The Legend of Zelda (Легенда о Зельде) The Three Goddesses

linklover95 posted on Aug 23, 2012 at 12:40PM
Hmmm... After I played Skyward Sword... this one thought began to bother me. The new concept of Hylia being the Great Goddess of Hyrule kinda took away the attention that we once gave to Farore, Din, and Nayru.

It made me wonder just what happened? Did those Three Goddesses create Hyrule before Hylia stepped in? Then just dissapeared? Is it possible that maybe in the Heavens, those Three Goddesses were once Hylia's daughters???

Does anyone else have any theories as to the brand new Origin of the Timeline here? Cuz I think I'm majorly confuzzled. :/
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Больше года VideoGameNerd said…
The Great goddess is Hylia.
Din, Farore and Nayru are the goddesses of Hyrule.
See the difference?
Hylia's a GREAT goddess. Din Farore and Nayru are just goddesses.
My guess is that Hylia sent the three goddesses to create Hyrule, and leave the Triforce, ect.
That's just my guess!
Больше года ZeldaGhirahim said…
Din's Power, Naryu's Wisdom, Farore's Courage
Больше года anifanfreak said…
Hylia was (Supposedly) the Collection of the Three Goddesses Din, Farore, and Naryu, Hylia created Skyloft before splitting up into three separate Goddesses who created Hyrule, and left Each Part of the Triforce with each Single Goddess hence being split in TP and Together in SS, and Skyloft was adapted into the Sky Temple (As seen in Earlier games) also showing that SS took place before any of the other games, TP being the one set in the latest time Period
Больше года anifanfreak said…
(Also If you notice, the Trials are named after the Three Goddesses)