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Who's your favourite character and why? Give at least 2 reasons


1.She's evil and I mostly on shows like evil characters.
2.She bullies Timmy and I like bad things in my favourite shows.
3.She hates the alien that likes her but then when she start to like him she gets on my nerves!
 stellamusa101 posted Больше года
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cartoonfangirl said:
1. When he smiles, good things happen and it's cute.
2. He's adorable when he says Poof Poof

And I also like Cosmo
1. Because of the not-so-intelligent stuff he says most of the time.
2. Because he has green hair and green is my favourite colour.

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posted Больше года 
MrLPGuy1 said:
Timmy Turner:

1. He has my eye color, which is blue.
2. He has interest in video games, just like I do.
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posted Больше года 
Tunder2510 said:

1. He is cute
2. I feel sorry for him
3. While he tends to be selfish, he has good heart.
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posted Больше года 
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