
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 The City
The City
My name is John,John Connor,I don't know how things got messed up for me,but all that matters is 'here and now'.But here and now,wasn't where it all phone rang,I picked it up and put it to my ear."Hello Mr.Connor,I've got an urgent message for you...when огонь is frozen,will it thaw,or are the flames so cold that they stay frozen.We know who Ты are John,there is no running..."the phonecall ended.The elevator in the 24th floor atrium opened.And out stepped 4 armed men and a man with a trench пальто and sunglasses."Now Mr.Connor,you will come silently или we I will authorize lethal force."he...
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I was walking down I улица, уличный when I heard a shriek of pain

and a man running out of a house. I walked inside the house

and gasped and fell on my knees a woman was on the floor

blood gushing out of her head I checked her pulse. Dead.

I heard someone at the door I jumped up and hung up on

the ceiling so the person would not see me. He walked into the

room and fell to his knees and cried. There was a note I don't

see he picked it up and read it. I could tell he was angry and sad

he was something that I know how it felt guiltily. He was guiltily

he mumbled something.

I jumped down from the ceiling and he was as fast as

lightning I'll admire that about him but not as fast as me I

grabed his hand. " What do Ты think Ты going to do" I сказал(-а) with

a devilish smile.
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when i wuzz born the father сказал(-а) i wuzz born with the devil eye my dad wuzz not happy for 15yrs 678 peopel hated me they called me 666 или devil или monster when i wuzz 7 i had no friend no Любовь no nothing later i Любовь a girl but she told me she told me right in my face she does not like monster i wuzz mad so later i came evil i destory people life i made them kill them self i made people life hell later i feel sad mom still loved me but my dad did not later when i wuzz 9 he came in my house and try to kill me he killed my unkel mike my dad had 3 gun's on him he dorp one i pick it up...
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" Mom!" I yelled.

" Yes Andrea?" she aksed.

" I have a Вопрос about math"I said.

"What is it sweetie?" she asked again.

" How old is it?" I сказал(-а) cracking up.

" Haha now tell me this Andrea what is the square root of 13"she


" 3.5 HA!" I memorized that Im Andrea Venezia I'll tell Ты my

story it all started on November 24 when my best friend asked

me to come to her house that was my Frist mistake I should

have never сказал(-а) yes I should have stayed Главная if I had I would

have died and my family would be безопасно, сейф now but they're all dead

my sweet sister two annoying big brothers and my parents my

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I was a fun loving girl Чтение until my eyes hurt playing Xbox
with my brothers messing with my sister wrestling with my dad
working my but of at swim practice to get better watching my
Избранное tv Показать with my mom.
I'm not that girl anymore family killed, murdered, because of one person Mal Moralize I don't know why it's me but I hide in the shadows waiting to strike. I will tellyou how I came to be this way but this way but ever morning I ask myself this question.

Why Me?
I walk a lonely road (intro)

I laughed as I remembered the good 'ol days. Lighting fireworks, shoting cans, drinking Mt. Dew, and sitting Далее to the fire. I wished every день was like that, but it will never be that way again. My cusin died, my parents and family died. Now I'm alone. Now I am a highly trained Dark Assassin. My objective: elemenate Sam F. Cline... 

It all happened about a год ago, when my cusin was shot by him. My family came Далее with my whole house booby trapped with napalm and c4. I survived becouse I happened to be at my friend's house playing xbox, and drinking pop. I came Главная the Далее morning and found my house in flames. I will not stop till I kill him...