The Legend of Zelda (Легенда о Зельде) Далее Zelda game!!

RainbowGeek819 posted on May 23, 2008 at 09:46PM
Early today i made a pick saying "Dose anybody know when the next zelda games out?" and knifewrench make it a here i am...=D

Any Idea?

I would LOVE to know....and i think everbody eles would love to know to...and also soz knifewrench for making your bad day worst...i know it wasnt my flunt but i just fell bad XD!

The Legend of Zelda (Легенда о Зельде) 4 Ответы

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Больше года Liquid_Aragon said…
well in the E3 of this Year nintendo announced Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a new game of Zelda (I don't know about details) The only thing that I know its that this game have a Co-op mode but maybe its fake.

Oh yeah! it will works with thw Wii motion plus.
Больше года linklover95 said…
I think that the next legend of zelda game is the legend of zelda spirit tracks. No offense but it looks a little stupid
Больше года momo0231 said…
is that the new DS one? i'm going to get only cause i don't use my DS at all and i love playing Zelda :P (i agree with you tho i think it looks stupid 2)
Больше года PrinceKiseki said…
All that is known about the next Zelda for Wii is that will be older than ever before.
I think its around 18 to 20.
That small detail while showing one page of artwork of Link.
It was at a press meeting at E3 I think.