The House of Anubis The Couples that I think should be!

bamagrmtgirl posted on Mar 03, 2011 at 01:59AM
Nina and Fabian- (of course! I am so happy that they are officaly a couple now)

Amber and Mick- They are my favorite above all I hated Mick for going with Mara.

Mara and Alfie- They just make a cute couple

Patricia and Jerome- both trouble makers so they go together naturally.

[If Joy was there and Nina wasnt i would want Fabian and Joy together)

Who are yalls favorite couples?

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Больше года HOA21 said…
Fabian and Nina-its so obvious they love each other!

Mick and Mara-I don't like Mick or Mara too much so that's why I like them.

Amber and Alfie-They make a cute couple.

Patricia and Jerome-They have similar personalities and they look cute together, plus the actors that play them are dating in real life.
Больше года Nemisis said…
Jerome doesn't get any one his whole character in the first half of season 1 was hitting on girls
Fabian an Nina
mick and Mara
Amber and alfie
Patrica is too awesome for any of the other characters
Joy is a little..... I'm not going to say
Больше года shadirby said…
big smile
Patricia and Eddie!
Больше года poliocer said…
Больше года BridgexJordan said…
big smile

Sorry Jara fans but that's who I like
Больше года SuperstarKK said…
Больше года habbofirstfan said…
fabina jara amfie peddiep
Больше года emilydoyle118 said…
i agree with you superstarkk i think that yhese couples shounted go out
Больше года dbskanis said…
of course it would be :
fabian + nina (but since nina is absent is season 3 idk... but maybe she will come back? ^^)
jerome + mara ( they r so sweet , but if mick come back to the house ... idk what will happen )
alfie + amber (i'm sure of this couple so funny and cute~)
eddie + patricia (also sure bout them)

haha...that's what i think ~
Больше года pearlxashxdawn said…
Fabina forever <3 (I hope Nina does come back in Season 3 :)
Больше года BJsRealm said…
Personally I would prefer some gay couples on HOA (UK), such as Fabian/Eddie (Feddie) & Jerome/Eddie (Edrome), or Fabian/Jerome (Ferome). I was quite surprised (not to mention shocked) by the fact there was no gay couples at all on HOA! How come there was no character who is gay, or at least bi, is beyond me, especially we're living in the 21st century now! Thank God for fandom/pairing, yet I would prefer it was HOA canon, just like on Hollyoaks. Btw my absolute favourite gay couple on HOA would definitely be Feddie (Fabian/Eddie)! Here's a picture of both of my favourite HOA characters as best friends. (I wish they were much more than just that btw!).
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 Personally I would prefer some gay couples on HOA (UK), such as Fabian/Eddie (Feddie) & Jerome/Eddie