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THIS IS NOT ME, but I came across this video and I actually LOVED it.
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Ever want to find out what your name would be in the series? Need a character's name for your new fanfiction? Look no farther!

District One names should be unique, almost like the Capitol names; bright and bubbly. So let's get started.


-First Name:

Take the first four letters of a state's name: example,California, New York, Oregon... Ты get the idea

If the name sounds strange, или not feminine, add an -ia

-Last Name:

Take the first four letters of your Избранное gemstone: example, amethyst, topaz, diamond....

Add -son to the end

Example Names: Cali Ametson, Newy Topason, Oregia Diamson

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Basically, the main reason I like Katniss is because she is a refreshingly realistic, flawed character. She is also rare in another way - Katniss is a well thought-out, well-written female character, rather than just being there to be a Любовь intrest for a male hero (this might have somethig to do with the fact that Suzanne Collins herself is female).

The Hunger Games
In the first book, Katniss is motivated by a need to get out of the Hunger Games alive. She manipulates Peeta, kills people, and runs on base instincts. What a еще typical (read: Mary-Sueish) character would have done would...
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