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 The Hunger Games facts 61-80
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61 to 80
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This Голодные игры Фан-арт might contain знак, плакат, текст, классной доски, and доске.

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hunger games
Note: Please don't give me the, I literally am Письмо down my ideas. I know this didn't happen in any of the books, but idk really its just what im thinking.


"Gale" I whisper in his ear as we lay in постель, кровати together.
"Gale.." I repeat a little louder.
"What is Katniss?" he says as he rolls over to face me.
"I cant sleep. want to go to the Capitol?" I say, nervous about his answer.
".... okay, but not for long. we can just check up on the prisoners."
"okay" I сказал(-а) wanting to jump with glee. We get out of bed, trying our hardest not to make much sound. Ever since we broke down the capitol, thing...
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the fray
run for your life
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The justice building is huge, with carpeted floors the color of the stormy sea. I wait for my family in a round room. The whole place has a morbid feeling to it, as if the tributes who have been here before me haunt the place, traces of their restless spirits left behind. The creak of a door signals the arrival of my family. The sight of them breaks my resolve.

My mother hugs me and whispers how much she loves me. My father gives me a ring with a pearl set in the center as my token. My little sister smiles and says how happy she is that we'll be moving into the Victor's Village soon. Her...
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I look down at them, how dare they smile and laugh while I sit here in misery because of them? I try and close my eyes, tell myself that they cannot repent even if they wanted, at least not here. They can't say things like that in front of these men. I try and try to convince myself, but honestly, it's not true.

    You look up rebel in the dictionary and there's a picture of her. Ragged clothing, one large braid down her back, defiance in her eyes. She allows a glance at me, then pats her husbands' lap. She walks slowly up the carpeted stairs. The men ask her where she's...
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