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patient4479 posted on Apr 06, 2010 at 12:36AM
I HATE it when people mention The Joker and immediatly think of Heath Ledger. I mean, sure, he did an AMAZING job at playing the homicidal supervillian clown man, but that's not all The Joker was. I hate it when people think the ONLY Joker persona was Heath Ledger, too. Im my opinion, the best was Mark Hamill. He brought life and laughter to a once only murderous clown character. Seeing Joker in comics, all you can do is make up a probably stupid Joker voice in your head. Mark Hamill really captured the escence of Joker. And Jack Nicholson. He INVENTED the Dark Knight and brought Joker to life in a way we'd never seen him before. Giving him a somewhat tragic past to the smiles and ghastly humor. And than there was Ceaser Romero. The man who was the VERY first Joker. He played opposite Adam West, the batman. These are the real and many faces of the Joker. So yes, Joker fan girls and acclaimed Harley Quinns of the world, there IS more than one Joker.
If you have anything YOU hate about what people think of The Joker that you may think is a misconception, please, add on. Or if you may have any questions about the history of the Joker. Or if im missing any Jokers in history that made an impact on comics and comic-based movies. Or if you just wish to chat about the Joker!

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Больше года mcewen_girl said…
People don't ONLY think of Heath as the Joker.
He's just the most popular version of the Joker, right now, because he's the most RECENT!
Anyone that's honestly a Batman fan knows that there are other pivotal portrayals of the Joker.
Больше года VintageSmile said…
I honestly prefer Jack Nicholson... And I loved the comics!