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posted by goddessoflife

"Okay, that sucked," Janie сказал(-а) quietly, while studying her face in the mirror. (Hey, even if we don't act like our sisters, we still care that we look okay.)
"Ya think so?" I said.
"How are we going to find Eve?" She asked. "Elizabeth might've been a lead!"
I sighed, "Well, freaking out doesn't really help much, but I have an idea to where the heck she might be."
"Sure ya do!"
Carter's door opened, "Do Ты people ever sleep?"
"I'd Любовь to say yes, but no." I smiled. "Go get Percy and tell him to pack up his stuff. We're leaving."
"Right now?" Janie and Carter asked at the same time....
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posted by goddessoflife

I decided to take it easy tonight. I flipped on the T.V. and found a re-run of Degrassi: The Далее Generation.
"I don't know, Janie. We'll have to figure out how this happened, we can't just jump to conclusions," Percy сказал(-а) quietly.
Janie spoke softly because Elizabeth had fallen asleep in the chair. "Well, we have to get moving!"
Percy nodded, "I know."
I sat up and looked at them, "Listen, we'll figure out her-" I pointed at Elizabeth, "-later. it's almost one in the morning. Give it a rest!"
Janie sighed and stood up, "Well then, I'll just go to bed!" She stomped off, leaving...
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I've been thinking about the Demigod Files for a while now, and it's raised a couple of questions. First off, why was it written? I know it doesn't sound like a very important question, but I beg to differ. Rick Riordan has сказал(-а) that he's always known there would be another series involving Camp Half-Blood because there were plot lines and stories he couldn't work into the Percy Jackson series. So what would Ты call the stories in the Demigod Files? I 'd call them stories that didn't fit into the main story arch of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. So, I think that since Rick knew he was going...
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So this is my first article, which includes my theories on Rick Riordan's book, the Остаться в живых Hero. Feel free to read an rate...

Jason - Obviously our new hero. Seems to be suffering from memory loss. After a bit of research, I decided that this could be caused by Mnemosyne. Zeus and her slept together to create the Nine Muses. However, she also "presides over a pool" in the underworld, which is like the River Lethe. The interesting bit? She's the Titaness of Memory, and those that drink from the River Lethe forget their past lives. Could she be the ‘mistress’?
As for his relationship with the...
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Ways to tick off a PJ fan.

This is my list, what’s yours?

1/ When Ты see a group of PJ Фан talking ‘bout him, pretend to Присоединиться them and say: “Oh, Ты guys talk ‘bout Peter Jackson, the director of King Kong and LOTR? Oh…oh, I so Любовь him!”

2/ Ask your PJ fanboy/girl friend which Greek god he/she hates most (4 example, Poseidon), then say: “Oh, oh, there’s a small blue trident above your head. Mr.P’s your daddy!! He’s claimed you!!!”

3/ Tell him/her that Ты heard Kronos speaking in your dreams and he asked Ты to kill all demigods (fake или real) Ты know.

4/Tell them that...
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posted by goddessoflife

I didn't know where we were, but I kept on moving. We (luckily) didn't encounter any monsters.
But, I did see my house.
I stopped short.
Janie slammed into me, "What?"
I pointed, "That's my house." I wanted to go in, maybe even stay there for a few days. We were all getting hungry and there wasn't enough money left to buy any food. Plus, my house has four rooms, huge stash of secret money, and food.
But, one problem, there were police tape lines.
"Can Ты explain that?" Janie asked.
I nodded, "Easily. My whole family is missing. Of course they'll check out our house."
We looked around....
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posted by goddessoflife
Before I start, I want to thank everyone who has read this. Especially redhawks for giving me my first prop!
I promise Ты guys it's not over yet. I have a few еще chapters to get through. After that, I have another project I'm working on, which Ты will be able to find on www.fanfiction.net.
I haven't started the new project, but I have a pretty good idea of how it'll start.
And, you'll see Emma, Carter, Janie, Kaela, and all the other awesome characters.
Here are a few new characters for it:
Kelsee Kifton:
Strawberry blond hair, braces that she can turn into her sword, glasses, and gray...
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posted by goddessoflife

When things don't go right, go left. Except for the fact that I couldn't leave this camp without permission. I'm stuck here, and we can't use phones because it attracts to many "monsters."
I stared at my food, not eating.
"What's wrong?" Carter asked.
I shrugged. I was dying to know who the heck my immortal parent was. But I didn't. And I'm stuck.
I saw a few Aphrodite kids walk past, their perfume made me sneeze.
"Bless you."
"You're welcome," Carter said. But it sounded еще like, "More elmome," because his mouth was full of food.

Capture the flag...it's huge here...and...
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posted by goddessoflife

"What is this thing?" I asked Percy. It looked like a horse with wings.
"Pegasus. His names Blackjack." Then he looked at the pegasus, "Yeah."
"Um, did Ты just to talk to it?" I had no idea what was going on. All I knew is that my cousin, Eve, had tried to drown me and some person name Percy Jackson shows up in the water, saves me, and he's not even wet.
"Yeah. Anyways, what's your name?"
"Emma. Emma Yails."
"Okay Emma. Are Ты afraid of heights?"
"No," I answered, "Why?" I had a bad feeling it had to do with Blackjack.
"You're gonna ride a pegasus, don't worry. I'll make sure Ты don't...
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At the end of Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian Rachel became the new Oracle and made the new great prophecy

"Seven Half- Bloods Shall Answer the Call"
"To Storm или to огонь the World Must Fall"
"An Oath to Keep With a Final Breath"
"And Foes медведь Arms to the Doors of Death"

Now there has been a lot of great ideas for this prophecy and I'm just going to put them here или at least as much as I can remember.

Ok the first line "Seven Half-Bloods Shall Answer the Call" ok the call could mean Pan but thats all over ever since the battle of the Labryinth so it could mean Grover seening as he's a member...
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I've just read the sample chapters of the book on camphalfblood.com. If Ты haven't see the site, go and see it NOW, and the Пароль to unlock the chapters is 'newhero'.

OK, I've read them, and I think they are 47 PAGES OF AWESOMENESS!!!!!! We have three new demigods: Leo(who seems to be a child of Hephaestus), Piper (I'm pretty sure she's Athenian) and Jason, the main character. I'm not very sure about Jason's immortal parent, but it might be either Aeolus (the wind god, booklover27's dad) или Zeus. Well, I think Aeolus makes еще sense, but the monsters (three very mean wind spirits) said...
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