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The Legend of Zelda (Легенда о Зельде) Вопрос

does anyone know how to enter the stone temple in legend of zelda, majora`s mask? i can`t get in there and it`s frustrating!

 PastaChick posted Больше года
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The Legend of Zelda (Легенда о Зельде) Ответы

jrfoxwing said:
One thing for sure is that u can but u need to find out what the pattern for the switchs that are near the door to the temple but the stone tower temple thing is well, just a whole switch pattern. или look it up on youtube!
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posted Больше года 
oh i think i get it. just a big switch puzzle, and i`m good at puzzles. thanks!
PastaChick posted Больше года
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