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zeebem10 posted on Apr 26, 2012 at 03:11AM
Welcome to the Hunger Games Roleplay! This is what I need for you to join rp.





Character Description And/Or Picture:



Favorite Past Tribute:

Thats it! Have fun role playing!

District 1
Male: Female:twistedsilver-Aislin Tavolyer
District 2
Male:aprilacne-Cato Female:aprilacne-Azia
District 3
Male:darkling_menace-Nicholas Tesla Female:
District 4
Male:Alvin2442-Alvin Hamilton Female:Rosie_Cresta-Rosie Cresta
District 5
Male: Female:madeline189-Madeline Devitis
District 6
Male: Female:yellowzebra1250-Elektra Levinson
District 7
Male:zeebem10-Deodar Kult Female:
District 8
Male: Female:District8_Girl-Ainsley Quinn
District 9
Male:zeebem10-Acton Abmerhay Female:wishey-Artemis
District 10
Male: Female:hungergames145-Ellie Claire
District 11
Male: Female:juggernautess-Tigress Avail
District 12
Male:Ares2002-Rufus Flinch Female:

Also, the rp starts a day before the reaping. Thx!
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Больше года zeebem10 said…
Name: Acton Abmerhay

Age: 17

District: 9

Gender: Male

Character Description And/Or Picture: Short Blonde hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes, and a light brown birthmark on his neck.

Likes: Bread, grain, Oil, meat, water, and jogging.

Dislikes: criminals, and peace keepers.

Favorite Past Tribute: Katniss
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Больше года darkling_menace said…
Name: Nicholas Tesla

Age: 16

District: 3

Gender: Male

Description: short black hair, brown eyes, wears gray jeans, black T-shirt, brown work boots and has muscular arms

Likes: working, reading, and using his brain to solve problems

Dislikes: loud noises, chaos, and mustard

Favorite past tribute: Beetee
Больше года District8_Girl said…
Name: Ainsley Quinn

Age: 17

District: 8

Gender: Female

Character Description And/Or Picture: Hazel eyes, long brown/black hair, wears white jeans, brown T-shirt, blue shoes, strong arms

Likes: Reading, singing, hunting, weaving

Dislikes: High-pitched sounds, stew

Favorite Past Tribute: Finnick Odair
 Name: Ainsley Quinn Age: 17 District: 8 Gender: Female Character Описание And/Or Picture: Haze
Больше года HumphryOmega said…
name: Jason Staten
district: 4
gender: male
likes: causing severe pain, weapons
dislikes: peace keepers
favorite past tribute: finnick odair
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Больше года aprilacne said…
(YES! 2 IS STILL OPEN! this is from another rp sowz)

Name Azia Hunz

Gender: Girl


District 2


Weight: 102

Muscle build: strong upper body, legs and stomch area
Weapons skilled at spears and brass knuckles

Appearance: Black hair in a low choppy pony tail, pointed chin that has a few brusis, more bruses on cheek, a cut that goes from the end of brow to the bottom of her cheekbone, Left eyes is a cornflower blue and the right is a lime green.

Token:Stanless Steel Military dog tags.

Likes:Play-fighting, making weppons, Stanless Steel or any other type of metal, gore.

Dislikes: Anything girly, especally ranbows and butterflys.
Больше года thetribute said…
Name: Emily Abernathy
Gender: girl
Age: 13
District: 4
Weight: 99
Green eyes, with a hint of gold. Washboard abbs, thin, yet somehow miraculously still having huge boobs, especially considering the age. Brown hair with natural gold highlights.
Likes: winning, killing, fame, cash, FINNICK
Dislikes; the careers(no, i won't join you) being dishonorable, having knife taken away.
Fav past tribute: Peeta(he is HOT!)
Больше года hungergames145 said…
Name: Ellie Claire

Age: 13

District: 10

Gender: Girl

Character Description And/Or Picture: Long wavy dirty-blonde hair, grey eyes with flecks of blue, very small and frail, snow white skin. wears a faded floral skirt with a white shirt, and beat up runners.

Likes: Nature, Animals, Reading, Singing

Dislikes: Pain, The Capitol, Fighting, Killing, Meat (is a vegetarian), Deep Water, Hunting, Weapons

Favorite Past Tribute:
Больше года Ares2002 said…
Name:Rufus Flinch




Character Description:short jet black hair,light brown eyes,light skin,wears a dark blue shirt, black jeans and white joggers,has scarred hands of years of getting beaten up and hunting

Likes:Hunting,roaming through the woods alone,reading

Dislikes:Capitol,killing,Fire,Pain and Death

Fave Past Tribute: Finnick or Rue

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Больше года aprilacne said…
(can I be Cato too?)
Больше года HumphryOmega said…
i cant believe tomorrows the reaping....it came so fast like notime
Больше года Ares2002 said…
*The Reaping*

We all gathered around in the square to see who will be chosen
Больше года Rosie_Cresta said…
Name: Rosie Cresta (Rosalyn Ann Cresta)

Age: 16 or 17

District: 4

Gender: female

Character Description And/Or Picture: Blue eyes, blonde hair with teal blue streak, pale skin, long hair, Cut up hands (when she used to cut because of her sister, Annie Cresta

Likes: Animals, her sister Annie Cresta, Music, Peace

Dislikes: Loud noises, thinking of her childhood

Favorite Past Tribute: Annie Cresta
 Name: Rosie Cresta (Rosalyn Ann Cresta) Age: 16 или 17 District: 4 Gender: female Character Descri
Больше года aprilacne said…

"Azia Hunz!"

Azia:*doesn't move*

"Azia Hunz, come up please."

PeaceKeepers:*grab her shove her forward*

Azia:No, NO! CATO!CATO!!*screaming for cato*

Cato:Buyaka boomba.

Azia:*remembers their made up language and that buyaka boomba means 'I vollenteer'*Veeva La! Veeva La!(means 'I remember!')

Azia:*rurnd back around and walks up the stairs*
Больше года Ares2002 said…
Effie Trinket:First of all I will call the girl tribute.*reaches for parchment*The girl tribute is Rose Lark.

A girl goes up on the stage.

Effie:Now,the boy tribute is Rufus Finch!

I was shocked to hear my name.I couldn't believe it.Me in the Hunger Games.Impossible.
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Больше года Heyyyy101 said…
(Am I too late?)
Name: Madeline Undersee

Age: 13


Gender: Female

Character Description And/Or Picture: Dark wavy long hair. Fair skin. Very dark brown eyes. Pinkinsh lips.

Likes: Music. Baking. Playing the piano

Dislikes: Noisy people. Immature people.

Favorite Past Tribute: Haymitch Abernathy
Больше года HumphryOmega said…
(two female district 4 females?)
Effie: Jason Staten!
*i mutter* only a matter of time.... *i stand up and make my way to the stage* no use trying to fight this anyways
Больше года aprilacne said…
"Geva Anton"


Azia:*acts shocked but is happy*
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Name:Alvin Hamilton




Character Description And/Or Picture:Sea green and Stormy grey eyes with jet black hair.Muscular in arms and legs and quick.

Likes:Water,Trident,and other things

Dislikes:President Snow the Peacemakers and the Hunger Games

Favorite Past Tribute:Thresh

Token:A necklace with his district sigh on it

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Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Repear:grabs a peace of paper"Emily Abernathy"She grabs another piece of paper"Alvin Hamilton"

Alvin:With those words,I was in the games.The Nightmare place.I just wonder what its gonna be like
Больше года juggernautness said…
Name: Tigress Avail

Age: 13

District: 11

Gender: female

Character Description And/Or Picture: Tigress is a little shorter than average. She has a frail and small build. She also has forest green eyes and mid-back length brown hair.

Likes: trees, animals, nature and ranged weapons

Dislikes: hornets/wasps/bees, factories and man-made nature stuff

Favorite Past Tribute: Rue

Token: A small silver pin with a bundle of wheat on it

Preferred Weapon: Bow or throwing daggers

Strengths: Sneaking and ranged weapons

Weaknesses: Wasps/bees/hornets and artificial nature (like the fire in the books)

Other: Tigress is best with bows and other ranged weapons but isn't the worst with swords or anything either
Больше года juggernautness said…
Tigress: My leather skirt was tighter than last year and the white blouse was dotted with dirt. I tuned out all noise as the Reaper pulled out a name for the girls. I wasn't paying attention until "Tigress Avail" poured out of her mouth. I walked forward slowly as my sister began to cry a little bit. Her 13 year old little sister with her name only in twice when hers was in 48 times would be agonizing but I was able to talk her out of volunteering for me if I get picked. I picked up my feet high enough to get up the stairs and didn't hear who the boy was. The peace-keepers came and shoved me forward as everyone began to leave and the Tributes were supposed to be entering the last building they will be going into from their district until they win or die.
Больше года wishey said…
Name: Atremis



Gender: female

Character description: has long dark brown hair that goes past her shoulders, hazel eyes, tan skin, sturdy build.

Likes: the forest, being alone, her family, her friends, nature, drawing, protecting people

Dislikes: being helpless, people dying, Ugly things, not knowing stuff, spiders

Favorite past tribute: katniss

Token: a gold charm bracelet given to her by her sister

Preffered weapon: knives and daggers

Strengths: knows about plants, climbing, and close range combat

Weaknesses: long range combat, fighting without weapons,

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Больше года wishey said…
Reaper: and the girl tribute is Artemis Edwards

Artemis: I am terrified. I couldn't have been picked! I walk to the platform and shake hands with the boy tribute.
Больше года hungergames145 said…
Reaper: The girl tribute for district 10 is... Ellie Claire! Congrats

Ellie: I dropped to the ground. I didn't know if I fainted due to fear, or because the sun was so blazing hot. The peace keepers woke me up right away. I was too dizzy and scared to walk to the stage. I stood there, frozen. The entire district's eyes on me. The peace keepers lifted me and carried me to the middle of the stage. The crowd stood there in silence. I waited for the boys name to be called.
Больше года zeebem10 said…
(Hi. I've been very busy.Couldn't check on stuff. So anyway I'm about to update this and I'm working on a Hunger Games Fan fiction. Also Heyyyy you are NOT too late, You CAN be Cato, April, and I will fix The district 4 tribute settlement.)
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Больше года aprilacne said…

Cato:*hugs Azia as they are pushed in by peacekeepers*
Больше года GoodWitchesRAJA said…
Ok lets see...

Name- Amy Threshold

Age- 15

District- 4

Gender- female

Character Description- small slender sturdy good with weapons fast runner good with knots good with hooks great climber good weaver (mix of all of the old tributes)

Likes- the woods being with friends and family eating singing and dancing

Dislikes- president snow mean peacekeepers dying

Favorite Past Tribute- Katniss and Mags

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Больше года aprilacne said…
(Can we get on with training and making alliances?)
Больше года darkling_menace said…
(oh god i have been gone for a long time, im not gonna write any backstory stuff, but i'll be more involved)
Больше года madeleine189 said…
Name: Madeleine Devitis

Age: 16

District: 5

Gender: female

Character Description And/Or Picture: posted pic. brown hair, skinny, very fit, green eyes, pale

Likes: music, hunting, making weapons

Dislikes: peace keepers, loud sounds, girly girls

Favorite Past Tribute: peeta
 Name: Madeleine Devitis Age: 16 District: 5 Gender: female Character Описание And/O
Больше года zeebem10 said…
(Need to be on more now don't I? Also yes, yes we can. ALSO I have decided who are going to be the D4 Tributes. They Are Rosie_Cresta and Alvin2442. To the others who applied for D4 do not fret. There are plenty of other Districts you can be. Like D1, D6, or D7.)
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Больше года zeebem10 said…
Acton: As I walk around the training center I see people throwing spears, axes and many more sharp weapons that I could use to cut grain. As always some things remind me of District 9. I miss it but i'm happy to leave it. I DEFINITELY know I'm not happy with being in the Capitol. That's for sure.
Больше года Ares2002 said…
Rufus:I go to the spear center and train
Больше года twistedsilver said…
Name: Aislin Tavolyer

Age: 15

District: 1

Gender: Female

Character Description And/Or Picture: Curly waist length blond hair, bright blue eyes, very tall, thin, innocent looking

Likes: daggers, action, thrills, running, climbing, jumping, sleeping, eating

Dislikes: romance, super girly stuff (Will wear a dress), pink, dancing, singing

Favorite Past Tribute: Enobaria

Hope you pick me for district one
Больше года yellowzebra1250 said…
Name: Elektra Levinson
District: 6
Character Description And/Or Picture: Long black hair, dark brown eyes, tall for her age, skinny, lanky, Rude and evil.
Likes: Bow and Arrow, being rude, fighting, punching and sprinting.
Dislikes: Bright colored clothes like yellow, orange. Cooking , doing work, children.
Favorite Past Tribute: Finnick
Больше года zeebem10 said…
Name: Deodar Kult

Age: 13

District: 7

Gender: Male

Character Description And/Or Picture: Picture

Likes: The woods, leaves, axes, blueberry, and bread.

Dislikes: President Snow, The Capitol, Careers, District 8, and Nightlock berries.

Favorite Past Tribute: Johanna Mason
 Name: Deodar Kult Age: 13 District: 7 Gender: Male Character Описание And/Or Picture:
Больше года hungergames145 said…
Ellie: I have no idea of what i'm doing. I pick up some knives and throw them at the targets, horribly missing each time. I can hear the careers laughing at me. In order to redeem myself I climb the wall faster then a spider monkey. I still feel they are unimpressed. I know i'll be a target... i'll be easy prey for some blood-thirsty goon eager to get their first kill. I plot a stragety in my head. I think i'll have a supply of nightlock berries on hand at all times, and if somebody is trying to kill me, I can easily take myself out of my misery. I look around the room at all the strong , healthy people and realise that I have no chance of winning, whatsoever. But that doesn't mean I won't try.
Больше года GoodWitchesRAJA said…
Name: Annaleice Charter
Age: 13
Character Description: Long wavy blonde hair blue eyes slender skinny small fast good climber great with any type of weapon (sasha pieterse)
Likes:too many cant say them all
Dislikes:snakes spiders bats and creepy crawlies
Favorite Past Tribute: Katniss Everdeen
Больше года zeebem10 said…
(Sorry good. Someone else is the District 1 female. You can be one of the other districts that don't have tributes or a district that us missing a tribute.)
Больше года hungergames145 said…
(When do you think the games will start?)
Больше года ghostsilver said…
Name: Zephaniah grace

Age: 14

District: 7

Gender: female

Character Description And/Or Picture: link

Likes: winter, snow, darkness, nature, animals

Dislikes: summer, warmth, haters-pessimists

Favorite Past Tribute: Johanna mason

I hope I'm not too late!
Больше года TheLowerClass said…
Name: Rover Jones

Age: 14

District: 6

Gender: Male

Character Description And/Or Picture: Organized black hair, brown eyes, scar near eye, tan skin

Likes: Thievery, Cars, and Stealth

Dislikes: Love, Friendship, and Popularity

Favorite Past Tribute: Foxface
Больше года WoodenSayuri said…
Name: Ivy Thorn

Age: 15

District: 12

Gender: Female

Character Description And/Or Picture: Long ashen brown hair to her mid-back, sparkling green eyes and porclean skin.

Likes: Archery, lumber, reading, dancing, and the colors brown and green

Dislikes: Swords, music, and secrets.

Favorite Past Tribute: Katniss Everdeen
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Больше года claty said…
name: Katrinah Bellsmithe
gender: obviously a girl
age: 14
district: 1
character: jet black hair that goes to her lower back, icy blue eyes that seen to glow when she's mad.
pale skin
likes: green, red, turquoise, light blue(the color of her eyes) lavender. archery, writing, reading, helping her family
dislikes: still figuring that out one more thing eyery day
Больше года claty said…
katrinah: I should go practice throwing knives in case I get chosen for the reaping. I'm gonna make my district proud
Больше года MARVELous2 said…
Name: Dare Harford

Age: 16

District: 1

Gender: Male

Character Description: He has short dark brown hair that curves a little. He is slim built, but is very strong. Brown eyes, slightly tan skin.

Likes: Throwing spears, using Knives, being around his brother, and music.

Dislikes: Capitol and Peace Keepers

Favorite pas Tribute: Marvel

Weapon: Knife/throwing Knife and spear
MARVELous2 commented…
He's also 6"1 Больше года