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LetsDuel2012 posted on Apr 12, 2013 at 03:47PM
Welcome to Fairy Tail! Here you can find jobs to get money or just hang out! When your here you are treated like family!
(Ok so this just came up in my mind. Here you can partake in events that happened in the show, or anything. You can be an OC or a character from the show if you like!
OC sheet
Magic powers-

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Больше года LetsDuel2012 said…
Name-Avalon Kingsly
Guild-formally a pirate mage guild called Stardust Seekers but now fairy tail
Magic powers-light molding magic
Weapon-pirate sword
Looks-a pic I will post soon
Bio:in the Stardust Seekers, they plundered from other guilds for everything they had, it seemed like a good life until one day they plundered a very poor guild, that night Avalon snuck away and returned everything, leaving a bag of gold. The guild caught her, and had a hearing. What she did was, by the guilds standards was punishable by death. Due to a lot of pleading, the older members of the guild told her that they would give her a year to plunder every last thing from the guild of their choice. They chose Fairy Tail and dropped her there, she had gotten caught from stealing from a store by Natsu,Erza,Lucy,and Gray and passed it off as a misunderstanding, But they became very good friends and she was allowed to join Fairy Tail. But her year is almost up...
Crush: Natsu
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Nya-sezumi2347 commented…
No gender?? Больше года
Karkat_Lover16 commented…
shes female,sorry i was sick when i made it XD Больше года
Больше года ShadowHunter15 said…
I have been watching Fairy Tail a lot so I've decided to join this!!

Name- Zared Aegeus
Age- 19
Guild- Crystal Star
Magic powers- Binding, sealing, barrier, and dispelling magic. Has an almost infinite quantity of magical power. However, if he uses up a lot of energy too fast he will die.
Weapon- Five swords (which he usually keeps sealed away) that help with sealing and binding along with twelve staves (kept sealed) for magical purposes.
Looks- See pic
Bio: Tries to keep past a secret.
Crush: None
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 I have been watching Fairy Tail a lot so I've decided to Присоединиться this!! Name- Zared Aegeus Age- 19
Karkat_Lover16 commented…
Nice! (btw this is LetsDuel) youre good to go Больше года
Больше года mcterra said…
Name:Sion Barzahd


Guild:Fairy Tail

Magic Powers:Hell Fire Dragon Slaying Magic(his flames are deep red and he can turn his body into hell fire rendering his opponent's power and speed useless)



Bio:He has a horrible past which he tries to forget about.

Crush:Avalon Kingsly

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 Name:Sion Barzahd Age:17 Guild:Fairy Tail Magic Powers:Hell огонь Dragon Slaying Magic(his fl
Karkat_Lover16 commented…
niiiiice youre good Больше года
Больше года senshi33 said…
I'm not sure if this rp is dead or not but I'm gonna join anyway :) btw I just started watching fairy tail a couple days ago so if I get mixed up just know it's not my fault...
Name: Takeo Suzume
Age: 17
Guild: she prefers to be alone but she'll except if invited
Magic powers: ice dragon slayer magic
Weapon: none
Looks: pic
Bio: her trainer was a dragon called froku , an ice dragon, but he suddenly disappeared and now she lives for the day shell see him again
Crush: none (yet)
She also has a black cat named Boo (who can talk)

Takeo: *walks around the town of magnolia with boo following*
Boo: I hear the great fairy tail guild is in this town
Takeo: oh really?
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 I'm not sure if this rp is dead или not but I'm gonna Присоединиться anyway :) btw I just started watching fairy
Karkat_Lover16 commented…
Nice oc Больше года
senshi33 commented…
Thanks! :) Больше года
Больше года Karkat_Lover16 said…
(Ok first things first I am LetsDuel and I haven't started this yet because of school and computer issues but hopefully you all can and want to still be a part of it)
*walking around humming something,she didn't even know but she was fine with that* (ok I couldn't find a picture so Avalon has green eyes,freckles brownish reddish hair,and has a normal figure. She wears a white shirt under a brown pirate jacket,a brown skirt black and white stripped stockings and black boots. and wears black gloves
Больше года senshi33 said…
(Glad u could join us :DI love ur character btw!)
Takeo: maybe I should join a guild here I need the money...
Boo: yeah
Больше года Karkat_Lover16 said…
Hmmm....What to do? (Hehe thanks I love yours too)
Больше года senshi33 said…
*takeo and boo walk past Avalon* takeo: hmm? ( :D)
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Больше года Karkat_Lover16 said…
Hi there!
Больше года senshi33 said…
takeo: oh hello have u seen a dragon around here by any chance? (i changed my profile a litttle :3)
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Больше года juvia_132 said…
Name- Marina Fisher (Shimizu)

Age- 17

Guild- Fairy Tail

Magic powers- Water Magic, Shimizu Family's water magic, Ex-Quip clothes and weapons that help improve her water magic

Weapon- Mermaid Trident

Looks- (I'll upload it later, i'm drawing her right now.) sorry...

Bio: She used to live in a village surrounded by water, and she had parents that really loved her.They taught Marina water magic in case she needed to defend herself. But one day when Marina was 7 years old, her town was attacked by a extremely strong dark guild and apparently, the reason that they attacked was that her mother had special water powers. She was from the Shimizu family (every one of the Shimizu family had a rare and special water using powers), but she was hiding her identity because she wanted to live in peace(Only her husband knew). But the dark guild figured out their identity and they said that they already killed all the family members so don't try to resist. But by accident a member of the dark guild killed Marina's mom because she was resisting. And they killed her dad because they had no use for him. Marina saw them die right in front of her eyes. She was furious, she was overcome by rage.And unconsciously, she suddenly started to attack them with the Shimizu family's secret magic "Holy Water" and "Water of Despair", and she knocked out all the members of the guild with that magic.(But she had no idea how she did that). When she regained her consciousness, she got frightened and ran away from her village. She wondered hopelessly for 6 days and she arrived to Magnolia, tired and hungry. Finally she passed out right in front of Fairy Tail. Thankfully Master Makarov was there and he took her to the guild. When she woke up, Master asked her what happened, but she lost her memories from the shock of losing her parents. But the guild took good care of her. And soon after that she joined fairy tail and is living a happy life. She regained her memories when she was 16, and she learned how to control her family's water magic. (Holy Water) and (Water of despair). But that's another story.

Crush: none.(maybe she'll get one.)
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senshi33 commented…
I Любовь ur oc! :) Больше года
Karkat_Lover16 commented…
nice! Больше года
Больше года Karkat_Lover16 said…
um...cant say i have..sorry
((this is her btw))
 um...cant say i have..sorry ((this is her btw))
Больше года senshi33 said…
Takeo: dang it! Where is he?! *looks up into the sky*
(Omg! That's so coooool! Did u draw that?)
LetsDuel2012 commented…
yeah! Больше года
Больше года Day-Cry-Wolf said…
Name? Manic Red Winter [Also Known As Day Cry Wolf]
Age? 18
Gender? Male
Guild? Fairy Tail
Magic Type? Sun [He Uses the sun As A weapon So I Guess Light But He Does't use it Much.]
Weapon? A Gun, A Sword , And A Knife
Looks? (Picture)
Bio? He Was A Little Boy And He Was Walking With His Little Sister in Town His Little Sister Found A Hole And Fell Into It. He Ran To It And Jump Inside To Get His sister And When He was 18 He Was Out He Didt Know Anything He Didt Even know Himself When He Found His Sister He Knew Who He Was Now Then He Was In fairy Tail And He Almost Forgot About His sister. His Sister Lived Where Else.
Crush? None.
 Name? Manic Red Winter [Also Known As день Cry Wolf] Age? 18 Gender? Male Guild? Fairy Tail Magic
Больше года LetsDuel2012 said…
Need help? (yeah i forgot the password to my other accnt)
Больше года FairyTail10101 said…
Name- Mizuki Nakahara
Age- 17
Guild- Fairy Tail
Magic type- Shapeshifter
Weapon- whatever thing she is at the moment
Looks- picture
Bio- Both parents still alive. Has little sister name Mimeoko. Joined Fairy Tail at age 14 and now has a cat name Zini. Since she is a shapeshifter she can turn into anything from animals to dragons.
Crush- None
 Name- Mizuki Nakahara Age- 17 Gender-Female Guild- Fairy Tail Magic type- Shapeshifter
Больше года LetsDuel2012 said…
((youre in!)
Больше года BiscaConnel said…
Name : Ayano Hamasaki
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Femail
Guild: Fairy Tail
Magic: Iron God Slayer
Weapon: Katana
Looks: See pic
Bio: Before she entered Fairy Tail she had an accident and has amnesia.
Crush: Manic Red Winter
 Name : Ayano Hamasaki Age: 17 years old Gender: Femail Guild: Fairy Tail Magic: Iron God Slayer
Больше года BiscaConnel said…
Am I in??? :)
Больше года cutiepie101010 said…
Name- Krystal Nightfall
Age- 16
Guild- Fairy Tail
Magic powers- Crystal Mage
Weapon- um...crystals magic...
Looks- I do not own this picture!
Bio:(optional) find out
Crush:(optional) none yet
 Name- Krystal Nightfall Age- 16 Guild- Fairy Tail Magic powers- Crystal Mage Weapon- um...crysta
Больше года shadow-master_2 said…
Name: Shizuka Hayashi.
Age: 21.
Gender: Female.
Guild: Fairy Tail.
Magic Powers: Illusion Magic
Weapons: None.
Looks: She has spiky red hair, purple eyes, has fair skin and stands at 5'9. She wears a blue crop top that reveals her entire abdomen with a fishnet shirt underneath. She wears brown knee length shorts and black sandals. Her guild mark is around her bellybutton.
Personality: Cold and always serious. She has a dark sense of humour.
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Больше года ilovenalu4evs said…
Name: Icay Millgrate
Gender: Female
Guild: Fairy Tail
Magic Powers: Fire Dragon Slaying Magic and Celestial Magic
Weapons: None
Looks: She has blonde short hair with a ribbon on it,brown eyes has fair skin and is not so fat and not so skinny. She wears a red shirt that has pink letters on it that says I ONLY DATE BAD BOYS and she wears jeans that is color black with flames on it and she wears a pink hat with flames on it and she wears black boots with a red dragon on it
Personality: Cheerful always happy only cries when something bad happens to her friends has a sense of humour
Больше года LetsDuel2012 said…
((You're all in
Больше года MeleeGod19 said…
Name-Xenos Fire
Magic-Infinite God Slayer Magic and speed Magic
Weapons-Blade staff and melee(no weapons sometimes)
looks-purple hair, purple muscle shirt, purple shades, black pants and shoes
Bio-sometimes take his shirt off(habit from his dad)my sister taught me how to use god slayer even though
she was a lightning god slayer but taught me infinite god slayer magic, my dad is a ice wizard and my mother a requiping wizard when they died I was 10 then I met friends and we began to learn magic together
then one of my friends he learned fire magic his name was Gao Hamata and my other friend/girlfriend she learned sand magic then we grabbed a healing potion mixed with eternal youth potion but it looked like a heailng potion so we split it, but the next year we were supposed to turn 12 but we didn't eventually we were supposed to be 18 but we stayed 11 after a few years me and my girlfriend had a baby since fairy tail and sabertooth are an alliance now the baby is with fairy tail, they have a mixed emblem on his arm with sabertooth and fairy tail,and his name was leo fire my girlfriend's name is now sasuki fire because we got married
Girlfriend-Sasuki Fire