Alex and Goldy
Natsu: Com on lucy! I want to see the new wizards!
Happy: Aye!
Lucy: OMG it does not really matter, their just wizards!
Erza: Actually lucy their very strong wizards, maybe even еще powerful than me and laxus combined.
Grey: Their that strong?
Wendy: I heard one of them has SUPER long hair!
Lucy: OMG u.u grr.

At The Guild Hall
Master Makarov: -shakes hands with girl-
Narrator: This young lady is alex, she has SUPER long hair.
Alex: -looks at grey and natsu, smiles-
Grey & Natsu: -Blushes-
Happy: Ты two are in looooooove!
Grey & Natsu: QUEIT CAT!
Lucy: -looks at two boys-
Narrator: These two boys are облако and storm.
Erza: Hello there fellow wizards.
Cloud: Heh, Must be the official erza scarlet?
Storm: Ты aren't wrong.
?????:Show some manners!
Narrator: This young lady is Goldy, a very strong healer and dark magic wizard.
Goldy: Well Let me see, natsu, grey, lucy, erza, wendy and....?
Alex: How could Ты forget them! Happy and carla!
Natsu: So, your all really strong?
All Of them: Totally!
Cloud: And your a dragon slayer right?
Alex: -Stunned-
Goldy: Alex, Keep it to yourself.
Natsu: Keep what to herself?
Master Makarov: She's a dragon slayer too.
Wendy: -Happy- Yay im not the only girl dragon slayer!
Alex: Im the Dark Magic Dragon.
Natsu:-Shocked- Woah, Dark Magic?
Lucy: I heard about Ты 4.
Storm:Actually there are 5 of us.
Erza: Where is the 5th one?
????: -soft voice- Im right here.
-They all look behind them-
Narrator: This young lady is mist, a very strong and shy celestial wizard.
Mist: Hi, im mist, and im a celestial wizard.
Lucy: -Happy- Yes! Im not the only celestial wizard!
Mist:Um actually im a forbidden celestial wizard.
Carla: Forbidden?
Happy: Whats up with all this dark magic?
Alex:-Snobby- Ha! We used to be in one of the most evil guilds!
Natsu: So why are Ты here?
Mist: We would like to start over from scratch.
Grey: Well, Welcome to the guild-Irritated-
Alex:-Stares At Grey-
Grey:-Stares At Alex-
Cloud:-Gives Death Glare To Grey-
Grey:-Stops Looking At Alex-

To Be Continued........................................
облако and Storm