Король Лев Guess who?

Juhcy posted on Feb 09, 2012 at 07:09PM
The game works like this:
I describe a character and you must guess who is,
then you describes another character to the next person guess who is.

Let's start:

-He's truly loyal to Simba
-He has problems with his stomach
-He loves to consume grubs
-He has black hair

So easy! =D

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Больше года KingSimba4Ever9 said…

-He has green eys
-Is traind to kill by a famaly member
-Turns good
-Falls in love
Больше года afsha1997 said…
big smile

-he lives in tree
-he gives everyone advices
-he is close friend of mufasa
-his nose is red
Больше года Juhcy said…

- As cub she is curious and read to get in trouble
- She loves Simba
- Her fur is cream
- She tried to eat one Simba's friend
Больше года afsha1997 said…
simple nala

- she loves adventures
- she is her father's sweet heart
- she run away so many time from pride rock
- she love one handsome and cute lion whom had black mane
Больше года Juhcy said…
big smile

- She is intelligent
- She is evil
- Her name means "uncivilized"
- She and her group killed a lion
Больше года KingSimba4Ever9 said…

-She has a mate that is unknown
-She is friends with Sarabi
-She is a mother
Больше года afsha1997 said…
- she had a pink nose
- she had a blue eyes
- she was enemy first
- she is cute
Больше года Shahwar-Akram said…
Hey! Post TWILIGhTErS!
Больше года Juhcy said…

- As a cub golden-brown fur
- As adult, his mane is very luxurious
- As a cub is curious, adventurous
- As adult, he is very over-protective with those he loves

Больше года KingSimba4Ever9 said…
Simba (he is not over protective)

-Envys his brothers title
-tries to kill Simba
lionkingartist commented…
или scar Больше года
Больше года afsha1997 said…

- he/she comes once in start of tlk 1st
- he/she is new in the world
- his/her eyes are black
- his/her height will be very high
Больше года boytoy_84 said…

- He loves grubs
- He has stripes
- He has dark markings around his eyes
- He's funny
last edited Больше года
Больше года lionkingartist said…

-she is queen of pride rock
-she is a great mother
-she has a son
-she is best friends with her son's mothers best friend
lionkingartist commented…
-she is best Друзья with her son's best friend's mother Больше года
Больше года adang said…

- she/he has beak
- she/he has blue feather
- she/he is loyal to the royal family
- she/he serves as the king's majordomo
Больше года lionkingartist said…

-he was very loyal to his mother
-he despised his brother
-he liked his sister
-he died trying to get his mothers affection
Больше года boytoy_84 said…

- His eyes are green
- He is jealous
- He has a goatee
- He takes after the king's death
Больше года lionkingartist said…

-he lived off a bug diet for his entire teenage life
-his wife is his best friend
-his reflection looks oddly like his father
Больше года adang said…

- he live in baobab tree
- he is a good friend of royal family
- he knock some sense on the prince
- always bring his stick everywhere he go
Больше года boytoy_84 said…

- He is funny
- He has his tongue out
- He has spots
- He doesn't talk but laugh
Больше года lionkingartist said…

-she likes giving baths
-she is a mother
-she is a widow
Больше года boytoy_84 said…

- She is tan
- She likes to be mischievous
- She meets an outsider
- She will become the next queen
Больше года lionkingartist said…

-he's got "friends in high places"
-he's a painter
-he's present at every birth