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I spend the rest of the reaping день locked in my room, huddled in a ball, trying not to think of Peeta and the painful, dreadful days to come. My mother never tries to talk to me или intrude on me; she must know how I feel, because she loves Peeta too.
When it's suppertime, all she does is crack my door open and slip the plate of Еда onto my bedside таблица and run back out. I don't eat much of the рыба или green beans, just pick microscopic pieces of the Еда off and play with it, bored.
When the lights go out and noises cease, I whimper softly into my pillow. Could it really have been this afternoon Peeta and I were talking about what would happen? Only this morning did we spend breakfast at his parents' bakery fantasizing about our future. But now it seems there won't be one.
I begin to cry into my подушка and just accept, tiredly, that it will be a long first night, and the Далее few weeks will certainly be unbearable.
After midnight, I wake up, sweating and shivering at the same time and paper white. Was today all some nightmare, and just now I've woken up?No, today was real, and losing Peeta just feels like a nightmare.
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 Panem Map - generalized
Panem Map - generalized
SPOILER ALERT: There are significant reveals of book information in order to support the Дизайн of these maps. Please do not continue if Ты do not wish to have this information revealed to you.

General Map Information
There are two maps in this article. The first was a rough draft for quickly placing the general location of the districts during research. The секунда map is еще detailed and provides boundaries for each of the districts. The map is large and the boundary lines in it are small so Ты may have to zoom in to see them.

Analysis - General
The location of the districts is based on three...
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